Yet Another Sleepless Night

I try and count sheep...
and compete with the other million thoughts racing through my mind.

I think the sheeps are going to lose, again.

Today is the third night of restlessness and sleeplessness...
I am so tired...

Yet I can't surrender to a deep slumber...
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep....meh...meh.....


Star Awards 2007

We the 'star-searchers' were invited to this year's Star Awards Post Party. It was really nice meeting up with everyone again!

Me....dolled up by the professionals, (thanks Sonya!) in the make-up unit's toilet. Haha...I know...what a place to take pictures!

My favourite 'cam-whoring' partner...Priscilla. :D

Korean guy from Goong singing...I couldn't get a non-blurry photo!

Taiwanese boy-band 5566 giving a rather lacklusture performance to an equally un-enthusiastic crowd. I think everyone were more interested shouting out congratulatories to the winners that night and snapping pictures with everyone else!

Apple...(Joelle I haven't seen you in ages! I miss ya!)

Hanwei 导师 who styled himself in a super cute outfit and bright red patent shoes.

Joanne in her super high killer heels! I need a pair of those too!!

'杨管家' and '小第' from the 才华家族

Ezann whom I've not seen in ages! She looked gorgeous that night! :)

...And finally the 'star-searchers' with our 师姐 Felicia Chin.


56 candles!*

~Yummy Strawberry Shortcake~

~Photo at dinner...i loveee peking duckkkkkkk!!!~

My mum has a cute practise every year on her birthday - we buy her one birthday gift, and she takes me and my sis shopping and buys us whatever we want...well...almost...:D HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY! Keep smiling and stay forever young and gorgeous! (Don't worry, if all else fails...there's always Dr Georgia *teehee*)


A Beautiful Union...

Congratulations Ronnie and Joleen~ :)

"Cherish the love you had yesterday; that you still have today and look forward to cherishing the love you shall have tomorrow."

...the hand bouquet. Nope, I did not catch the bride's toss. haha.

I was one of their 'jie-meis'. (Thanks soooo much Pris for lending me your pretty white dress! *muacks!*)
....and here is when the fun begins. muahahahaha!

1. orange slices for the boys to pass to each other with their mouths. 2. bread slices with chilli sauce spread+chilli padi. 3. bitter chinese tea squeezed with super sour lime. 4.bananas stuffed with chilli padis. *teehee*

The groom and his 'brothers' had to eat all that and...

do 20 push-ups...and...

give us all 'jie-meis' a satisfactory amount for the red-packet before the groom and his brothers are allowed through the main door to receive his bride...

Well, at least he thought that was all...haha. Yeah right! They weren't going to be let off the hook that easily! Haha.

Big, small, fat, skinny...the groom and all his brothers had to do the 'limbo rock' through the door, and sing the limbo rock themselves as music accompaniment. It was all quite hilarious.

Despite all that, we were still not done!

They all had pure honey 'squirted' into their mouths...

And, they had to dorn our specially prepared 'sexy underwear' ala superman, and have the groom write "Ron hearts Jo" on their asses with lipstick. (This was one of my favourites!)

The finale was for all of them to sing a song specially for Joleen. :) They chose 'yue liang dai biao wo de xin'.

Finally...all that in the name of love. :)

Joleen...the beautiful bride.

Ronnie and Joleen, I wish you both eternal happiness and bliss and may we see little 'ron and jos' soon! ;)


I'm backkkkkk!!!

I love taking holidays...it's like transporting myself to another dreamy world where it's all fun.
I just had 7 surreal days in Taipei and I wish it never had to end!! :) It was all smiles and laughter everyday (hmm...thanks) with lotsa yummilicious food, beautiful sights and...shopping!!!