Kosmic (my management company) had their annual photoshoot a couple of days ago. It's my first with them since I'm pretty new. It was a time to meet with all the other artistes again (namely, Jaymee, May & Choy, Max and Claire) and of course, take nice pictures to build up our portfolio. :)

Dominic - the photographer is telling me something. I have a really weird expression on my face... Haha, but he's a really easy and fun photographer to work with.

Posing...trying out all possible angles and different ways to contort my body. :) I hope I got some good shots!

Hair references!...stylist wanted a very 'textured' look.

Group shot! This was our first 'group formation'. But it was too casual with us all in a row.

"Second formation".

And finally! We got our positions right! That's me, May, Choy, Claire, and Max and Jaymee sitting down. There's only 6 of us in the family, but I like it this way. Sweet, cosy and nice. :)

Susie our manager did a wonderful job putting the whole shoot together, plus the styling too! Thanks so much gal for your sweat and tears! :)

And look what I got for a treat after the shoot! :D Yummyyyyy!!!

Keep well everyone! :)


I Wonder...

Where does one find the strength to recover from past failures and let downs, to keep moving on without looking back?

More so if these incidences are recurring?

Please pray tell...

My fighting spirit is waning.


Itchy Scratchy...:(

Domo hasn't been well of late, and it's extremely worrying. :( It all started one night when I was cuddling and patting him, when I felt lumps and bumps over an area on his body. I checked and found that his fur at that area was all tangled and clumpy, and he had a lot of black scabs on his skin. I checked other areas of his body thoroughly and found more slightly bloody tiny black scabs. I panicked, and thought it was an attack of the ticks or fleas. I couldn't sleep well that night and even had nightmares of fleas eating into Domo's face and body. Yucks. It was horrible.

Early next day, I brought Domo to the vet and thankfully or not, it was not an attack of the ticks or fleas, but a skin infection that Domo was having. Domo apparantly has sensitive skin (like his owner, goodness! >_<) and it could have been his shampoo or dust, or food that brought on the allergy that led to the infection. Sigh...I guess I felt a bit better that it wasn't fleas. The area most badly affected was shaven off and Domo was given antibiotics and creams to make him feel better.

It's been a couple of days, and the worst affected area is looking a lot better, but new itchy scratchy spots seem to be coming up and certain areas of his body still looks rather inflammed and uncomfortable. Boo!!!! I'm really worried! I hope he gets well soon. :(


If only life too,were picture perfect.


When Domo met Pistol

Domo had a doggie date on Sunday with Pistol, the golden retriever.

Pistol - the handsome golden retriever puppy.

Domo, in his baseball shirt. (he needs a grooming session!)

The two boys didn't hit off immediately...they were very distracted by all the other dogs, food and people in the cafe.

Angelia, Pistol, Me, Domo. It's really difficult to get a clear shot of domo! He keeps fidgiting...tsk tsk , whereas Pistol is always camera ready. :)

Domo went for a grooming session soon after, and he came back looking super coiffed!...and extra stylish with his discotheque glasses. Haha..:D