Drugged and drowsy

The flu bug caught me again over the weekend. What a bummer... :(


I realise, I wish

I realise...that all men are selfish. It's 'every man for himself', and no one will look out for your interests before theirs. Thinking otherwise is only wishful thinking.

I wish...that I am capable enough to handle arrangements for a song...and be able to enjoy the process of bringing out the full potential of my melody.

I realise...I hate waking up at bloody 6am every morning.

I wish...I had 24 hours at my beck and call - to not have to slave 12 hours a day at nothing just for $.

I realise...I dislike feeling pressured by social obligations. No one should make me feel bad, and I come and go as I please...free like a bird.

I wish...not to be bored with myself, with life.

I realise...I tire and exhaust a new experience quickly. Entice and excite me with something, please.

I wish...I wish...that someday, I'll stop wishing.



After Holiday Blues Again...

angelia, me, cecilia...on a mission.

I'm back! ...and suffering from post holiday blues as usual. Haha. Took a quick 4 day get-away to Bangkok with Angelia and Cecilia and it was tremendous fun!

Angelia booked us a wonderful service apartment - 'The Somerset, Ascott' along South Sathorn Road. We had a huge lovely hall, kitchenette and bedroom for us to prance around and throw our shopping bags. We spent many late, very tired and sleepy nights struggling to hold a few conversations whilst lounging on the couch but mostly ended up dozing and tumbling to bed in the end. Hee. All because.... we spend ALL day stomping around Bangkok shopping. Most mornings, we wake up bright and early, have a quick breakfast at the hotel and launch our attack on the shops. As we fill our arms with shopping bags, hunger pangs are ignored... cos' yeah, shopping is more important right? Haha. We do stop for quick sugar pit-stops for more energy though. ie. dunkin doughnuts *yum*, auntie anne's pretzels etc. :)

As we 3 surveyed our buys on the last night in Bangkok, we were suddenly seized with a slight fear for 'overweight baggage charge' that we may have to pay on the flight back. We rang the airline and paid for extension of 5kg each (at half price!) and tried our best to pack our luggages to fit the weight limit, chucking 'useless' heavy items like shampoo bottles etc.

At the check-in counter at the airport, we all held our breadths as we loaded our very stuffed luggages on the 'weighing machine' and *yipeeeeee*!!! We were 6kilos under our maximum combined weight allowed! To think we were plotting on asking other passengers to share their weight limits with us and practising our 'damsel-in-distress' smiles. :D

After all that stress with getting all the luggages and newly acquired gems safely checked in, we proceeded on to a nice relaxed dinner of junk food at burger king, bade a final farewell to Bangkok and boarded our flight back home.

'Tata Bangkok...we three musketeers will be back. :)'

p.s I have to add that we are all slightly disappointed that Bangkok doesn't seem to be the 'Land of Thousand Smiles' no more. We met many rude encounters with service staff and the cab drivers were constantly trying to rip us off by trying their luck to charge us triple the meter fare. :( Word of advise: Do remember to ask the cab drivers if they are willing to on their meters before hopping in!

a quick pretzel snack!

shopping bags galore!

angelia's really tired...

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...and after the farewell party, the boy and I headed to Bellini's at St James Powerhouse with the 'j family' to continue the night with more fun, drinks, silly games and laughter. =)

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Once again, the weekend came and disappeared a little too quickly.

Saturday saw me trooping down with the boy to Michael's place for his and Stephaine's farewell party. - Michael's heading back to KL to take on a financial post, and Stephaine will be jet-setting all the way to Brisbane to study. Lucky girl!

Albeit the theme of 'farewell', it was actually a fun evening with lots of yummy food, green tea baileys (my favourite!) and silly games. We are all going to miss them both dearly! But... I'm sure we'll take the party down under to Brisbane soon enough. :)

Bye Steph! Good luck with school! :)

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~ A shoutout from me in my neverland. Hello!


Broken Telephone

Do you remember playing the 'broken telephone message' when you were a kid, where a message is passed from one person to another and where the final messaged relayed by the last person is almost always contorted out of context?

I realise that even as you grow up, this 'game' is still constantly being played with the people around you, except this time, it is the real world, with real situations and real messages...and that this time, you are all not going to end up buckling with laughter over the distorted messages. Real relationships and friendships are thwarted by these so-called miscommunications and angry fingers are being pointed at each other for who said what.

Speech and words are a very powerful thing. Today, I was tangled in an ugly 'broken telephone message' game.

I am disappointed that this friendship/kinship that I thought was built on a solid foundation could not weather such a storm, -a storm that was brewed out of the 'fine' art of mis-communication.

The 7 Car Pile

The boy and I were cruising along the freeway in rather heavy traffic when he suddenly jammed his foot on the brakes... screeechhhhhhhh......... and *phew* we jerked to a stop inches away from the car in front. (Hats off to German technology and their ABS, anti-brake/skid and whatever hi-tech system) Halfway through heaving our sighs of relives, we were lunged forward with a loud dull thud from our rear. Darn, the silly cab following at our tail had no ABS system!

We were the 6th car in a 7 car pile up. =(


What Dreams Are Made Of

Kai is sad because he truly longs to be a globetrotter and travel around the world.


" When the skies are grey, take a shower and the blues will be washed away. "



只要閉上雙眼 就看到你的臉

...an excerpt of my first song that will be recorded. I went into the studio for the first trial recording the other day. There are SO many details that calls for attention. Being the maiden recording, I was definitely unsatisfied with myself. The road ahead is definitely going to be a tough one. Sometimes, I get jolted by a sudden fear of what I've put myself in...加油吧!!


I Wish...

Everytime I hear a beautiful song, I wish that I can do the same. To write a song that will tug at a person's heart strings, that will see someone through their good and bad times... Just like how a good song does for me.


Where's My Heart Song?

I haven't been talking much, writing much in hope of re-directing all forms of self expression to song-writing. Yet, I am stuck. I am suffering from a severe music block. I try to sift through all the messiness within me for one heart song, but all that is coming out is noise. Ugly noise. :(

I'm Back?

It's been a week since I stepped out of the plane and was hit by the wave of heat and humidity. ~Into the arms of hot, sunny Singapore...I'm back. But, am I back? I have led the past week in motion blurness...living, but not entirely...only wishing to dive under my covers and hibernate through the lasts of winter in my mind.

Not that life is bad per se. Just not beautiful...not beautiful like a holiday. A winter holiday to be exact - where skies are a beautiful blue-grey, where the cold winds dance as we huddle for warmth, where the heart is light with a melodic tune playing within and where shoulders are free of the burdens of everyday life. It was a sweet surreal dream and I wish that father-time had been kind to prolong the moment...or even freeze the moment. But, as like always, these mystical creatures have never paid any heed to my pleas, and never will. Sadly, I stand all alone. I only wish my 'magic porridge pot' of strength will never run out... As i search for the ray of light to illuminate my path and lead me towards my neverland

Here are snap shots of the one sweet dream that i just had, if any of you is interested in peeking. The stillness of the images do not hold justice to the feeling of euphoric high..but oh well. :)