Here's wishing all of you a wonderful New Year and may 2010 bring you lots of smiles, love, excitement, successes, $$$ and even more fabulous clothes, shoes and bags to all you babes out there!



Domo & Me

Here's Domo waiting patiently on my bed for me to get ready to go meet the girlies one day. He's looking forward to his car ride.

Ta-da! I'm ready.

Here's us. He loves snuggling up on my lap in the car. I try and make him sit on his own sometimes so he doesn't rumple up my clothes so, but he'll always manage to squeeze his butt back on my lap. :) The loves!...this boy never fails to warm my heart, and I actually do walk around after with very crumpled clothes...
but with a smile secretly plastered on my face.


Cute Luv

How cute!!!!!

Mr & Mrs Timothy Yeo

Every time I attend a wedding, I start believing in love all over again. That love is about trust, strong commitment and communication. I believe that it takes effort and a commitment to choose to love one person whole-heartedly and dearly and unlike fairy tales, love doesn't just happen.

I mean, yes, love does happen. Usually for the first moments your eyes meet, the first few months where it's the "honeymoon" period. It happens to start the ball rolling. And after that, fate is in your hands and you get to choose and dictate the path that it follows after.

Today, my dear girlfriend made a commitment to her now husband, and he to her. The wedding was beautiful and the speeches brought tears to our eyes. Congratulations my dear Rachel, I wish you both eternal happiness and that you'll both wake up everyday, falling in love with each other over again. :)

The lovely bride. Rachel declared to us during our JC days at the tender age of 18 that she'll marry her first boyfriend. We were rather skeptical, until today. Yes, Timothy is her first boyfriend, and she too, is his first girlfriend. How sweet!!

Jasmine, also my fellow JC and touch-rugby mate. I used to play touch rugby lots!! Haha. No one believes me now.

That's my best friend, Glenda in the middle back from secondary school days. We were from CHIJ-Secondary (Toa Payoh), if you're wondering. She's a mother now!! :)

Glenda, Me, Jasmine and Yuqi (Sparkle Qi from another of my girlie group of giggly girlfriends.) I got to know each of these girls in the picture at different junctures of my life, but we all ended sitting at the same wedding table because we are all connected either by self or spouse in one way or another! Small small world!!

...and the beautiful couple.

I'll leave you all with a beautiful verse from Corinthians 13:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

:) It's Christmas Eve.

Goodnight all...



'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

And it's that time of the year again. Where first, Orchard Road slowly and magically transformed itself into "Christmas Land," where the malls subtly but surely started chiming Christmas carols and you couldn't help but hum along (even to the cheesy ones), where party invites started rolling in, and where you suddenly realise: "Shucks! it's almost Christmas! Time to get my a@$ down to town and start my Christmas shopping!"

And then you sit down and start writing your Christmas present list (for yourself, and loved ones), and join the frenzied crowd in town for some mad shopping. This year, I almost made headlines which would probably have looked like this: "Girl (me) almost clobbers fellow shopper who bumped incessantly into her shopping bags to death with Jimmy Choos." Kidding. So that didn't really almost happen, and I'm home now safe and sound, with all my lovely presents wrapped writing this blog entry.

Just 2 more days! (For those who haven't completed your Christmas shopping, Good Luck jostling!! Ha! :p)

Here are my pressies all wrapped and ready to go. :)

I started my celebrations early with a cosy dinner with my fellow JAL girlfriends on Monday. Here goes:

Me and Angelia

Stephaine and Cecilia

We had to have Japanese food! Lots of yummy yakitori and everything else. I'm getting hungry all over again!

I got the girls cute underwear and hand masks!

And Angelia got us these cute little penguin cookies.

We all had to get a present for one girl. Here's Stephaine opening my present.

Ta da! Cute sleepwear, more underwear (which she announced that she was having on the exact same pair I gave her!! What are the odds?!), and a Calvin Klein wristlet.

Angelia and her loot

And me laughing at my present..guess what I got?


Cute sexy sleepwear and marshmallows! The girls couldn't stop giving me kinky ideas...that was why I was laughing so hard at my pressie. :p Thanks Ceci!

This Yuzu Umeshu that we had is definitely worth a mention. I'm not one who drinks much alcohol, but this was yummy!

...Oh my gosh! Is it 4am already? Time for me to go to bed! Goodnight!!

Here's wishing everyone:




Good 'ol Sayings

"A leopard will never change its spots."
I'm sure there's some basis of truth behind every saying.

Do you think a leopard can ever change it's spots?


當我们同在一起 "Together"

Have you all been watching? Not being one who's usually home on 9pm weeknights to catch drama serials, I have been making extra effort to tune in to this one. Set in the 1960s - 1990s, it is interesting to watch and understand the mindsets of the people then and of course the sets and costumes are an eye-opener. I'm starting to understand more of how my parents were when they were young and perhaps how my daddy wooed my mummy then. Heehee.

