Turtles & Ties

I noticed while waiting for my food at lunch today....that a lot of guys look like they've got no necks when they wear business shirts and ties? Hmm....must say they all look kinda funny. *hee Almost like a turtle...maybe the double button collar is a tad bit too high? The shirt's a wee bit too tight? Or the tie is tied slightly wrong? Hmmm.....I wonder....


Jeneen's Birthday part III

blast to the past!..in all retro glory!

We sent Kai to the groomer's so he'll look handsome and smell fresh for the party...and he's now very tired after a long night of playing and trying to stay looking good. *hee*

Thank you guys for all the loves and cheers. :) *muaks & hugs*



Do you do really stupid things sometimes, and bang your head after and ask yourself why the hell did you just do that?!

I just had a classic 'stupid' moment.

World's #1

My mum is truly number 1. She is selfless and giving, and I know that for me... she would do anything. Thank you mummy! I love ya! :)

Random Musings

People come, and people go.
Life is fragile, unpredictable and mysterious.

Stop for a minute, enjoy the moment.
-Give your loved ones a hug.

Live everyday like its your last?


Jeneen's Birthday part II

Elaine had a table reserved at Bukenero's@ Tanjong Pagar to celebrate Derek's and my birthday. It's such a huge coincidence that our birthdays fall on the exact same day. (What are the chances of that?!)

p.s Derek is my little cousin, who is Elaine's little brother. He still calls me Jeneen 'che' though we are all grown up now. How sweet. :)

I made my way to the restaurant after work..and man! did I have a really hard time looking for the restaurant! I went round and round Tanjong Pagar Road so many times, I think I've got all the bridal shops and restaurants located on that street memorised...yet I couldn't find 'Bukenero'. Finally, after calling Derek many times for the exact location and ringing up Bukenero for directions, I finally found it. It was a little shop sandwiched amongst the other monstrous ones and had a little nondescript sign on the door.

But! The search was worth it. It had a cosy quaint ambience and it almost felt like we were having dinner in our own home. The restaurant was runned by a couple - the husband being the chef, and the wife, serving the food. The food menu was an array of delectable french/asian fusion palette changed regularly and every dish is almost always a winner. (as proclaimed by Elaine) :) The three of us stuffed ourselves with tomato/mushroom soups, crabcake appetisers, pasta, bacon beef steak, chocolate cake, strawberries in a delicious sauce and chocolate mint panna cotta. I really wanted to take more photos of the food..but they were so yummy that I kept forgetting...I only remembered after we've cleaned out the plates! Opps!

It was so wonderful to have a nice, relaxing sit down dinner and catch up with the both of them. It's really nice to slow down sometimes amidst our busy lives! The great food and excellent personalised service was an extra bonus.

I definitely want to go back again.

Derek was slightly amused by elaine's bemoan about looking 'fatt' in certain photos and her insistence in re-taking them shot after shot. So were the others in the restaurant I'm sure. Ha ha. We had quite a good laugh. :D (click on the photo collage to enlarge.)

p.s Thank you Derek for the wonderful fragrance! I go about everyday smelling great! (like I've always been! Hehe...)

Jeneen's Birthday part I

Finally! The post that I've been wanting to put up...

I started the firsts of my birthday celebrations 2 days before the actual - 18th January.

My sweet colleagues at my 'desk' surprised me by breaking into a chrous of the birthday song right in the midst of a flurry of trades. It took me afew stunned moments to realise that that birthday song was meant for me. *Hee,, silly me :) I was even more surprised when I saw that they got me the 'chocolate star' birthday cake - the very one that I had been looking at a couple of days before. Thank you soooo much guys! It was a really nice sweet surprise. :)

Chocolate Star Cake!

A surprise flower delivery at work... and chocolates! mmm...



There are too many wired up and touchy people around me today. I try to sit on the fence and weave silently, and hopefully invisibly amongst them. (someone please hand me Harry Potter's invisible cloak)

I can't wait to restore some zen back in me at yoga this evening.

I Wish It Was Magic

I opened my eyes this morning (early bluddy 6am) and squinted at the clock at the foot of my bed.

6.01 - it said...a little too loudly and clearly.

I 'un-squinted' and rubbed my eyes. I still saw '6.01' in perfect 6/6 vision. I was jolted out of my blurriness...

'perhaps an eye fairy found her way to me and magically corrected my normally R325 L250 bad eyesight!!'

Excitedly, I jumped out of bed and danced rather happily to my bathroom...until...

I saw my contact lenses case sitting prettily beside the sink, uncapped and empty.

I forgot to remove my lenses the night before...... ggahhhhhhhhhh!!! :'(


Quick Updates

- I celebrated my birthday on the 20th January.

- I felt extremely loved.

- I've been wanting to post photos and the luvs.

- ...But time is not in my favour.

-I just recorded the rough-cut of 2 of the latest song I wrote...feeling pretty good about them.

-There have been slight hiccups at home. I hope I can save the day.

-I'm suffering slightly from mid-20s, quarter life crisis.

-I am shopping a lot less.




-I need a holiday.


Homestay/ Guardian Services

Hello everyone! :) My mum provides homestay/guardian services for foreign students already studying or interested to study in Singapore. She provides a safe and family-like environment for these students and includes delicious home-cooked food, laundry and homework oversee.

If you know anyone interested, please contact me at scones_n_strawberryjam@yahoo.com or leave a comment on my blog! :) ( a good comission will be given for every student recommended ).

