Teens Magazine - May

The scans are not very clear. Go check me out in Teens! :)

Thanks Weiming for the lovely shots, Adrian and Gina for the beautiful clothes, Karen for making me 'pretty' and Ming for the company! -xoxo-

Domo and my Pink Feather Boa Escapade

Look at what Domo did with my lovely pink feather boa!
(photos stolen off miss ene's blog. :D thanks ene!)

Haizzzzzzzz......what to do with this boy!

The Forbidden Kingdom

My rating: 1 out of 5 popcorn

Bad script, bad English dialogue ( the actors sounded really stiff and un-natural speaking English), rather lame plot and weak attempt at trying to translate our beautiful chinese culture. The 1 popcorn was for the fight-scenes. Least those were decent.

One of the worst movies I've seen in 2008.

5 Food Items That You Should Never Give Your Dog

1. Chocolate, Tea, Coffee
2. Alcoholic Beverages and Nicotine products
3. Grapes, Raisins or Macadamia nuts
4. Bones from fish, poultry or other meats
5. Raw eggs, Onions, or Garlic

Apart from these you should avoid giving sugar (such as candy) to your dog. And salt or salty foods should not be given to your dog, even in small amounts as snacks.

--I fed Domo a couple of grapes the other day and I was so worried when he vomited the morning after. O_o This list is a reminder to myself of what NOT to give him!


Bad Cut

I brought Domo to the groomer's yesterday for some preening...and I got a shock when I went to collect him home.

They sheared off all his lovely fur! I mean he's not bald or anything, but you can tell from the photo above that they cut his fur really short and he looks really scrawny and scraggly now, especially without all that fluffy fur on his legs. :( Boo...there really aren't many groomers who can do his 'teddy' cut properly.

Here's Domo with a proper 'teddy' cut. He looks a world of a difference...

My poor boy...:( I think he's having slight complex issues now.

Don't worry! I still love you very much!


So there, the euphoric plateau I've reached
-there's no way else but down.

I attempt a limp gravity defying stunt and fail
-what goes up, must always come down.

So I let myself free-fall
-into the dark, cynical embrace of a dark cloud.

With anguish thoughts and a tortured mind
-I sink heavily down.

Dropping, falling, tripping, stumbling
-till I say hello to my next plateau.


It's Cuppy-Cake Day!

I tried baking cupcakes for the first time today! Followed the recipe book step-by-step...

...and voila!! :) chocolaty cupcakes!


Trapped in my self-constructed memory cage,
a cobweb of dreams and deceit I spun for myself.
Spiralling out of control,
I seek solace and find no one.
Chugging through everyday in a ho-hum,
Inspiration-less, emotion-less, face-less.

If only I can come to a screeching halt.


Part of You Weekly Article II

I liked this outfit. :)

Sun, Surf and Sand

I did a small shoot for Cleo today. It's for their upcoming June, Summer Swimsuit spread. Ming, the publicist actually told me about the shoot a while back, but I had in my mind that it would be in June or something...so I didn't exactly do much to try and work out for a 'bikini bod'. Until two days ago, she rang me and asked if I was ok to shoot the spread today. I almost fainted! So soon! haha...so for the past two days, I worked out like crazy and hardly ate and drank...to try and achieve a nice 'bikini bod'. Oh well, I can't say that I've completely succeeded, but my body sure aches like crazy now...hmm, but at least I can eat again today. Hooray! :)

Thanks to the Cleo team for the shoot today! I had fun! :)

Bikini season coming up!


Girly Chit-Chats

For the longest time, Yuqi, Fionna and I have been trying to coincide a day where we are all free to meet up. We finally did last Friday. Yuqi suggested Oomphatico's at Tanglin Mall. We all loved the interior of the place! Its quirky, new, old, sweet, cute and modern all rolled into one. Food on the menu was very very healthy, with a lot of brown rice, avocado and all that healthy vegetables going. Yuqi and I kept pointing out the unhealthiest stuff on the menu that we were interested to try like 'phad tai' and fried stuff. Haha. We aren't very into healthy food quite obviously. But, overall the food all tasted pretty good. Being healthy was a plus point of course. We were having a grand time catching up, lamenting on work, bits of life and our age-counters (opps!) And in the midst of it, the entire crew in Oomphatico's started forming a line, banging on pots and pans and cutleries and dancing through the restaurant! Really really cute! It looked really stress-relieving for them and was very entertaining for us the diners.

Me a Thief? Hmm...

My sister and her husband-to-be have been very busy trying to decorate their new place. I used to be really interested in interior design and furniture back when I was in NAFA. Hearing them ooh-and-ah about design and furnishings of late have kinda got me re-interested in house design again. (Especially nice furniture and finishings)...I've been browsing through their interior magazines and yesterday, my sister carted home a Kartell Bourgie Lamp. *drools*...It is sooooooo gorgeous!! It is all bubble-wrapped up in a corner now...tempting me...mmm...i may... just try and steal it. hehehehehehe....

p.s she has set up a blog just for her new home. you can check it out at:


Should I?

I've been thinking about it...I've been trying to exercise quite a bit of late, but I still stuff myself with junk food all the time. Should I quit eating all that nonsense? Hmmm...NO MORE SWEETS, NO MORE CAKES, NO MORE YUMMY DESSERTS, NO MORE CHIPS, NO MORE COOKIES, NO MORE ICE CREAM, NO MORE...Hmm....Hmm...Should I?


I Couldn't Resist...

Here's another shot of Domo!



I just masked my face with Laneige's Strawberry Yoghurt Pack, and my face is now oh-so-smooth and soft to the touch! I've never used any masks that made my skin feel so soft before. Not to mention, it looks and smells rather delicious too...Domo couldn't stop trying to lick my face. Haha. Girls and boys, I'll definitely recommend you to go try it now! ( Don't I just sound like an advertisement!)...On that, Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack is also quite another excellent product to try. :)

You Weekly Article

I mentioned that I did a shoot for You-weekly magazine a couple of weeks back in a previous post. Someone nice scanned me the article! So here I am sharing it with everyone... Thanks again for the scans! :)

Thank you so much George for taking such lovely photos, Karen for making me 'pretty' and Gina for the cheery styling!...and of course, Ming for your company! :)


It's Sunshine After the Rain!

Thanks for all your well-wishes. Domo's ears are finally much better! :) The infection finally cleared up after all that antibiotics, ointments and me pinning him down and struggling to clean his ears everyday. Hooray! :)

I read online that 1/2 a tablespoon of yoghurt everyday will clear up the yeast bacteria in the ears. Hmm....

Domo with his newest toy. Happy again! ^^

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

I've been meaning to try desserts from this quaint looking patisserie at Paragon for the longest time. Finally succumbed to temptation that day, and it's definitely one decision I did not regret!... Yes, I had to add in extra runs to burn off all that chocolate...Haha, but it was definitely worth it! :)

One recommendation:
NOUGATINE - Praline ice cream with hazelnut nougatine, salty caramel, caramelized filo pastry. yummy.yummy.yummy!

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie
290 Orchard Road, #B1-25 Paragon,Singapore 238859
Telephone : (65) 6733-8893
Opening Hours : 11am to 10pm daily