I got beaten up! :p

This photo was taken yesterday, during an imaging session for an upcoming show. It took over 9 hours of trying on clothes, make-up changes and scar changes to finally set the look right. We switched from "scar on face from hot water" to "scar on face from a knife". I should have taken a photo of the "scars" from hot water.

The scars are done by make-up putty and other special effects stuff and it's darn painful to remove them from the face!! My skin is still red and sore from removing the scars yesterday. :( Ouch. Applying lots of calming creams and toners now to soothe it away.



I tend to have blackheads forming on my nose. After asking around for tips to clear them, I got these:-

A friend passed me this advice from a dermatologist. "Do not put any moisturiser on your nose if you're prone to having blackheads clog the pores there."

It made sense, because blackheads often form because of excess oil secreted by glands in the skin. So, less oil (from the moisturiser) equates to less blackheads, right?

Another recommendation from a friend, is a "Pro Sebum Gel" from the brand "B'liv." The gel contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid that softens and clears blackheads. It's the brand's No.1 product. (This product is available at SaSa.)

B'liv blackhead remover gel

I'm going to stop moisturising my nose, and probably get the gel. I'll let you all in on how it's working soon. And maybe you'll like to try it too...so you'll always be able to put your best, blackhead-less "nose" forward! :)

P.S Please leave a comment and share with me any tips on removing blackheads if you've got any! :)


Shattered - OAR

"How many times can I break till I shatter,
Over the line can't define what I'm after,
I always turn the car around...

Give me a break let me make my own pattern,
All that it takes is some time but I'm shattered,
I always turn the car around..."


Dreaming of wintery places and faraway lands. Goodnight world.


iLuv :)

I traded in my iPhone 2G over the weekend launch at Singtel for the new 3Gs. I'm finally a legal iPhone user! I even got $60 back from trading in my phone together with the discounts. Whee~!

I've been having a lot of fun with the applications. The switch over from my 2G was seamless with the sync to my Mac book. I luv Apple and their smartness!

There was this one application that I've been wanting to use, but it was never compatible with my 2G.

So here goes, pictures from the iPhone "Polarize". iLuv!! :)

Have a fantastical weekend everyone!!



The Rudeness of it All

I had encounters with two very rude people yesterday. Two in a day! What are the chances! -_-

The first was one involving a new classmate. (I'm tempted to write his name, but I decided...maybe not.) It involved something really simple, really. I asked him, on behalf of my group members for a piece of testpad paper because I saw that he had the whole pad. The first time I asked, he went, "Huh?". I repeated myself, and to my shock, he made a really rude, disgruntled face and ripped off the paper from the pad in a very unhappy way and shoved it at me.

Now I'm thinking, maybe he pretended to not hear me the first time! I was very confused by his behaviour. It made me think. Perhaps he wasn't too well-off and a piece of testpad paper was very dear to him? But then again, he comes to class constantly very well dressed, and sure does not look like he can't afford a piece of testpad paper. Then why did he behave this way? What is the point of all his loud socialising in class and having everyone "luv" him when his core was so selfish and rude? Hmm...anyhow, his two-faced behaviour puzzles me.

The next encounter was with this person when I was filming earlier in the day. A bunch of us were crowding around a conference table getting ready for a scene when someone on set told me to adjust my top. (It's normal for crew on set to remind us about things like that, but they really do always say it in the most polite manner.) I adjusted my top, and this "rude" person said loudly in mandarin, "ni zao geng liao" and grinned. (To explain loosely, it means: "you're exposing yourself.") I wasn't the only one appalled by his rudeness. My friends beside me looked equally as shocked as me when he said that out loud. Huh?? How can a guy say that to a girl infront of so many people?

To make matters worse, he made another very rude remark to me later in the day. I'm not going to share it with everyone now, for my privacy sake. The thing about this guy, is that he's saying these things completely without thinking even for a minute that he's being rude. I'm so surprised really, how tactless he is. I hope I never get to meet him again.



15 Minutes

I've been hanging out at this uber cool cafe a lot with my friends recently. It's called 15 Minutes, located at Laselle College of the Arts (1 McNally Street).

"15 Minutes - Friends, Food & Fame." It was a concept derived from Andy Warhol's famous quote: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." I luv the concept... I've always liked Andy Warhol. :)

Here's how the place looks:

Luv the full glass panel architecture!

The very modern interior:

The bar where you can get your cocktails and beers. ~whee!

Girlies Candice and Brenda

Yummy menu - prices are very reasonable!! I highly recommend the fish & chips and burger. Yummmm....

My sister and I...the food is so good, we want to eat everything. Haha.

Thumbs up to Burger, Fish & Chips and Pasta. :)

I definitely highly recommend this place if you're looking for great food and great place to chill out with your friends. I'll be there lots! :)




I just caught my little rascal Domo nibbling on my Balenciaga bag tassels!!!!!!


I had an overwhelming urge to re-watch the movie, Closer. I did. And the movie still blows me away...

One of my favourite scenes..."I don't love you anymore. Goodbye."

And the soundtrack I never tire of..."The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice.