Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!

It is that time of the year again.

As I prepare to bid a final farewell to 2006, I look back and muse over this past year.

With each passing of the last twelve months, I felt myself shed away the 'baby-ness' in me layer by layer - sometimes willingly and
others, not quite willingly. Being 24, I no longer hear exclamations of what a young babe I am. And perhaps, it is by this ageing number that I find myself in a slight rush to take on more adult responsibilities and carve something out for myself that I can truly be proud of.

I am proud that I have been able to stop myself from getting lost in the clockwork motion of life and that I have been able to consistently check if I am moving forward everyday and not stalling.

I left the world of flying (goodbye blue skies and beautiful cities, sights and sounds) because I felt stagnated, and because I have seen what the world out there had to offer. I hungered for a bigger piece of the pie. There are things to be missed about flying, but I am never one to believe in looking back.

I delved head-on into the financial market in search of my money seed to plant. To date, I am still unsure if I have found that golden seed....but I'll give myself some more time.

However, on this still very short yet rather turbulent journey, I see more bits of this universe and even more faces of people. And this, has put myself in many quiet moments where I question myself about life, myself and such. I struggle to find that optimum balance in my life as I pendular across the fine lines of contentment/discontentment, happiness/unhappiness, needs/greed and being real/plastic.

I am still bopping and bouncing. Hopefully soon, I'll find that balanced gravity that will hold me centered. =) I am optimistic.

2006 also opened a new creativity door for me and prodded me down a fresh, exciting road - my Musical Journey. Through the right movements of the planetary stars, my music producer Jack and I crossed paths. He has been a motivator, teacher and most importantly believer. I have at times tortured him with my warbling vocals and not so perfect tunes, but yet he pushes me on. I constantly seek for new inspirations to write my songs and work on tuning my vocals. I know that soon, 我們的合作會擦出火花. I am excited!

In 2007, I hope to elevate what I've started off in 2006 to another higher level. I hope to stay even more focused in my dreams and aspirations, to inch a step closer towards my optimal balance in life and most importantly, to enjoy the simplicities of everyday with a genuine twinkling smile plastered on my face. =)

To end, I would like to thank these people who have made my 2006 a rather beautiful one! haha, I sound like I am receiving the oscars or something! ......

- mummy dearest, who has showered me with her unfailing love, patience and devotion.
- daddy, who has all his life worked so hard to provide us with the best.
- che, who has not only been a sister, but also a friend.
- mr lion, for all our good, happy play times, for being my support, pillar of strength, inspiration and steadfast emergency call number.
- elaine, for your sweetness, girly listening ear and believing.
- jack, for this opportunity. i will not let you down!

....and to all my lovely friends there who have put a smile on my face, shared my tears and laughter and made my 2006 complete. I LOVE you All!! -xoxo-



It's Deadly...

Gaaaaaaaa!!! Ms Ene's 'forgetful' virus has spread to the next room!!!


I forgot my mobile today.....

...*strums fingers* its kinda quiet...dum dee dum...

read about ms ene's contagious deadly virus here --> phoneless-ness


Pre-Christmas Cheers!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all you guys have had enough meat and sweets to last a year. :) I did!!

My Christmas celebrations started on Friday at the boy's sister's dinner party. Food and sweets galore! They prepared a wonderful yummy Christmas spread. Mmm...

Oh! I have to add that the boy and I rushed to Takashimaya after my work-day ended (before his sister's dinner party) to look for a gift for Glenda and Mark. I got them something nice for their new home and had a slight run-in with the 'wrapping paper' girl. In the spirit of Christmas, I am not going to mention what happened...but it really seems like that girl may get like 10 cents for every wrapper she helps Takashimay to save! Or maybe she was angry and disgruntled that she had to work near christmas - when everyone around her were shopping and enjoying the Christmas cheer. Sheesh! I am going to boycott Takashimaya till the end of the year! *fumes*

It was wonderful catching up with the girls again at Glenda and Mark's place. More sweets there, after an already very filling dinner. :) Everytime I'm with them (namely Glenda, Kabita, Rachel, Za...Val's missing!) I feel transported back to my IJ days. They are hilariously funny. Za performed for us her 'fit her entire fist into the mouth' act. I was bending double from laughing way too hard. Haha! She for one has really flexible limbs! She would put a contortionist to shame. Heeeeeee......

Me and my best-est friend, Glenda. =)

I had a very nice afternoon tea session with Elaine on Saturday at Goodwood Park Hotel. I love those little finger sandwiches with soft white bread! Not to mention - scones and strawberryjam (my ALL time fav.) and their entire spread of cakes, chocolate fruit fondue...we ate till we could eat no more... Elaine got me a really funky top and an even funkier necklace. :) Thanks dearie! I luve them!


I'm Talking Again

I haven't been too talkative on my blog of late. I realise I swing into 'i feel like writing' and 'i really don't feel like writing' moods. (hmm, that sounds a bit duh..haha)

Quite a bit have been happening of late, and I'm definitely lacking in sleep! Somone give me 48 hours a day please.....

Work of course takes up 3/4 of my every-days. I'm surprised at myself that I still manage to drag myself out of bed at 6am every morning and into the office by 7.30am. Am usually left with only a quarter of battery life in me after work at 6pm...despite already downing tonnnsss of coffee. I'm a caffeine addict! I lurve it how my limbs spasm and shiver so uncontrollably...yeah right.

Anyways, work is looking brighter everyday as I grasp and slowly become more confident in what I do. Stress level has definitely droopped a notch..hmm...or is that because of the christmassy/holiday mood lingering in the air? :)

Well, I'm done with christmas shopping! Guess that's something to cheer about. :) Have to admit (rather sheepishly) that my christmas present shopping list has shrunk quite a bit... sorry guys! I'm getting a tad lazy!! *hee

Ohh...there was quite a bit of drama at my home yesterday. Probably because we lie on lower ground, many areas around us were flooded!

The road leading to my home was flooded and at least 10 cars were stalled. Policemen and good samaritans were all helping to push those cars to our lane. Must say our little lane looked quite like a car garage showroom. :) To the car owners who can't claim insurance as the flood was an 'act of God', I empatise with you...

Have to add that I was quite impressed and proud of how we Singaporeans helped each other out during such a 'calamity'. My neighbour very sweetly prepared hot tea and snacks for the stalled car-owners and those around them, and we had some tow-truck drivers buying hot coffee for the freezing rain-soaked policemen. Very sweet and heart-warming. :)

Flood outside my home... Highest rainfall level ever recorded in 75 years, over a span of 24 hours!

Recently, I recorded 2 of my demo songs that I wrote, complete with lyrics. Not terribly pleased with the result yet, but will keep working hard. It's still a rough demo for now anyways. My music producer have been extremely helpful and patient with me. Thank you!! :)

Producer hard at work in the studio.

I realised that I have a lot of December babies around me. It's nice turning older at a slightly slower rate ain't it?

I have a sudden urge to start running. I went for my yoga class yesterday (after a no-show for 3 weeks)..and I almost collapsed! As I contorted my slightly less flexible limbs than usual and stretched my stamina, it dawned on me that my body is not as nimble anymore....j'neen is getting old!!! ahhhh! Maybe it's time to hit the gym?

I leave myself with that thought...time to go check out gym memberships....Hmm...


'Tis the Season!

'Tis the season to be jolly~ birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, christmas celebrations .... I've already celebrated 4 birthdays and 3 weddings to date (since the start of December!). Looking forward to more... Let's pop the bubblies everyone - CHEERS! ;)

...and guess who's birthday it is today?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI! He's 1 year old today! :)

Pictures from Mummy's birthday. - It was nice to see her smile so!


Bad Service (No Service) on our Sunny Island

I have had a couple of rantings from some friends of their encounters with the lack of service recently. It's my turn to rant...

I am pissed off! I was getting noodles (the greasy breakfast type with fried eggs, luncheon meat and the works) just and was queuing patiently in line when I got the bloody ah-lian aunty shouting at me the next minute:-

"You want to buy or not, if not i take order from the one behind you!"

"Excuse me?!" I am utterly flabbergasted. Did she just scream down my neck - her CUSTOMER? Or have times changed so much that customers have to be polite and take crap from sellers now?!?!

Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I definitely did not notice her trying to catch my eye to take my order, nor did she even try beckoning to me! arghhhhhh!

I have to admit that I was too shell-shocked to retort..although I now have a stomachful of biting words I should have hit back then. (as usual, I'm too meek...)

Please everyone..even if she bloody sells the World's best kway teow, bee hoon or whatever... STOP buying from her!!! That will teach her for being so darn freaking cocky. I hope her stupid stall goes bankrupt from her bad service and she ends up on the streets. (ok, i'm slight exagerrating here..but she doesn't deserve to be in business!!!!)

**** her stall is on Level 2 of Golden Shoe Food Centre, 2nd last row from the end.
Store name: 天福米粉 (Tian Fu Mee Fen)
She's a short-haired old ah-lian aunty trying to be hip and beautiful. Sheesh!! *fumes*

Where's the service Singapore??


Sandy's Birthday Clicks

These photos were taken at Sandy's birthday karaoke session. Kinda miss hanging with these girls on the plane, japan and the rest. :)


Blinding Faith

too BIG dreams...

for little me.

will my glory day...ever come?


Love-ly Popiahs

My grandparents recalled us to their place for a dose of their homemade popiah today. I zoomed over with eager anticipation of a gastronomique delight. Definitely a huge delight it was! As we laughed at each other's 'exploding' popiahs - bursting at its skins, choked full of ingredients crafted from love, I couldn't help but have a sinking feeling (as I look upon them ageing before my eyes) that there will come a day when I won't be getting anymore popiah recalls. I savoured every last bit and did a silent prayer that I'll be having these popiahs for many, ga-zillion more years.

my cute grandparents!...

...a part of me

I looked through some of my past works sitting on my easel this evening. It has been a really long time since I've worked on something - painting, drawing or photography... I miss that part of myself, where I used to be a lot more creative.

Here are some of my works:-

A piece done using colour pencils.

A piece done with markers. (marker rendering technique)

Photography: Elizabeth's Pet Dog

Photography: Elizabeth's Pet Cat

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

I found this little article that I wrote about myself ..hmm..2 years ago? :D (click on the image to enlarge and read!)

this is elaine (right)...she who got me the sunflower and cookies. :)

Random Photos...yes, i want a holiday!!

18 more days to Christmas! (bring on the
gingerbread men!!)

I'm getting cross-eyes trying to put these few photos up. They are not in the positions I want. I think they've got minds of their own. grrr....

p.s the sepia coloured photo - doesn't it look so Wong Kar Wai? *hee*

Contented / Discontented

I spoke to a friend who experienced the life of a singpost courier yesterday. What struck me was, he told me that they only make $900 a month. Many are supporting families on this pittance sum. They have to think doubly hard to treat themselves to a 80 cents coffee (whilst i guzzle my starbucks latte) and choose plain prata over roti john. Some days pass with them only drinking plain water...all because 'it's ok if i don't eat, but my family have to eat'.

Makes me re-think the things that I usually take for granted.


Gut Feels

how do you know if maybe you really aren't suited for something?
despite assurances from the outside that you are fitting right in.
....maybe deep down, you really do just know.


ChildAid 2006

The boy and I caught ChildAid 2006 last night. It was a show put up by Singapore's best and talented children and teens (in aid of Straits Times's school pocket money fund). We were completely blown away. They are truly a talented bunch of twinkies! There were ballerinas, hip-hop dancers, violinists, drummers, singers...

I was so amazed by their stage-confidence- no one made a single mistake with their performances!!! And most of all, their musical abilities. If I had watched the show with my eyes blind-folded, I would never have guessed they were kids.

