'Tis the season to be jolly, fa~la~la~la~la, la~la~la~la! Yipee! It's that time of the year again! My favourite season of the year...Christmas!! I've been playing my CD of christmas carols to death. Haha. Have you all done your Christmas shopping yet? I'm almost done! Tiring affair...all that jostling with the crowd, and brain-storming for gift ideas. I hope everyone will like what I got them. *fingers crossed*

Before I go on, here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. May you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, warmth and happiness...and not forgetting loads of yummy food, and wonderful presents! :)

Christmas celebrations started early for me this year. I've had 2 rounds of celebrations with different groups of lovely friends already. Here are some snaps to share!

Had a pot-luck party with my girlfriends from Japan Airlines and here's what we brought:

Candy with her baked ham and honeydew.

I ordered pizza. Lazy me...opps...I can't cook!

Our lovely host, Cecilia with her x-large Heineken. The girls can really drink mind you!

Angelia brought us really pretty and yummy desserts. Cupcakes and a log cake (not in shot). Mmm!! Sweets!

Sandy and Sok Ling (not in shot...she's shy...) brought us a whole host of finger food and sushi. 

Deborah (left) and Stephaine brought us roast beef and tofu salad to complete our spread.

Needless to say, we couldn't finish all that food. 

The cupcakes were so cute, we had to take pictures with them. haha.

And more cam-whoring with cupcakes...

I'll be going to Japan with these girls in Jan! We can't wait!!!!

Candy, Me and Ceci.

Here's me trying to cut the apple strudel that I brought into slices....an impossible feat I tell you. All the layers kept crumbling and flaking...

...and finally, Presents!! :D

Once again, I always love the time spent with the girls...:)

Day after was a Christmas dinner organised by our party diva, Noah. Held at Margarita's! I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but I'm now a convert. The food is fabulous!

The party of 8:

Rebecca, Desmond, Kay and Noah

I bet the waiter wanted to kill us for having to take SO many pictures for us. Opps! :D

Cheers to a good food and great friends!

Silly shots...

If you're wondering what we are trying to do, Noah our supermodel has 2 specific pose tasks for all of us...the back-break, and stomach-ache. And there you go....

The perfect back-ache group shot!

Before I end this post, just want to share that a bunch of us Kosmic Artistes (May, Claire, Jaymee and me) lent our hands to M.A.C a few weekends ago to help sell their range of Viva Glam lipsticks, glosses and lip palettes. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of lip colours go to the M.A.C Aids Fund. This fund supports men, women and children affected by AIDS/HIV globally. The Viva Glam lipsticks and glosses are on sale 365 days. There's a huge range of lovely colours available, so please lend your support by getting one from any M.A.C counters! :)

I've got Viva Glam no.V on my lips. Hurry go get yours!

P.S They make great Christmas gifts!


Gossip Girls

A drama revolving around the lives of a bunch of over-privileged, very rich prep-school teens from the Upper East side of Manhattan. Gossips, scandals and drama - complete with a gorgeous cast, gorgeous settings and even more gorgeous clothes. What's not to love? I'm hooked.

You can get your dosage from here.


Domo turned 1!

I've been meaning to post this entry. Domo turned 1 year old on 31st October. He's a Halloween baby! (ok ok, I know I'm like a month late with this entry. haha.) I can't believe I've had this baby for about 10 months already. How time flies... And how he has grown! Well, it's good to know that I've raised him up rather well (at least I think so!) and that he's very alive, healthy and bouncy. :D I was always almost paranoid that I'll do something wrong and make him really sick or something when he first came to me. I've grown really attached to him over this course of time...and now that he has become so much a part of my life, I can't imagine a day coming home without him doing his little excited "my mummy's home!!" dance for me. :)

So anyway, here are some pictures of my princely Domo!

I can't believe he was this small! 

...and how he grew (at 3 months)

...and Grew!! (at 1 year) We got him a cream cheese topped with cranberries birthday cake from US Doggie Bakery. He loved the cream cheese!

Domo and I with my parents. He couldn't quite figure what was happening and why we were forcing him to pose for so many pictures - see hiw eye roving? haha.

Domo and his mummy squashing him! 

He had a 3 day birthday celebration filled with trips to pet cafes and a trip back to his doggie parent's home for a party with his other siblings. And all that food he had! Made him a really happy dog.:)

He was extra taken to this female pooch - Wawa. Think he was trying to get himself a girlfriend for his birthday, and an older one too. ;)


Domo back at his doggie parent's house for a birthday celebration with all his siblings.

This is how they looked when they were pups!

I wonder what's the life span of a dog's. It's scary to think of Domo getting old and fading away. Argh! I'm getting all morbid!! I'd better stop. 





Why does grass always seem greener on the other side?

Where is the self-satisfaction?

How do you attain self-satisfaction?

When will I ever be satisfied?



