Hello all!
The Citibank advertisement I shot a couple of weeks ago can be viewed at:


ene said...

Oooh, I know that shop. The shoes you 'bought' are so cute :)

The ad's quite...you (i.e. the buying lots of shoes bit, that is).


Joyce Stella said...

haha! Pay Day rocks yeah!
End of month, $$ drying up.
Thanks to Pay Day, $$ in, can buy what we want. HAHA!
And the ad is really good, no need to go all the way to find atm to know the balance. XD

jeneen said...

Ene: The shoes I 'bought' cost over a thousand bucks. Haha, and yes, the ad is quite me! shoes shoes shoes!

Joyce: Yes, it is a really convenient function citibank is offering! :)