There was a teeny boy, (probably like 5 years or something) who really stood out during the group hip-hop dance act. He was so into it and was really a natural. The boy remarked that a true talent can be spotted a mile away...even in the midst of the already very talented. (did i make sense there? haha)

I have to add that there was a violin piece put up by a pair of siblings. They reminded us of the Adam's Family because the piece they performed was somewhat, erm, freakish, dark and melancholic. Haha. We could almost imagine them cutting up their parents with the violin music playing in the background...opps!!

For those who missed the concert you can go to http://www.stomp.com.sg/stompcast and watch some of their amazing performances.


*the sweetest thing

Just when i needed it most, elaine appeared 'magically' at my office. With a huge sunny sunflower in tow and a bagful of my famous amos cookies. :) I was lost for words...and i still am.
to my princess elaine....miss ya loads!! work has overtaken our lives. hope to see you soon! :) love ya! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo







My Battle!

with a fresh suit of armour,
and a not yet sharpened sword...
i charge with my head held high.

bravely fending, fighting
...and strategising.

slashes and lashes,
my white flag i long to surrender,

and hide-away..... far f-a-r away.....


"Primed for Action"

I'm in the midst of an interesting book - "Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking" by Malcolm Gladwell.

It is about those moments when we 'know' something without knowing why and about
understanding how our subconscious snap judgement can be far more accurate than a cautious decision.

Visuals, words and all around will affect us unknowingly. This is one test devised by a clever psychologist.-

Below is a list of 5 word sets. Make a grammatical 4 word sentence as quickly as possible with each set.

01. him was worried she always
02. from are florida oranges temperature
03. ball the throw toss silently
04. shoes give replace old the
05. he observes occassionally people watches
06. be will sweat lonely they
07. sky the seamless gray is
08. should now withdraw forgetful we
09. us bingo sing play let
10. sunlight makes temperature wrinkle raisins

It has been attested that after finishing this test, you would - believe it or not - walk slower and be in the state of an aged person. This test affects your adaptive unconscious and primes you to think about the state of being old, by the use of key words in the sentences. Namely, "worried", "Florida", "old", "lonely", "gray", "bingo" and "wrinkle".

*gasp* so all...start priming yourself and one another! Some words I would suggest: gorgeous, quick, smart, happy, rich, taut, smooth, sunny...

Roll in these words on my comment box all!

Meanwhile, ' have a fruitful beautiful life all you charming young zippy ones' :)


Photos from Last Week

here are photos from last weekend that i said i'll post...
i couldn't quite seem to edit my post and insert the photos.. so here i am posting them on a new entry. (pls refer to last weekend's entry if u're wondering what went on)

-me at 'Johnnie Walker' party..see the Formula 1 race car at the back?

-babes and the car

-me and the boy

-some friends i ran into

-ceceilia and me at ms c's birthday party


..all I want for christmas

is NOT my two front teeth.

*falalalala lalalala*

I much prefer this list for ms j'neen the shopaholic:-

'for the twelve days of christmas my true love sent to me...'

1 show stopping gown
2 long gloves
3 trench coats
4 cozy hats
5 golden jewels
6 totes for toting
7 boots for walking
8 cardigens for cuddling
9 shoes a shining
10 belts for buckling
11 bags for clutching
12 dresses for dancing

...and a partridge in a pear tree!!

-on behalf of daddy

My dad the real estate agent ranted to me that he closed a deal with his seller client yesterday. Prices were all agreed and cheques were already written out by the buyer. My dad was in cloud 9 (this being the 2nd property in a week??) until the seller client mysteriously disappeared. As my dad furiously sms-ed and rang him because he wanted to deliver the cheque and get him to ink the deal, he blatantly and rudely ignored all.

I can't believe that anyone can be so bluddy rude and inconsiderate! I can't believe he couldn't make that courtesty call to call off the deal. Was he that much of a coward?

I will never be able to understand what goes through some people's heads. But I strongly think this guy should be shot.

daddy and mummy....

