Mr Domo.

Don't leave me alone at home! :(

I want to sweep the floor too! :)

I'm a milk stick druggie...~whee...O_o

Aren't you sick of taking pictures of me?

Domo is becoming more and more mischievous...and it breaks my heart to have to spank him! :(


敗給你 - Elva & 羅志祥

I've taken a huge liking to this song's MV of late. Many reasons involved...one being I love how chic Elva Hsiao looks in the MV!

Take a peek here:


Secret's Out!



This is the 'secret guy' that I was going to bring home to meet my mum! :)
I got Domo for my Christmas and upcoming birthday, and I've been incredibly worried that my mum would not let me keep him as she has never been a huge fan of dogs. (I've been keeping him under wraps until he was 'old' enough and ready to be brought home) And, my mum actually loved him! (I secretly think it was love at first sight too!) *hee*... But then again, I don't think anyone can resist his charms. He's a natural at pleasing! *sighsssss* I'm transported to blissworld with my new furry sweet friend. :)

We brought Domo out for brunch and bought him lunch- “Stroganoff with Japola Rice Ball” (braised beef cube with milk, beef broth and potato served with Japola rice ball made of mixture of brown and white rice, carrot and cucumber’) from doggy cafe 'Pawtobello'.

Lapping up his yummilicious lunch.

Doe-eyed Domo watching the world pass him by.

Sleeping after a long day of play...and dreaming about yummy bones and limitless amount of treats...



Good start...:)

I went for hot yoga class today....finally!! I'm starting off my 'new year resolutions' on a good note. Let's hope I can keep it up. :)

Psss....I'm really excited to bring someone home tomorrow....he's a secret for now...and he's incredibly handsome! Let's hope my mum will love him. *fingers crossed*


Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone! :) Its another year gone!! ahhhhh!!!

2007 once again saw me doing some radical changes to my life - i bade a goodbye to the corporate world, tried to chase after a long-time 'dream' of mine, made some new good friends, relationships ended, embarked on new promising things. It really feels like I did an overhaul of myself in 2007!

2008 seem like a good promising start *fingers crossed*...I'm looking forward -


1. Make more $$ and spend less of it!
2. Make use of that yoga membership i'm paying for every month. >_<
3. Eat better and live healthier.
4. Love the people that I love even more.
5. Keep smiling.

Simple enough, I hope. :) Good luck everyone in this new year!! *pops champagne*