I picked this book up just the other day, and I couldn't put it down. Read it from cover to cover in a stretch. It's been a long while since I've read something this good. So, if you're in for a good read, check the "Kite Runner" out! :)


I've been doing quite a bit of thinking of late. Having been feeling stuck in the doldrums for quite a bit. I feel that I've reached another juncture, except this time, I haven't that many crossroads to choose. Of course, I have my loved ones to really thank for having been loving and supporting me, no matter how silly my choices in life have been. I still haven't reached a final decision for the next step, having been disappointed so many times...I'm still trying to find the strength to step out and perhaps the right word would be,: to leave it all behind and start anew. I'm not in any trouble or anything, I'm just trying to find me, to be me. I look around and see that it seem so easy for so many. Yet, I'm struggling so with these baby steps. I hope to join the bandwagon of those who have it easy soon. And hopefully, that's when I'll be truly happy.

With all that, I've changed the look of my blog. I feel like something clean and less distracting. I hope all of you will like this new look.




I'm still alive everyone!! I've been extremely busy since I came back from Penang. Trip was good, learnt lots from the shoot, had lotsa good food, but I had food poisoning! >_< href="http://auntylucys-homestay.blogspot.com/">http://auntylucys-homestay.blogspot.com

P.S Happy belated Halloween too! It was my prince Domo's birthday, and he's been partying! More to share on that again soon.

Take care everyone~ cheerios! xoxo



Just got an email with this photo I took with Claire (my fellow Kosmic Artiste). Mulberry - the latest event that we attended. It was a whimsical showcase of their bags. Good thing nothing caught my eye too badly or I'll be burning a hole in my pocket again. :)

On the work front, I'm currently involved in Mediacorp 8's 小娘惹. Will be going up to Penang on the 18th this month to shoot the last bit. Looking forward!

Here are some pictures from shoot:

I'm a Nonya!

The kitchen - where we shot a couple of major stifling, super smokey scenes. *cough cough*

Joanne and I

I'll be a civil engineer specialist in the next drama, 未来不是梦. Look out for it! :)


Dark Clouds Looming Ahead

*sigh* There's been such bad news about our world economy of late and with predictions of very likely recessions and times worse than the Great Depression. *sigh* And with our utility bills and now telephone bills inflating...*sigh* I hope everyone's ready for the rainy weather ahead.


Duffy & Domo: *sigh*


All I Want For Christmas is A Set of White Teeth

I've had rather yellow teeth for as long as I can remember. I even remember the dentist telling me that "slight yellow" is my natural teeth colour when I was young. (Darn! What bad luck!) I'm trying to change the course of nature now....by opting to go for the Perfecta Bravo Whitening system.

I'm not prepared to pay shitloads of money on laser whitening as yet, so I decided to start with the home-kit. I got it for a surprising steal! My friend brought me to KCS Dental (where he got his kit) and I did the usual cleaning and a mould of my teeth for the kit. When the bill came, the cleaning was surprisingly FOC, and the mould cost me $160. I went back to collect the mould and the rest of the kit a couple of days later and expected to pay the balance (cos' my friend paid around $500?!). But guess what? The cashier said that was it! There was no balance to top up! Whoots! I was happy. I had to call my friend and rub it in his face for our price difference. Ha! Maybe the kit is on clearance sale now...or I got a huge discount (why? I really don't know)...Whatever! I'm still happy. And of course, fingers crossed, I hope it works!!


Just got back from a run with Domo...It's official. He runs faster than me. *hmph* How can his little legs make him go so fast! I have trouble keeping up...*pant pant*. (Of course, I had to pretend that he wasn't pulling me by trying to keep up his pace...if not very 'unglam' la!)

...which leaves me really tired now. -_-

Domo: "aiyoh...why are you so slow ?!"


Happy Birthday Daddy and Che! :)

My daddy's and sister's birthday are 5 days apart, so like every year, we usually hold a 'combined celebration'. (I'm glad I don't share my birthday with anyone...haha...I like feeling special..:D ) I was in-charged of getting the presents (as like most years) and was so glad shopping for them was a breeze cos' they gave me specific 'birthday wish lists'. :) So, daddy got a mobile, and che got a very practical watch (to match ALL her work clothes and that can tell the time clearly).

Daddy announced that he wanted to have dinner at 'Imperial Treasure' restaurant at Terminal 3 (Changi Airport). He liked the one at Ngee Ann City (where we usually dine in), and said he saw in the papers a new branch opened in T3. I arrived at the airport separately and rang my mum to ask her where the restaurant was. She giggled and told me that she and daddy has been going round in circles trying to look for the restaurant, but in vain. The closest they found was Crystal Jade. Daddy was in fact going around asking airport staffs for the restaurant's location because he 'swears' he saw the ad in the papers. "Kwa kwa kwa..." I highly suspect that it was once again a 'daddy muddle-up'. haha....So guess what? In the end, we all ended up dining at Crystal Jade instead. :D Good thing the food was good, or all the way to the airport for nothing!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

My sis texted me and told me not to get a birthday cake cos' she was given one. It turned out that the cake was teeny! So disappointing! I really like eating birthday cakes! (make that any cake....or anything sweet....or...or...)

I wonder what they're wishing for?

Daddy and Mummy...see! the cake is sooo teeny they had to hold it up for it to be in shot!

Che and her fiance, Joe. Once again, they are getting married next year! Yipee!!

Family love! :)