Of Skeletons And Twigs.

'Skinny is always in' - a girl once told me. I have to agree that I'm a fan of the 'waif', or 'twiggy look'. Having being blasted by the media with images of super skinny girls and the ideology that skinny girls are always on top, and that clothes fit and look better on slightly skeletal figures, we crave to achieve that look... torturing ourselves at the gym, over-stretching at yoga classes, turning our noses away at yummy food. 'I'm on a diet' - is a line that rolls off easily from a girl's tongue.

Recently, a young Brazillian model passed out and away.. of starvation no less.

To be honest, I have no clue to why I'm rambling about weight issues. I secretly think it's me convincing myself, to try and stop convincing myself to be super skinny. (did you guys get that sentence? what a tongue twister!) ..because however hard I try, I love my food too much.

I think it's time to stop stressing and dump that darn weighing machine in my room. It's nice to have more of me to hold and love. :)


The weekend...

...came and went away wayyy too fast. After the much anticipated final bell rang on Friday, it was a whirlwind of activities. (I tried to pack in as much *sleep included* in the short 2 and a half days).

Friday saw us at the Johnnie Walker party held in the carpark of St. James Powerhouse. J.W got creative and erected a hugeee J.W bottle in the middle of the carpark. I almost suspected that the huge-as* bottle was tilting and rolling us around till I realised it was the free-flow of scotch that was creating such a spacey illusion. Mid-party, a formula-1 motorcar was on display, complete with leggy car-models. Pity I missed the show (being not the tallest being alive) and could only contend with posing with the car after the show ended. (lest I broke my ankle jumping to get a view on my so-very high heels)

(pictures coming in later....stay tuned)

Saturday started out with a quick dash to the shops for ms C's birthday party that night. It was bbq at Changi Aloha (courtesy of our company) in the evening...very yummy food - chicken chop, mushroom cheese, top shells, satay, otak, crabsticks, marshmellows..the absolute works. anddd.....to M.O.S to end the day! It was good to catch up with some ex-colleagues that I so miss and I have to add that birthday gal ms C was pissed drunk. Hee! She introduced us to her boy no less than 4 times and was spilling herself all over the place looking very happy. I'm so glad you had a great one girlie. Happy Birthday! :)

-us at m.o.s..with me looking too intoxicated!

It was a slow and easy Sunday as the boy and I went furniture shopping for his new luxurious place. To anyone interested in chinese-inspired furniture, Dempsey Road is the place! I've never seen soooo much chinese-styled furniture at one place. Alas, we left empty-handed. Fussy boy! Hee! :) Had a nice dinner with mummy dearest...and slowly wounded the weekend down.

..until I woke at 6.35am this morning...shucks!!! I'm late!! I sprinted to get myself ready for work. It's Monday once again folks.....


corn, cornflakes, cornydog..corny...

A certain someone close just remarked "when did you become so corny, oh my gawd" ( i could practically see the eyes rolling)... I think this is what you become when one is 1. lack of sleep 2. bored 3. been staring at the computer screen for 9 hours straight 4. really bored (did i already say that?)

well, at least this is what i become....did i mention i had CORNflakes for breakfast?

*my grey matter is turning into cotton fluff* :(

p.s it's funny how such a simple one liner can actually have an effect on me. perhaps his words and views (especially if it involes me) mean too much to me... perhaps i'm hyper-sensitive... perhaps i'm cranky... perhaps i'm being a 110% girl.

Hooked on fridays...i'm a friday druggie!!! wheeee!*

Yayeeeeeeeee!!! It's FRIDAY!! :) It's funny how I've started obsessing over fridays and public holidays, now that I'm on a 5 day work week schedule. At the start of week, I countdown first, by the days, then the hours, minutes and seconds..... to 17:59 every Fridays.

At the chime of that final bell, me.. like a druggie getting a shot of that magical substance, become slightly overly euphoric - my heart palpitates at an amazing speed, my blood rushes to my head, my hands become slightly clammy and (you get the idea) with the thought of the impending activities for the weekend and most importantly...the sleep that I'll be getting.

