...and once again, it comes crashing down. argh. suck-it-up!!


Busy Bee

Remember: Never to go for a run again before an overnight shoot.

I'm lying in bed still recovering from an overnight shoot for REM that started yesterday and ended 9+ in the morning today. I'm so tired!! I think I wouldn't be feeling this bad if I hadn't decided to go for a run before the shoot. >_<

It was supposed to be the last shoot day for the finale Episode 13. But, the last scheduled scene was canned today and postponed because no one on set could function anymore at 9+. Haha. I think we looked like a whole bunch of walking zombies amidst the early risers at Pasir Ris Park. Yes, we were filming at Pasir Ris Park, and even had to move into the forested areas last night. It was bugs, creepy crawlies, mosquitoes and ants galore. I think they had a good feast on us last night. I'm just so glad we are done with Pasir Ris Park! Please, No more parks for me, thank you!! 

It's been a really busy few weeks for me with shoots, school projects, my sister's wedding (yes! my darling sister got married!!) and a weekend escapade in the city with the girls (namely Angelia, Cecilia and Stephaine). :))) Without further ado, pictures!!!

Shots from REM:-

With Roxy (Ming Bridges).

With Black Glove (Simon) and Roxy.

Me, as "Ophelia".

With Elle (Jamie), Roxy, M (Jerilyn), Black Glove (who took these pictures on his excellent camera. Thanks Simon!!) 

Make-up artiste, Mel touching up my "wound".


I'm very tired again. Going to rest some now. Will continue with my sister's wedding and escapade post soon! :)

P.S // The mocca.com advertisement I did a couple of weeks ago has been playing on TV. Have you guys seen it yet? :D I'm hoping to be able to record it somehow!


The below entry is purely put up for a journalism assignment at school. Nonetheless, do read if you're interested, and leave me comments as it's my first writing assignment! :)

Teenager abandoned by father when she was 8; How she turned out

Ang Sihui does not know the whereabouts of her father, and does not care.

‘I woke up one morning when I was 8, and he was gone,’ says the bubbly 19-year-old.

A fresh diploma graduate in Hospitality and Tourism from Temasek Polytechnic, Sihui is currently working in the advertising and promotions department at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. 

With a ready smile, she speaks of her future with zest. She dreams of furthering her studies in Australia, and working hard towards her ambition of being ‘someone in the advertising industry, either in the creative or account servicing,’ she says.

Like every typical teenager, the outgoing Sihui enjoys ‘chilling out’ with her friends on weekends and inviting them over to her house for the occasional steamboat dinner. When asked about her philosophy in life, she enthusiastically quoted her favourite advertising and motivation author, Paul Arden: ‘Never take no for an answer’.

 This spunky girl appears confident and mature with a clear direction of what she wants to do with her life. 

Judging from impressions, she certainly does not look or behave like one who bears battle scars of her parents divorce during her childhood.

 The Department of Statistics in Singapore shows that as of 2003, for every ten marriages registered, almost 3 ended up in divorce. It also listed divorce rate in 2007 being 8.6 per 1000 married females. This number has doubled over the last decade.

According to a speech by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports, she said: ‘In Singapore, one of the most commonly cited reasons for school dropouts is home-related, and almost half of the juveniles beyond parental control are from families with parents who are divorced, separated, widowed or single. Despite the parents best intensions, these families are more likely to struggle to provide the best home and future for the their children.’

Mrs Yu-Foo also quoted Editor-in-Chief of US News, Mortimer Zuckerman who stated in a recent article that ‘the stable family of two biological parents is ideal for nurturing, inculcating values and planning for a child’s future. By comparison, he stated that children of single parents or broken families are more prone to social problems such as child neglect or abuse, crime and delinquency. They are at risk of failure.’

With the higher incidence of youths from broken families turning delinquent, Sihui is lucky to have emerged unscathed.

Sihui’s lecturer from Temasek Polytechnic, Ms Selene Goh said: ‘Sihui did not fit the profile of a typical student from problem families. She is a happy-go-lucky and cheerful girl who did rather well in school.’

Sihui credits her mother for having brought her up well. She remembers feeling angry and hurt when her father first left, but her mother filled up the void quickly.

 ‘My mother was a very strong woman. She did not buckle when my father packed up and left. She stayed strong for my sister and I. She was a mother, a father and a friend. I felt no lack in parental love, and she taught me many valuable lessons in life. She is my hero,’ she says.

Today, Sihui remains unclear of what exactly led to her parent’s separation. Only vaguely remembering her mother mention about a business failure with lawsuits involved. 

She remembers her father going to her primary school to look for her during recess then. However, angry at his abrupt departure, Sihui said she threw childish tantrums and refused to see him. His sneak visits stopped soon after her mother alerted the school of his unauthorised visits.

Sihui’s father never sought custody for her and her sister. 

Although Sihui insists that she does not miss her father, she lets out that she does reminisce the times when her family was complete. She says her parents hardly fought, and they were a well-to-do family who went on holiday trips twice yearly.

‘It was my father’s birthday one year, and my mother, sister and I wanted to spring a surprise on him. We bought him a briefcase, left it on the dining table and hid in the stairwell. I still remember the smile on my father’s face. It was fun. Our family used to have fun times like these,’ she recalls fondly.

