If I had known it was going to end,

I would have...

laughed a little harder,
kissed and hugged a little stronger,
glanced a little longer,

and lingered till I could linger no further. 


Citibank Commercial - Broken Shoes

I shot a commercial last week for Citibank. It will be shown on the big screens during the Singapore International Film Festival. :)

Here's director Lilian and me in the 'lil screen gazing at the gorgeous pair of shoes.

Hmm....shoes or no shoes? (with Karen, the make-up artist at the back)

I am absolutely grinning at that gorgeous pair of shoes..haha

Grrr...watch out..I've got the shoes! Those shoes in that store cost at least $1000 and up a pair! Such decadence...

We shot in and outside Palais Renaissance. Here's the crew hard at work. 

Thanks for all that hard work on shoot everyone! 



下雨天了怎麼辦 我好想你 我不敢打給你 我找不到原因 為什麼失眠的聲音 變得好熟悉 沈默的場景 做你的代替 陪我等雨停 期待讓人越來越沉溺 誰和我一樣 等不到他的誰 愛上你我總在學會 寂寞的滋味 一個人撐傘 一個人擦淚 一個人好累 怎樣的雨 怎樣的夜 怎樣的我能讓你更想念 雨要多大 天要多黑 才能夠有你的體貼 其實 沒有我你分不出...



So I've said it.
I've mustered up courage and said goodbye to the wall.
...with lesser tears this time.
I'm getting good at numbing my heart, and numbing my brains.

// this impractical thing called love throws one completely off balance and off rational. When the one you love does not love back, the rational being would walk off with pride and dignity. But, this ridiculous thing called love engulfs you whole and knocks away all your senses. It makes you try and make the person love you back. Which of course, is impossible when you put it down in text. So now that I've said it. walk away... walk away, Walk away.  

The darn Wall

I try to reach,
But there's this wall - this darn wall.
This Wall crept in and sprung me a surprise.
Throwing me off balanced and confused.
I try going against it,
Slamming and throwing myself .
I end up bruising, but smile and try again.

smile, and try again...smile, and try again

When will I stop?



A tyke and her Chanel. :) Cute!



I hope my goldfish memory serves me well this week. blurb...blurb...blurb...


Christian the Lion

My friend, Kay, told us about the story of this lion, Christian, and told us that the clip on youtube was a must-watch. I'm putting up because it's really really sweet! Watch it guys!



Busy Bee

It's murphy's law that once I get busy, more things will come my way and I'll only get even busier. Gah! If only things can space out on it's own. Can't wait for next Wed 22:00...I'll be free from the crutches of the books! ~wheeeee




离开时要把眼泪 檫干



Daily Ramblings

Ever since coming back from my holidays, I've been swarmed with projects and preparations for the exams. Papers coming up in 2 weeks! *gulps*...I've almost forgotten how much studying can be.

On another note, there was a huge rainbow in the sky when I was on the roads the other day. Pretty, pretty! It felt like a good omen. :)