Oh yes...how much my bed has missed me. No alarm clocks for me tonight! :)))) *what a nice thought.*

Am looking forward to ms C's birthday party at m.o.s tomorrow. Got some catching up to do with the girls there! Opps, I'd better go get her a nice pressie after work today before i'm refused entry at the door!

have a great friday and weekend everyone!! *muaks*



i wonder why.. i have been jolting awake at 01:18 am every night this week, thinking it is time for me to get up and prepare for work. >.<


Beginner's Luck?

the heavens must have read my blog....

the un-firm figure firmed up!! finally! (well, it didn't exactly firm up to the original figure, but it was close enough) ..i can finally breathe now!!!! :)))))

thank you all who have been anticipating with fervent breathe.

the sun shines again in neverland.
<(this is how i'll look now, if I were Kai.)

'Kiasu-ism' gets you nowhere...

...at least it got ME nowhere. *sigh* To all who don't know, yours truly here embarked on a new career a month and a half ago. Diving head-in with gusto into the financial world, I have been smacked and tossed around during this rather painful training process.

Back to my opening title....to explain, my job for now is to listen out to firm figures shouted out about half a mile away and feed them to mr W. I have to filter out the unnecessary and only listen out to sweet ms R. However, I just committed the biggest (you'll burn in hell and compensate millions of dollars) mistake by feeding mr W. a certain figure that is not firm. (yes, I was being extremely kiasu and ge-kiang by not confirming if these figures were firm before i fed them to him. I jumped the gun and my fingers, like demon possessed, typed away furiously and slightly too quickly.)By a twist of evil fate, mr W. bit on my feed and offered to pay towards my figures. As I hollered mr W's offer, a deathly silence hit the office until someone timidly whispered ' this figure is not firm'. As I felt my heart sink to my feet and into oblivion, the rest scramble to make this un-firm figure firm.

Till this moment, we have yet to make this un-firm figure firm. I need divine intervention. Somebody help?!

p.s thank you so much mr W. you have been most patient and sweet! you're definitely appreciated.



I just did a quiz:

:: What type of procrastinator are you?

Result of Quiz ::
You scored as Overdoer.

"Your procrastination type is the overdoer, who agrees to more than he or she can handle. Overdoers are hard-workers and get some things done, but cannot succeed at everything. They can be hard to detect as being procrastinators, because they are always so busy doing something. They have difficulty declining people's requests but feel resentful when the time comes to do them."

Now I know my life's stumbling rock... I'm going to say 'no' to everything today forth!

-would you please pass me the salt?
-me: 'no'

-would you like to have dinner with me?
-me: 'no'

-would you like to go shopping?
-me: 'no'

-would you like to catch a movie?

-could you please do me a favour?

yayeee! I'll now have ALL the time in the world and nothing to do!

..and probably lead a really sad existence along with that...

to hell with quizzes! :D

I can't decide, please take a poll!

Hi to all reading, I'm pondering over a really trival matter which has left my eyes and brains twisted. Would it be more pleasing to read my thoughts with this font size (large)? or this....

Hi to all reading, I'm pondering over a really trival matter which has left my eyes and brains twisted the past 15 mins. Would it be more pleasing to read my word with this font size (normal)?

please take a poll and leave your comments?

thank you very much! have a beautiful day! *muaks*

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Guy's Rules (all no.1 on purpose)

1. Men are not mind readers.

1. Learn to work the toilet seat - You're a big girl. If it's up, put itdown. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

1. Crying is blackmail.

1. Ask for what you want. Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.

1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 Days.

1. If you won't dress like the Victoria's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys.

1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us.

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

1. You can either ask us to do something Or tell us how you want it done.Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.

1. Whenever possible, Please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.

1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," We will act like nothing's wrong.

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, Expect an answer you don't want to hear.

1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear Is fine...Really.

1. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as baseball, the shotgun formation, or golf.

1. You have enough clothes.

1. You have too many shoes.

1. I am in shape. Round IS a shape!

Haha, this article really cracked me up. Maybe now I'll get that bag I so sort after for christmas? and to all ladies out there.. understand your men better now? ;)



Like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon,
Like a baby taking his first steps,
Like unravling a difficult puzzle,
Like hitting the right notes on a difficult piano piece,

I brokethrough, Today.

My heart sung and I did a lil jiggy with it.
Yes, the journey is not over....

but I believe there is a pot of gold waiting at the very end of the rainbow.

credit: Thank you Mr E. for your patience and ingenuity. xoxo.

happy j'neen

I Thought I Knew

a vision once so clear
gets shrouded by deep reality.

try as you might to clear the fog
... the end you do not see.

will squinting only deteriorate,
this vision you once saw so clear...?

Jack is Kai is Jack is Kai

Perhaps my heart is ruling the better of me...but sans their fur colour, don't you all think Kai resembles Jack? The kindly eyes, the markings on their coat, their mannerisms (opps i forgot you guys can't tell from a photo).



Ok, brief history:

I had Jack when i was still a little babe running around in little pigtails. He was my childhood playmate when my older sis deemed me too pesky to be around with. I shared with him my prized tea time snacks of super rings and twisties and he listened when no one else could understand why I really really wanted another barbie doll. He really understood. He gave me hugs by 'pouncing' on my little shoulders and we had races each day during our daily walks. As both of us grew I got caught up with everyday life and forgot that a doggie's life span is much shorter than a human's. Our daily talks and walks lessened but he was always there when I needed him...

Until one day, his energy was suddenly zapped away by the cancer monster. (I never even knew cancer existed in the animal world!) I tried desperately to feed him the chips and twisties he once so loved. As he lay on the floor, speaking to me through his eyes that he can't fight anymore, hot tears spilled down my cheeks. As I regretted the times I didn't spend with him because of something else seemingly more exciting, we made the decision to put him to sleep and end his pain. I never had the chance to make up for long walks or long chats. Till now, I wish I had...

Until Kai! Each time i look into Kai's eyes, I see Jack. I never quite believed in re-incarnation till now. Perhaps, I'll do better this time...


I used to be...

I used to live out of a luggage - having to plan my wardrobe for the next entire week
and making sure I had enough toiletries to last through my trip... Dragging my high-heeled feet with luggages in tow to the airports at ungodly hours and constantly musturing strength to plant a forced, yet genuine looking smile on my 'perfectly' made up face.

Gone are those days as I threw in the towel a month ago...my last day having been 29th september. I remember heaving a huge sigh of relief as I replanted my feet (firmly this time) back on Singapore ground and bid 'good riddance' to my uniform, manicured pink nails, coiffed hair, fake smile and japanese...yes..my smattering japanese. I still chuckle to myself thinking back on how I had to struggle! 'kohii, ocha, watashii??!!'

Of course, there are and will be many things to miss. Shopping all over the world, the art museums in New York, beautiful weather in San francisco, the buzz of Japan, clubbing in LA with emily...(yes Emily, you are dearly missed! :()

BUT I reckon that I would much rather slave my pretty ar*e at home (singapore), save my pennies and jet-set myself all over the world. I am sure this time, I would take in the sights and sounds of my travel destinations with a lot more gusto! :)

'cinderella' me slaving in my apron get-up

cheshire grinning me.

me and emily-my reason in LA. miss ya lots!


first times...

It is official. I have been initiated into 'blogging world'. Having once turn up my nose to those who bear their souls to the world, i now eat my words!

Like all 'first times', this is indeed exciting and fresh to me. I forsee myself logging in everyday excitedly to 'blog' about my hopefully 'colourful' subsistence and posting up pictures of trigger-happy me.

To all reading this: a very warm welcome! I will try *fingers crossed* to be as interesting and engaging as i can. Read on all! :)

to start the ball rolling......presenting....ME.