Thank you :)

Thank you so much everyone for all your encouragement and kind words in response to the ''anonymous comment". Reading them all really warmed my heart. :)

Throughout this competition, my personal goal was to keep improving and to only 'compete against myself'. I pondered long and hard over the issue of being 'fake' and whatever negative vibes that I seemed to exude to certain people after Tuesday's show. I finally got nowhere after all that pondering, because all I could conclude was, I was truly being myself and was truly having a ball of a time on stage! :) I do admit of course, that I have a way lot to improve in my acting and I have been and am working hard on it... Hopefully, I'll be able to deliver something better the next round and achieve personal growth.

Anyhows, the next show will be 2 hour long instead of the usual 1 hour, and will be held on a Sunday instead of the usual Tuesday slots. Preparations and rehersals are already along the way and we are learning something new behind closed doors now. I can't say much about it yet...except that it's really rather physically demanding! ouch ouch ouch!

Snaps taken behind the scenes....we are all missing everyone who have 'left' us! :(

Behind the scenes for our video shoot -

Fooling around during fitting for the quarter finals :D

Our cutest 'babysitter' - Jayine


Quarters Aftermath

An anonymous left me a comment on my blog after (I figured) last night's quarter finals show. He/she said..."you look good in your blog pics.. but why do u look so bad on tv? especially your bug teeth? and your smile is so fake?"

I thought I'll give some response to him or her..cos it's my first hate mail!! Firstly, I'll have to ask you back.. "Why are you so mean!!?" Does it give you instant gratification to insult someone... especially when done so 'anonymously'? :( Maybe sometimes you may forget that others are human like you are, and also live and feel the same way you do. Maybe you should try being criticised for the way you look someday by someone....or maybe you should try doing a live show on TV too....and see how that feels. :) Anyway, nonetheless...I thank you for your 'constructive criticism'. My first 'hate' mail! Haha. Perhaps, you can give me some suggestions on my performance next time. :) That should help.

p.s I did contemplate changing my entire set of teeth way before your commented on my blog because I do know of my 'buck teeth' problem....but *ouch* I chickened out after thinking about the pain I'll have to go through...and decided I should concentrate on my inner self instead and work on expanding my energy on my performances itself.


I got through to the semis! :) Very surprisingly...maybe having no expections really helped. I never thought I'll stand on that stage again after last night's show before this...because everyone else in that round seemed so strong to me! I went in with no expectations, and solely wanted to enjoy my 'last show on stage' and retreat gracefully. I was shocked when my name was announced. :) I think i'm having the aftermath adrenaline rush...because I can't seem to sleep after the show. (Never thought this would happen...I mean before the show maybe, but after ?! what's wrong with me! haha) Maybe the judges did see my growth after the first elimination round. After all I have been working my arse off to improve- especially in acting. What would help alot now, is to have a tongue surgery to switch my tongue to a mandarin speaking one. :D

I especially want to thank again all my lovelies who came down to the studio to support me, and definitely also everyone else who have been giving me so much help and pointers, whom have been cheering, praying and encouraging me. Thank you so much for pushing me along this journey and for helping me believe in myself. :)

Oh one more thing....I saw the huge pink banner che!!! So pretty!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!!

I really should try and sleep somemore now....goodnight! ;)


本性就害羞的自己, 在努力的逼自己放開心里的拘束
呈現一個最棒的表演給觀眾, 給自己


Happy 60th Birthday daddy!!! :D

The Goh family trooped to 'Tung Luk Signature' at Vivo City to celebrate daddy's big 60th birthday. Wow... what a number, what an age. During dinner, My dad was telling us funny stories of himself when he was young and his first job at 17 as a policeman. Haha...yup! My daddy was a policeman when they wore shorts. :D He told us how he skived on his job, scoot off at the first sign of danger or trouble and mis-directed lost tourists whilst he was on duty because he was as clueless as they were. Haha...those really painted a darn funny picture of my dad in my head. He also told us how he longed to be a clerk whilst being a policeman and how he went on to take on courses so that he could qualify applying for the post of a clerk. After several tries and interviews...he finally got his dream job with the starting salary of a grand $210!! :D

That's the daddy I've always known. In my eyes, he has always been concientious, hardworking, organised, motivated and always striving to improve himself and learn new things. His road of life has been filled with ups and downs, and a large part of his life was dedicated to provide the best for us. Having reached the grand age of 60, and now that his 2 'princesses' are all grown-up, he can finally take a back seat, relax a little and enjoy more of what the world can offer. :) Happy Birthday Daddy...I wish you good health, bountiful of smiles and may you find that spark in simple everyday to live life with passion. *xoxoxoxo*

.......................................................the dessert monster*i live for sweets















Life has been good of late. I've been going to bed whenever I feel like it (which means 5am), and waking up only when I want to. There's something about staying up late at night that I love. Of late, I've taken to watching dvds at 3am. Mmm.... I have to add that I love not having to wake up to the sound of the alarm!! Of course, this means that I'm really only up at around 3pm. Heehee. Life is good. :)

I had a particularly nice dream last night. I dreamt that I was strolling along the streets of New York! :) I think I really do miss that place... Shopping along 5th Avenue, Soho, Guggenheim Museum, H&M....It's going to be winter soon, and the huge christmas tree is going to be up at Rockefellar Centre!! I'm going to miss all that this year. :( Oh wells, I've just got to imagine New York in my head this year.

It's been nice these couple of days after last Tuesday's show catching up with friends, family and having my own personal time. I did lotsa shopping too!! heehee. I'm addicted...to shoes, bags and clothes. sigh...help... :)

Anyhows, it's the boys turn to put up their show tomorrow. I'm excited to finally sit in the audience. :D I wonder what they've got up their sleeves tomorrow. Good luck you all! Shineeeeeee!!!

It also looks that my little break is short-lived. I've been recalled back to mediacorp for classes and all that jazz starting tomorrow. Another show's going to be up soon. Stay tuned guys! :) *goodnight...xoxo*