i've got the blues

monday blues
tuesday blues...
wednesday bluey blues...
thursday - very blue
friday slightly less blue
the weekend will go by slightly too quick...
...back to mondayblues, tuesdayblues...,wednesdayblueyblues...thursday-veryblue, fridayslightlylessblue.

over and over again.


I am going to Tokyo/Hokkaido in March. Yipeeeeeeee!!! I'm so excited!!! Harajuku here I come again!! :D


Happy Golden Year of the Pig! *oink*

Hello! I'm back again! :) I have had complains that I have been too lazy with my blog. *hee* Well, I have been rather busy... and alrighttttt......lazy too. :D

First things - Happy Chinese New Year!! May you all have a wonderful prosperous golden year of the pig! Cheers to good health and wealth!! *oink* How has it been for everyone? Hope you all have collected tons of 'ang paos', eaten your fill of goodies and yummy food and won lots at gambling. :)

My ang pao collection have been pretty good, considering the number of visitations I clocked in. :) Thank you all aunties and uncles and to those who gave me ang paos via mum and dad- I'll come by with oranges next year! :D For everyone who missed the chance of handing me some...I accept bank transfers too. haha.

As like every year, I stuffed and am still stuffing myself with pineapple tarts. I have a slight crazy love for pineapple tarts and I'll polish off bottles and bottles of them..until I come down with a sorethroat and other illness related to 'heatiness'. I'm still going strong. :D Also had the usual fare of steamboats and all other delicacies...yummyyyyyy.

I lost money gambling again as usual. I really am quite arse lucked in that field....grrrr..... I should stop remaining optimistic and quit once and for all! Haha.

It has been great fun catching up with everyone - I'm looking forward to next year's. Till then...keep well everyone! *muaks* :)


Scones & Strawberryjam

I am in search for the best scones in Singapore. :) I have tried the ones at Goodwood Park Hotel, The Royal Coppenhagen Tea House, Coffee Bean, supermarket ones.... Anyone know where the best scones are hidden? :)

My New Toy!

Yayee! I finally got a keyboard... Have been shopping for ages until I saw this at the Apple store. :) It connects straight to my ibook and I can record the songs that I write! Super convenient. :))))))))))))))))))

Better Late Than Never!

I am really slow with my posts...:)

Met Fionna and Yuqi for one final birthday dinner. The girls brought me to a Japanese conveyor belt suishi place at Wisma. Very good! I can now add it to my list of 'to eats'- besides sushi tei, sushi tei, and more sushi tei. :D

Haven't seen Yuqi in ages! It was really nice to catch up. Let's do it again soon! :)

Fion & Qi: Thank you so much for the lovely anteprima 'lil bag. It so adorable, i luv it!! :) And yes...I do feel very loved by all. Hee!

Do you realise...we 3 have pink undertones for our skin??


Jeneen's Birthday Part V

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RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

Thank you everyone for your company, loves, wishes and presents. Love you all! *muaks*

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

Mickey cookies! - Joanne baked them just for me...I was and still am very touched by this sweet gesture.

Jeneen's Birthday Part IV

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

1 more birthday cake for me! :) A very yummy strawberry cheesecake. - My mum wanted to surprise me with the cake after our dinner but guess what?? My dad shoved the cake box in my hands when we met up at the restaurant and spoilt the surprise. Haha!

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Metal Rooster...me.

Ms Ene sent me an e-mail on my chinese horoscope reading for the year....Here it goes.....

Metal Rooster:

Some patience is still required for people who are born under the Rooster sign, as the inauspicious stars still outnumber the auspicious ones this year. Success is still hard to come by, while financial well being is still in the doldrums. What helps your luck is that you are able to excel in what you do, especially when dealing with a foreign element, though diligence is required to avoid disputes in deals with foreigners. A huge element that can deplete your thin luck further is the presence of mean people in the work place. If you are in business, beware of business partners and do not take things for granted - always double-check the procedures and the important paperwork.

Wealth element is weak. Avoid straining your situation further with risky investments, and do scrutinise your would-be collaborators before taking the plunge. Still, cash is king - the best strategy for money is to keep it.

Romance luck is eventful with much bad interference. If you treasure an existing relationship, protect it from gossips and be objective in discerning real problems from emotional ones. The former group is precarious while the latter group is merely vicarious.

:X Doesn't look too good does it?

We continued with an exchange of more e-mails:

Me: Haha thanks! I’m a metal rooster…and gosh! The readings for roosters this year…very very very bad!!! geez...

Ms Ene: Oh is it ?! OH dear. Quick go and shower with flower water and hang crystals all over yr room and office!

Me: Oh shucks, yah I better!! Will ask mum to go and get the jasmine flowers…and play jay chou’s song ‘ju hua tai’ in the background. Lol. I’ll stick a red crystal on my forehead too – to ward off the bad luck!!!

Ms Ene: LOL!!! I can just imagine ! :)

Fashion Bar!

Woo-hoo! Check this out guys! Isn't this slide-show thing the coolest! Haha! Thanks Qi..I stole it off your blog. :D

Anyways, a bunch of us went to Fashion Bar at The Cannery, Clarke Quay. It's really quite a cool place! I almost felt like I wasn't in Singapore. :) The boy and I really liked the chic decor. Love the black crystal chandeliers! The music was pretty awesome too!

Stephaine and Lily...*hee* I decided to be nice and not post the pictures I was going to blackmail you guys with! or maybe...not yet...start bribing me! The lines are open for your bids! *evil laughter*

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Something To Call My Very Own :)

I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business... with SO many options avaliable out there, which should I pick and place my bet on? Ideas anyone? Hmm....



Have you ever prepared for something really hard... and when it's the crunch time to carry through what's been planned, you freeze and suddenly get really scared? - scared that all you've been planning and dreaming about may fall apart with just one poof?

It's a funny feeling i tell you.



Sometimes, a beautiful facade is not what seem to be.
Feeling like you have gotten it all worked out,
With the world seemingly at your feet,
You suddenly break down.

Surrounded by everything and everyone,
Yet you feel all alone.
Hot tears spill uncontrollably in your safe haven of loneliness,
You sink to your lowest.

Feeling afraid,
You lose sight of your hopes and dreams.
This web that you weaved to set yourself free,
Starts to trap you within.

You wish you can fly far far away...

To a utopia,
Where you feel nothing, but euphoria.