MCYS Family Shoot

I shot a MCYS commercial last week. The theme centered around 'Family', and here's my Dad, Mum and little brother. We are all surrounding Grandma's hospital bed (not in shot). Though my stint in the commercial was brief, it was an eye-opener working on set with director, David Tsui. I've heard so much of his good works. 

Here's the man, - David Tsui

The production house handling this commercial was the same one I worked with a couple of years back for a Johnson's Acuvue contact lens commercial. It was very interesting to meet many of the same people again and see how much they have changed. I bet they're thinking the same thing about me! 


'bbabyprincess said...


Your new opportunities are mouth watering! (:

The citibank one is super cute! (:

jeneen said...

haha, thanks babe. things on the work front has been good of late.

hope everything's great for you too! :) xxx