Just got back from a run with Domo...It's official. He runs faster than me. *hmph* How can his little legs make him go so fast! I have trouble keeping up...*pant pant*. (Of course, I had to pretend that he wasn't pulling me by trying to keep up his pace...if not very 'unglam' la!)

...which leaves me really tired now. -_-

Domo: "aiyoh...why are you so slow ?!"


Happy Birthday Daddy and Che! :)

My daddy's and sister's birthday are 5 days apart, so like every year, we usually hold a 'combined celebration'. (I'm glad I don't share my birthday with anyone...haha...I like feeling special..:D ) I was in-charged of getting the presents (as like most years) and was so glad shopping for them was a breeze cos' they gave me specific 'birthday wish lists'. :) So, daddy got a mobile, and che got a very practical watch (to match ALL her work clothes and that can tell the time clearly).

Daddy announced that he wanted to have dinner at 'Imperial Treasure' restaurant at Terminal 3 (Changi Airport). He liked the one at Ngee Ann City (where we usually dine in), and said he saw in the papers a new branch opened in T3. I arrived at the airport separately and rang my mum to ask her where the restaurant was. She giggled and told me that she and daddy has been going round in circles trying to look for the restaurant, but in vain. The closest they found was Crystal Jade. Daddy was in fact going around asking airport staffs for the restaurant's location because he 'swears' he saw the ad in the papers. "Kwa kwa kwa..." I highly suspect that it was once again a 'daddy muddle-up'. haha....So guess what? In the end, we all ended up dining at Crystal Jade instead. :D Good thing the food was good, or all the way to the airport for nothing!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

My sis texted me and told me not to get a birthday cake cos' she was given one. It turned out that the cake was teeny! So disappointing! I really like eating birthday cakes! (make that any cake....or anything sweet....or...or...)

I wonder what they're wishing for?

Daddy and Mummy...see! the cake is sooo teeny they had to hold it up for it to be in shot!

Che and her fiance, Joe. Once again, they are getting married next year! Yipee!!

Family love! :)


Back To School Partyyyy!

The two birthday boys - Desmond and Noah, gathered all their naughty "school friends" and got us all to go to this super secluded 'ulu' part of Singapore (the cab driver exclaimed that he hasn't driven there in about 30 years...). I can't remember the name of the place now, except that it's after Pasir Panjang area, near Labrador Park, and there used to be a jetty there. Anyway, what I really want to say is, the party rawked!! Everyone had so much fun playing school again!

Happy Birthday boys! Orh...I tell teacher you drink champagne...

Point middle finger! Tsk Tsk....! That's Elaine, the rebellious student and me, the 'guai guai' good girl. ha.

Alex with his best impersonation of a nerd. Fail! :p

Kay, Rebecca, Nat, Me and Andie. "Friends Foreverrr"! Haha...when did I last hear that phrase?

Jeneen and Kay bullying Rebecca the Geek

Desmond: " I don't want to drink, but they force me cos' it's my birthday....boooohoooooooo...."

Rebecca attempting to dig her nose...yucks. haha

Class of 2008!

**I miss my days in school! Especially the times in CHIJ...*reminiscing*


How can something be so perfect, yet so flawed?


What's With ALL This Rain?!

Rain, rain go away,
Jeneen wants to go run to keep the flabs away,
Come back again another day!!

~it doesn't help that I live near the water catchment area...it's extra rain for me! grrr...

Hitler and ERP Gantries

I saw this on my sister's blog and I had to share it with everyone. Super funny!!!

Living With...@ The Arts House

It's 4am and I can't seem to get to sleep... I think it's the chinese tea I had at karaoke just. Caffeine screws my head up sometimes, wait. Does chinese tea contain caffeine? I should think so? Anyways, well I can't sleep, so thought I'll post about the event I just had.

One of the directors/teachers at Intune Music (the place where I'm learning the keyboard) was having his concert session at the Arts House. It was held in the 'Living Room', a really cosy little place with a grand piano - pretty much like the living room of a nice home, and concert sessions held in there are entitled:" Living with...(name). So his session was 'Living with Aaron' (obviously his name). My keyboard teacher suggessted I play the piano for another singer who was guest singing and I agreed to do his two songs.

I had about 2 months of grilling and practising for the songs, and I was quite glad the day finally arrived for me to present it. I was getting quite 'gelat' of playing the songs already. Haha, and I bet my family peeps and neighbours were also getting quite tired of hearing me play the same songs over and over again.

I also hosted the night's event with Kenny, and I must say I had quite a lot of fun doing so. I think I really do enjoy hosting, when I'm in a relaxed atmosphere. :D As for the song playing bit, all I can say that I wasn't quite satisfied with what I presented (must have been nerves and all)...but Oh well, another experience in the bag. I only hope I'll do better next time?

Same 'ol....it's picture time!!

Me and Xueting, a singer/guitarist...she had her own "Living with..." session before mine with Zuoen. :)

Me and Zuoen! A really talented musician. I love her voice!

Me and Siming - who was also playing a rendition of Stefanie Sun's "Yu Tian" on the piano.

Us again...with our best "super nervous" face. It can be super freaky playing on the piano la! A wrong note and it's super obvious. >_<

Kenny!~ my co-host. :) (on the grand piano)

Me and Alex (the singer whom I was playing for). You can catch a glimpse of the Living Room in the background. Nice!

My ever-talented keyboard/piano teacher - Chisheng. He almost never makes mistakes...super irritating. Haha, I'm jealous...zzz

And the star for the night, Aaron. :) He sang and played so many heart-wrenching songs, and he did it so well, almost brought me to tears... I saw some in the audience teary-eyed and sniffling.

Finally, group shot!

If any of you are interested in vocal training, song-writing, keyboad, do log on to: http://www.intunemusic.com.sg/ Very talented teachers!!

p.s, I think I had a bit of an Amy Winehouse hairstyle that night... All hair was kindly sponsored by "haarattic". :D

Right! I think I'm getting slightly sleepy now...better go catch some shut-eye before I lose the feeling. I hate having insomias! Domo of course, is sound asleep and looking veryyyyy comfortable. That boy never seems to have any trouble sleeping!