Just got an email with this photo I took with Claire (my fellow Kosmic Artiste). Mulberry - the latest event that we attended. It was a whimsical showcase of their bags. Good thing nothing caught my eye too badly or I'll be burning a hole in my pocket again. :)

On the work front, I'm currently involved in Mediacorp 8's 小娘惹. Will be going up to Penang on the 18th this month to shoot the last bit. Looking forward!

Here are some pictures from shoot:

I'm a Nonya!

The kitchen - where we shot a couple of major stifling, super smokey scenes. *cough cough*

Joanne and I

I'll be a civil engineer specialist in the next drama, 未来不是梦. Look out for it! :)


Dark Clouds Looming Ahead

*sigh* There's been such bad news about our world economy of late and with predictions of very likely recessions and times worse than the Great Depression. *sigh* And with our utility bills and now telephone bills inflating...*sigh* I hope everyone's ready for the rainy weather ahead.


Duffy & Domo: *sigh*


All I Want For Christmas is A Set of White Teeth

I've had rather yellow teeth for as long as I can remember. I even remember the dentist telling me that "slight yellow" is my natural teeth colour when I was young. (Darn! What bad luck!) I'm trying to change the course of nature now....by opting to go for the Perfecta Bravo Whitening system.

I'm not prepared to pay shitloads of money on laser whitening as yet, so I decided to start with the home-kit. I got it for a surprising steal! My friend brought me to KCS Dental (where he got his kit) and I did the usual cleaning and a mould of my teeth for the kit. When the bill came, the cleaning was surprisingly FOC, and the mould cost me $160. I went back to collect the mould and the rest of the kit a couple of days later and expected to pay the balance (cos' my friend paid around $500?!). But guess what? The cashier said that was it! There was no balance to top up! Whoots! I was happy. I had to call my friend and rub it in his face for our price difference. Ha! Maybe the kit is on clearance sale now...or I got a huge discount (why? I really don't know)...Whatever! I'm still happy. And of course, fingers crossed, I hope it works!!