I'm lucky to have played a part in this serial, and my character "金珠" will be coming out soon. I really enjoyed playing this character, where life was simple, and all that mattered was "i like you, and you like me."

Some pictures from behind-the-scenes to share! :)

Filmed in this biscuit store. Tins of all sorts of biscuits are stacked from floor to ceiling here. Really got me hungry everytime I was in there!

I got married. Complete with vintage gown and curly hair tendrils. I bumped into my manager Susie and fellow Kosmic Artiste Claire Jedrek in the make-up unit. First, they couldn't recognise me, and then they couldn't stop laughing. :p

I was a damsel in distress. I was glad to have had the chance to wear 古装! - Although, the 3 layers were definitely too much for hot sunny Singapore.

That's Elvin, my hero (and the rest of the crew) looking very gallant.

We really don't see these around anymore. And those hand-painted movie posters!!

Those movie first dates.

And above all, I was slashed. :(

Tune in, every Monday - Friday, 9pm, Channel 8,

Pink Flare New Arrivals! -Apparel & Accessories-



Louis Vuitton First Aid Kit

What extravagance!!


Did you catch the episode that just passed on Thursday? :) I blogged earlier about some sketches drawn by my on-screen "boyfriend." (read here) This shoot was much fun with funny- man Mark Lee, the very patient and also funny director Guo Shen and the very nice Kheng Hua, Pornsak and my "daddy" Francis who dispensed quite a bit of wordly advice.

With "on-screen boyfriend"- the poor art student from Thailand, Pornsak. :)

Director Wang Guo Shen. I worked with him on another project after, a Channel U telemovie that will be screened Dec 27th. Do watch out for it!

Kheng Hua who gave me a lift all the way from our filming location back to my home in Mandai when she lived really far from me!

Eve, who was a staff from Kosmic, now working at production house Pics Talk who produced this drama. :)

妙探夫妻檔 is on every Thursday 8.30 - 9.00pm. Its a different story and crime to solve every week. An interesting watch - do catch it!!


Style Mondays 013

I've been practically living in dresses and skirts and getting a bit bored of them. Pants are a little bit too hot for our sunny weather, so I thought, hmm...maybe shorts? I don't like how shorts can look too casual sometimes though... But I changed my mind when I saw these. I think they're known as "pleated shorts." I love the structured look and flared bottom! Absolute chic!

Here's ever stylish Kate Moss in a slightly different pair that almost looks like a skirt. How convenient!

Topshop even has a style page advising how to wear a pair!

Best part of it all? No more worrying about skirts being too short whilst bending down, going up the escalator, sitting down etc. Whee! I'm going shopping for a pair of these!


Claudia and the Lovely Chanel

What a hugeee Chanel...how gorgeous!


Seoul Loving

I'm backkkk!! I spent 9 lovely wintery days in Korea with my mummy and I am already so missing the cold weather. Yes, although there were certain days when the cold was unbearable despite the multiple heat pads and major layering of clothes, but I still much prefer it to feeling sticky and muggy in our tropical Singapore weather.

Having been to Seoul twice this year, I officially coin this city as the shopping haven. Did you know that malls in Dongdaemun open till 4am in the morning?! How massive is that! Being a nocturnal night trawler, I absolutely think their store hours are brilliant.

Myeongdong tops as my favourite place to be, albeit the 'touristy' feel of it all. The place has such a mash of interesting shops and eateries that it's hard to resist going back couple of times during the trip. It's got a massive 3-4 storey Forever 21, all the make-up brand shops you ever want, local Korean designer stores, American Apparel, street-side stores, etc. Charming!

The huge bummer was forgetting my camera this time! So, I've only got a couple of lousy shots from my mobile to remember this trip. Boo! :(

I had a mission to stock up for lovely things for my online store, Pink Flare, and we had a wonderful time exploring the wholesale places and buying, and buying, and buying. As expected, our luggages were grossly overweight. Thanks to some winking and pleading, we were let off the hook at check-in. Yay!!

Mummy at Myeongdong. This fishcake thing that she's eating is super delicious!

A store selling all types of boots imaginable at Myeongdong. And rather cheap too!

This cake at a tiny cafe in Myeongdong is delicious. There are tons of such quaint cafes on the upper floors of the shop-houses. You have to visit them if you're there!

On the streets of Myeongdong. Cold!!

My bags of skincare products, masks and BB creams!

Koreans have got such smooth, fair, porcelain skin. I'm thinking it's their kimchi and BB creams!... The Hanskin Caviar BB cream that I so raved about in my earlier "Style Mondays" post is now available on Pink Flare!