Yipeeeeeeee! *cartwheels*

I got a phonecall from mediacorp radio yesterday to go for a 'voice-test' audition tomorrow. :) What a nice surprise!

~things are finally looking up after a long while..and there are more surprises in the bag! i'm getting butterflies just thinking about them. but! i'll have to keep it all a little secret for now. :D


2 Good Movies for DVD Nights :)

I have never been a big fan of Korean movies or drama serials...but! I caught two just this week and have to say they were rather good!

200 Pounds Beauty..

This is a romantic comedy about an obesed girl who sings fantastically well and goes through plastic surgery for the guy she secretly carries a torch for... in hope that he will fall in love with her.

I love the song "Byul" in this movie!! Her voice made my hair stand. Hmm.. the lead male in the movies also bears a strong resemblence to the Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. I'm wondering if he brought his photo to the plastic surgeon's. *heehee*

I love this whimsical movie! The script was very believable considering it was set in a mental hospital. I love how the movie triggers my imagination with the colours, set and characters. Very out of the box...very creative. :) It helped of course to have Rain play the male lead. :D


Random Mumbles...

I love it when I hear a new nice song.... it inspires me to write too. :D
my ibook hard-disk crashed....*boohoo* :'(


I Want To Be A Radio DJ ?

I've been attending a radio DJ course this whole week organised by the Singapore Media Academy. :)) Having lots of fun! It's interesting to know what goes on 'behind-the-scenes' of those voices that come out of the little radio box. We were taught about show formatting, show preparation, soul connecting with the listeners etc. Wow! Alot of effort goes into show preparation for DJs! :)

We went into the studio to record our demo tape yesterday...and I felt like a real DJ for that short moment. *lol* I'll post my demo up once I get it! :)

p.s Anyone wants to hire a radio DJ? :D


Drum Lessons

My sis taught me drums last night! :) She's really quite good now...think I'll give her a spot in my band. (if I do ever form one) heehee. It's really fun banging on them...and trying to keep to the beat. I think my banging skill will come in extra handy when I'm feeling fustrated. heehee. I may just decide to become a full-time professional drummer now. :D

It's hard trying to coordinate the right, left hands and feet! But...my sis declared that I'm her best student to date. *BEAMS*

Happy Father's Day!! :)

My sis and I got daddy a mobile phone for Father's Day. Pity he didn't really like the colour! >_<
Oh wells...
Anyways, we had dinner at Imperial Treasure....I luv the menu spread and the dishes were all so yummy! -Especially the peking duck... mmmmm :)


-Boiling Point-

I realise that I have been silly to have felt that tinge of ' feeling bad' having resigned. My company have just turned around and bit me back in my face, leaving me fustrated and wounded.

So much for trusting their colourful words...'talk is cheap'! I want to rip-off their false pretence and shove it up their fat bottoms!!! Grrrrrr...........


The "Break-up"

I spoke to my big boss yesterday about my impending departure. I felt really really bad for disappointing - it felt almost like a break-up , with me doing the 'it's not your fault, it's me..' speech. Hmm...oh well, but I guess in life... you do have to make these speeches to move on...to a better place, hopefully. :)


Happy Birthday Twinkles! :)

In Search of My *Neverland

I've done the deed...finally. :) I decided at last that I can't pretend I like what I do any longer and threw in the towel on friday.

It took quite a turn of events for me to finally have the 'guts' to resign, but I'm glad I did. No more waking up at 6ams!! ~Woo-hoo. I'm still waiting for notification of my last day... I hope it won't be toooo long from now.

Meanwhile...what's next?... I think i'll help my daddy out with selling houses for now. (Anyone interested in buying/renting a property? Email me please! or drop me a message here. :D I'll be off service!!)

....and, at the same time... I'll be dreaming of blue skies and fluffly clouds whilst I go in search of my neverland. :D Wish me luck!!