Through the years, Sihui has allowed time and the closeness she shares with her mother and older sister to help her completely forget about her father. She no longer holds any resentment for his abandonment.

Although she does not think that her parent’s divorce has affected her growing up years in any strong ways, the one scar the divorce left her, she says, is probably her realistic take on relationships and marriage. She does not romanticise love like many other teenage girls her age, but says that marriage is hard work, which takes compromise.

Despite having unlocked stored away memories of her father with this interview, when asked of her reaction if her dad came back to look for her, Sihui still says: ‘I will show him how well I have done without him, and tell him to stay out of my life.’

*The identity of the interviewee has been changed for privacy sake.

For more articles related to this topic, click here.


Short Film - Dinner

I was on shoot for a short film entitled, "Dinner" recently. My character was a blast from the past, which meant that it involved me wearing retro girly clothes and even a nurse uniform. 

Though short, I enjoyed this shoot a lot. There weren't too many stressed faces around me, which allowed me to give a really 'free' performance, which was great. And, I had a lot of fun playing the girlish damsel in love. I think that secretly, my dream is to have a part in a completely romantic plot - if I can choose my prince of course. ;)



So I have like a million and one things I need to do, but here I am, sitting enthralled listening to classical versions of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and Cannon in D by Pachelbel. It's funny how these pieces never did strike a chord with me until tonight. I mean, it's not like the first time I'm listening to them, but I suddenly feel so drawn. Strange, and feeling all melancholy too. Hmm...


Cannon in D

I was looking around you tube for the classical piece, Cannon in D because I've been tinkling it on the piano recently... and I found the rock version! This is really awesome!!!

Kosmic is on Facebook!

Right. It's almost 4am. I'm so screwing up my sleep pattern by tucking in later and later! I should be more discipline with my sleep clock. This late night sleeping is causing all my allergies like asthma and rash spots to appear. Bleah. Anyway, this is random.

I just wanted to give a shout out that my artiste management company, Kosmic Film Entertainment is on Facebook! It's still work-in-progress, but they've done a good job so far. Please do check it out and spread the word! :) Thanksxxx!

Whilst looking for photos to send over to my manager, I found this. 

It's so like Wong Kar Wai! (at least that's what I think :D). So, I thought it deserves a spot on my blog. :) 

Goodnight! xxx


Happy Mother's Day!

My mother is one of the most self-sacrificing person that I know. She has given so much of herself to the family, to me. Mummy - for the immense amount of love that you've showered on us, everyday should be mother's day. I love you mummy, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

(Sorry we couldn't have our yearly mother's day dinner on Sunday because I was on shoot. :( We'll make it up!)


Private Lives Featuring Georgia Lee

Dr. Georgia Lee invited me to her catwalk debut for the fashion festival yesterday. It was a collaboration with luxury furnishing house, Baker, and it showed her walking couture dresses by the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Franck Sorbier, Dominique Sirop, Christian Dior, Vera Wang and Christian Lacroix.

It was interesting to see pieces from different couture houses in one show, and Dr. Georgia looked gorgeous strutting down the runway with her twenty male models! I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

The first outfit by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Accompanied by her twenty "MIB" models.

This reminded me of a segment from Star Search when we had to 'run' away from "paparazzi" on stage.

Christian Lacroix

Here's me, watching the show.

The highlight of the evening - gown by Vera Wang. It was beautiful, and the whole place was peppered with feathers to match! It was magical, though a little choking and all the bits fell into my hair and on my dress. Ha.

It almost looked like snow falling. :) 

See all that feathers on stage? The models had a Huge pillow fight prior to Dr. Georgia walking out in her sexy lingerie outfit.

And that was the end of the show! Decided not to go for the post party at Velvet, and scooted off to Noah's pool party instead for some good ol' barbeque!

"Cheeses" from me, Desmond, Kay, Melissa and Noah. :)



Singapore International Film Festival

This is a slightly delayed post of events I attended at the Singapore International Film Festival this year. Alongside the opening screening I blogged about in an earlier entry, I also attended the opening party held at "Overeasy", the closing party at 'Butter Factory" and the Silver Screen Awards. 

It was indeed refreshing to have been part of these events. Being around so many passionate film makers, producers and people interested in and who loved film helped breathe life into my slight waning passion for films and acting. I had many interesting conversations with different people, and I realise how little I knew about films. It's time I took a crash course! 

The Silver Screen Awards rejuvenated the winners, the nominees and those without entries to kick-start their film producing gear to start churning out wonderful stories and work. Good luck to everyone, I'm looking forward to even more brilliant works next year! :)

A gathering of film-makers and the like-minded. 

Conversations at Over Easy

Randomly laughing at Butter Factory...at ?! I amuse myself sometimes..

With Candice and Amelia

At the Silver Screen Awards - (left to right) Short film "Madam Chan's" director Wilson, Producer Wai Yu, Me, the people from Creative Room: Candice, Amelia, Ric, Pok and Daniel

Producer/Director Ric Aw and his lovely wifey, Candice

Cheers everyone! :)