Thanks guys! Spread the word and hope to hear from you all soon. Cheerios~!









My Driving Force

I told myself that I would sleep early today, because I'm SO tired.

But, an inspiration for a new song sparked yet another late night for me.

I will be so tired again tomorrow....

But music keeps me going - it keeps my soul alive.


Not My Room!

p.s that's not my room in the picture below...I'm not THAT messy. ;)

I'm Back! =D


J*neen is Hopping MAD

I am hyper-ventilating. I am soooooooo pissed i feel my heart wrenching and I think I may pop a vein soon.

The story goes - I sent my ibook to my 'trusty' mac handyman last week to take a quick check because my safari internet browser was not working. I thought the solution was pretty simple...reload the safari internet browser programme or something? When i collected my laptop, he breezily told me ' all done! you only need to update your iphotos and it'll all work well. '

'update my iphotos?' I thought that was funny considering only my safari internet browser was down. Oh well...that sounded pretty simple to me anyhows, so I thanked him gratefully thinking he was such a sweet mac guardian angel...until......

I reached home, turned on my computer and the first thing that struck me was 'hmm....my desktop wallpaper is back to it's default picture? where did my pretty picture go?' ..... Next, i tried to open my iphotos software but it doesn't seem to work. 'this iphoto version does not support your iphoto library'... it says....I curse silently and upgrade my iphoto software praying that it will work. After upgrading works, I try again.

To my horror, I discover that my iphotos is completely void of all my photos. I breathe in deeply and try and meditate a little so I won't hit the roof. I peeked around and ha! found my photos hidden backed-up someplace else. Nice..except... my photos were not in their original sub-headed little folders. ie. x'mas in tokyo, xx's b'day photos etc. They were all nicely split up into 'rolls' (this gets a little confusing because iphotos will automatically save your photos into different rolls etc etc..I'm really too pissed to try and explain now) There were just about 50000000 rolls of my photos!! To put it plainly, all my photos that I've painsakingly arranged over the years are ALL completely messed up. I resisted the urge of smashing my laptop against the wall. I blocked-out my emotions and again painsakingly arranged the photos slowly. I figured if I do a couple of rolls a day, I'll complete them all in due time.

Next, I discover that this sweet mac guardian angel has named my ibook 'JAneen's ibook'. By this point, I am losing my ability to anger manage. I try to change the name back to 'JEneen' to restore some calm. I fail. Instead, I make matters worse by...you know what, I don't even know what I did, but my ibook has a life of its own now. And it's still named f#$%^^ 'jAneen'.

I try and ignore my ibook by trying to write some music next, and to calm down a little. I turn to my ibook wanting to open my iGarageBand (a software that facilitates my music writing) only to discover.....he has deleted my software!!! By this point, I am about to throw my ibook into his face.

I look into my programme list and really really try not to get into a fit as I discover he has not only deleted my iGarageBand, but also my photoshop programme. In return, he installed a handful of useless #$%%^& softwares which I never had and don't ever use into my once beloved ibook. My anger level is currently hovering beyond sanity.

I have just wasted many precious hours trying to sort out and restore some normality to my ibook and rectify problems that I didn't even create. At the same time, trying to regulate my breathing and bring my heartbeat and blood pressure down to a normal level. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



最近 我的小小世界充满了欢乐, 希望和幸福的幻想...我要它持续下去


Germ Attack!

J*neen is now a walking lethal germ-carrier. My gut was attacked by the gastric flu bug yesterday and I'm down with the sore-throat and influenza today...*stuffy nose*

i'm a cranky girl when i'm sick....Watch Out All!!! =( i'm a crabby, grouchy infested tornado!! i'll knock anyone who comes my way! *grrr* =(


Blast To The Past

I went party shopping for a retro-themed party over the weekend. I was transported back to nostalgia at this shop along Tan Quee Lan Street. It was brimmed with toys and snacks of the 70's and 80's - most still in their original packaging and glory! I felt like a child again as I gleefully filled my baskets with bits of my childhood again.

Hmm...if only life is as simple now as it was then through the eyes of a small 7 year old? Where life only revolved around playing catch, '5 stones', simple card games and eating 'super rings' and 'mamee'. =D

Ah well, but I did try and re-live that bit of childhood by having an afternoon of 'snap' and '5 stones'. We all went slightly hysterical. It was hilarious... I secretly think my mobile skills and agility were much better when i was 7?!?!

Candy Girl paper dolls! My favourite - except they have turned them into stickies now. =)

'Snap', 'Happy Family', 'Old Maid' (this game ain't so funny now that we're getting old and *gasp* becoming old maids..haha), 'Reversi'.... I am a child again!

A Frivolous Post

The Balenciaga City in water green sitting on a pink throne. The bag arrived... =)

thank you mr lion! *muaks*


New Year's

New Year's Eve was spent at Thumper (Goodwood Park Hotel) with the boy and a bunch of friends. It was good fun with lots of laughter and drinks to usher in the New Year...but I do wish we weren't at Thumper! The music was awful and except the slightly nice bit that we had a nice table on the veranda over-looking Orchard Road, the club really reminded me of an 80's hotel lobby joint someplace else. (like maybe in Vietnam or somewhere... =< )

I had a nice meal at Rama Thai with Daddy and Mummy on New Year's. Nothing like a gastronomique delight of spice, crabs and fins to start the New Year on a good note. :)