My sister's pet fighting fish died today.
He used to reside in his tank on top of my piano.
I suspect....
He got sick and tired of my banging on the keys everyday,
and decided to end his life prematurely by jumping out of his tank and committing suicide.



I've always wanted to 'bling' something out completely...

Check this out!

My newly 'crowned' Nintendo DS. :D *blingblingbling*

...and my sis got me my favourite 'little mermaid' crackers. What a sweetie pieeeee!! muacks!

...and off to bed I go...

goodnight! :*
Within you I lose myself,
Without you I find myself
wanting to be lost again.


Family Affairs

~Dinner with my parent's friends from Holland at Ubin Seafood. We see them once a year...
One day, we'll all go visit them in Holland too.


Random Musings

What are dreams made of?

~ are they made of cotton fluff?
..............or are they building blocks for the future?

Why do they sometimes disappear mysteriously without a trace.............
come back and haunt you out of the blue?



Domo had a shower today...and this is how he looked. :D



Today's a Good Day

I've been quite motivated to work of late. I was hit by a sudden wave of guiltiness for lazing around my arse all day and having too much fun doing so...and...and...I have to admit I was also motivated by this particular gorgeous miu miu bag I saw in store that day. mmm...

Anyways, so I've been good since yesterday. I went for rehersals for this piano accompaniment piece I'm going to play in March at the Art House, got really inspired by all the musical peeps and got home and practised my tinkling some more, and even researched on the net for more inspiration. A big part of me of course also worries that I'll do really embarrassingly badly. (I can't help it! I'm a perfectionist!)

After getting tired of tinkling on the keys, I started working properly (to hopefully cash the moolahs in) and started making phonecalls and posting up properties for sale on the internet. Did I mention that I'm helping my daddy with property sales? Wish me luck! And call me....if you know of anyone interested in buying/renting anything. I'll be the friendly agent ever-ready to help. Haha. ;)

In between doing all that, I squeezed in extra-curricular time to play with Domo (made him go crazy chasing all his toys as I tossed them around all over the place) and played 'zookeeper' on my nintendo. :)

I definitely feel like I'm utilizing my time well!

Did I forget to mention that I had a surprise visit to my house? Thanks for coming all the way to deliver eye cream and xoxos Mr Noddy! :D

Toy Poodles

I saw a photo of another toy poodle on someone's blog....she's super cute!!

And like a proud parent...may I present you studio shots of Domo and his family!

That's Domo and his brothers and sisters.

His mummy - Nikki!



Happy Lunar New Year!!

Hello again! It's been quite a while! :D I've been too busy enjoying life and...I've been just, well...too lazy to blog. :) Domo is sleeping soundly beside me now...sweet! I love that furry boy to bits. He brings such joy to my everyday and I feel all motherly towards him sometimes. Haha. Before I go on....

"GONG XI FA CAI!! May all of you have a prosperous and healthy new year. Huat ahhh!!!"

New Year for me this year felt a lot busier and I enjoyed it a lot more than usual, with more visiting, more ang paos ($$$~whee!), more gambling, and way too much yummy food and pineapple tarts. Did I tell you all that I'm a pineapple tart addict? I polish off tubs of them...definitely not good for the slim hour-glass figure I'm gunning for. :( Anyways, I had a wonderful time ushering in the new lunar new year. I hope its a good omen. :) I'm going to have a greattttt 2008! I can feel it! Haha!

Picture Time!

Domo got a new CNY outfit too!

*gong xi gong xi!*

Chewing up one of his many toys...Mr Tigger.

Reunion dinner was a slightly different affair this year with it moved to a restaurant instead of the usual at an uncle's place.

Afew of us on the 'cousins table'.

My new neice Ashley. Her first CNY! She's super cute and lives in London. I hope she adopts the nice English accent. Haha...I'm so superficial...

Let's toss in the good fortunes! I think I did 4 of these this year...How many did you do?

Our first day tradition - A family shot at the same spot taken every CNY, with a new addition to the family this year...Domo! :)

My cousins Aubrey and Andrea. They have blossomed into such cute girls!

Had some friends over for dinner and gambling.

We had steamboat for dinner...guess the number of fish/cuttlefish/pork/mushroom balls in there! I prepared way too much food...and threatened to lock all my friends in till they finished up the food. Haha.

We tossed 'yu sheng' again...and had a lot of trouble trying to come up with those auspicious chinese sayings. I think 身体键康 was said one too many times. :D


All focused and gambling intently (some boys slightly distracted by Victoria Secret's Runway show on TV. Note second picture on the left. Haha.)

We all had our 'secret' auspicious things placed in our best feng shuis to bring in the luck. ;)

My superstition.

Domo got really bored watching us play cards and fell alseep...aww....

A couple of days later, in the spirit of CNY, my family and I trooped to Sentosa for the flower display.

Pretty mummy is born in the year of the rabbits. :)

Most of the flowers were looking rather sad drying up in hot Singapore, but nonetheless it was a nice family outing. :)

Alritey, that's about it! I hope you all had an equally fantastic time as I did. If not...dash out to catch the last bits! You have 4 days left! Huatttt ahhhhhh!!!!