Style Mondays 004

Hi everyone! It's Monday again! Hope you're not suffering from any Monday blues... I've been SO busy, it's insane. I'm most excited now about setting up my blogshop - PINKflare. So much to do! But, it'll be up soon!!

Today's post shall be about "Tuxedo jackets." They're so versatile and is such a classic. I've been trying to decide if I should get a shorter crop or the longer ones....after looking around, I'm sold. Definitely the longer ones. Images below!

You can wear it with dresses, over tights, jeans...almost anything! Start stocking up this staple for your wardrobe babes!!

Have a wonderful week!


Domo Goes for Grooming!

Domo had a haircut yesterday. Here's him lounging on my bed...looking very neat and handsome. :)

...And in his own bed, although he'll much prefer mine. He likes resting his head on my "Tempur support pillow." Haha.

I was tinkling on my piano whilst it was raining cats and dogs out with claps of thunder, when Domo ran over to me and tried to squeeze himself under the piano, beside my leg. Poor boy was afraid of the lightning and thunder! I ended up having to carry him whilst he nestled comfortably on my lap....and just like that, I carried on tinkling. My dad says that Domo is my only audience at home. Haha. -_-

Here's Domo looking slightly shocked at the sound of thunder and lightning. :)


PINK Flare

My fashionista girlfriend, Candice and I are in the midst of setting up a blog shop to bring you all ladies some fabulous clothes. The first batch of clothes arrived today. We're very excited!! We'll be ready to present it to you all soon...WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
I'm wondering...how thin is that line that borders between love and hate? I strangely hope that I'll be able to cross-over so that I'll feel better. I need some divine intervention here. Hmm.

(This post is not really intended for anyone to comprehend by the way. It's purely my musings.)


Gossip Girl

To all GG fans...you have to watch this. Blooper reel! :)

My throat feels like sandpaper...*croaks*...will someone please bring me ice-cream?

I miss having kinder bueno, hot and spicy chips, chickadees, ice-cream and thai tomyum cup noodles late at night... and having the banana man dance for me...:(


Style Mondays 003

I luv bags. Which girl doesn't? ;) Nice bags always make me go slightly weak in the knees... And, I've been seeing quite a bit of "satchel bags" around of late. I think they are very chic! I especially luv those that have a vintage-y feel to it. I'm dying to get my hands on one of them!

Goodbye "2.55" design bags?... I think it's time for "satchel it" today!

P.S The designs in the above pictures are taken off Topshop. I only hope our Singapore stores carry them! Go get your hands on one of 'em before they're sold out!

A Day of Coincidences

As part of a module for school, we were brought around the grounds of Mediacorp yesterday to understand more about media production. We were led to the TV theatre to observe the rehearsals of "Vasantham Star." Coincidentally, it was the same TV theatre Star Search was also held in 2 years back. It brought back memories!!

Contestants rehearsing on stage.

And that's us in the same theatre 2 years back! :)

That's Desmond and I during rehearsals one day. It's always really cold in the theatre...hence the thick jackets!

And what another coincidence...we were all to meet at our fabulous diva, Noah's birthday party after! :))) Diva Noah throws the most fabulous parties every year. New Year's, birthdays, BBQ get togethers, etc... It's really sweet that he takes time to plan these parties for us to get together...or we'll probably hardly get to meet.


Happy Birthday Noah! (That's his new line of tees behind us...labeled "EGOTRIP". Great designs!!)

It was a Neon theme party. So colourful!!

Of course, we Had to steal the stars off the cake and fool around with them... **Shine & Sparkle on all**!! :)



Style Mondays 002

Is it Monday already? Did a week just zip by without me noticing? Time really really flies. Anyhow, it's time for the second installation of "Style Mondays!"

This week, I say..."Mix luxe, dressy items with slightly rugged, dressed down pieces for an interesting contrast." Absolute casual chic!

Mix pieces such as distressed denim and tees with tweed jackets and pearls, pair dresses with a huge belt and sandals, dressy pants with a singlet and converse sneakers...etc! Have fun mixing and matching!!



Reel VS Real

These are props sketched by my on-screen "boyfriend" for a shoot. How sweet! It's nice to experience things in the reel world... They probably won't happen very much in real life!



"you, me, on cotton candy clouds, weaving dreams and chasing stars..."

(I stole this off Candice's fb status...I really like it! :))


Just me.

I had pictures taken by a really good photographer, Arexer Chua at his studio yesterday. All the pictures will be ready soon. I'm really excited!! :)


Style Mondays 001

To all Fashionistas:

"Here's a tip to get you through,
To chase away the Monday blues!"

Starting this week, I'll be posting a style tip every Monday. If you're interested in fashion - clothes, bags, accessories, shoes,... make-up, hairstyles (like me)...Stay tuned!! :)

"Wear a plain slightly over-sized tee over leggings/jean leggings and pair with a short cropped jacket/cardigan. Tees should end above mid-thigh and jacket/cardigan should crop at the waist. This style is great to even out proportions!"


Signs - Love Without Talking

Something to share with everyone. :)


"These Are Afew Of My Favourite Things..."

Domo snuggling on my lap during car rides.

Sushi! I luv Japanese food, especially the "kanimayo tobikko" from Sushi Tei. This photo was shot with Nana, the Japanese girl from Osaka staying at my mummy's homestay. :) Pretty girl!... She's going to bring boys to her feet when she grow up.

Yami Yoghurt. This reminds me so much of childhood. When I used to have it at Thomson Plaza. I re-discovered it at Ion whilst shopping with mummy today. I'm so happy Yami is back in Singapore. And as a footnote, I had the loveliest time today spending the day shopping with mum. I seriously think I have the best mum in the world...don't we all think that!

My hairstylist, Dexter. I used to have really thick, unmanageable hair. It all changed after I met Dexter. I luv his haircuts and styling. He's always so current and stylish! He has just moved to Next salon at Ion as Creative Director. I have to mention that Next at Ion has the best hairwash! It lasts for a good 20 minutes, and the massage is heavenlyyyy....mmm....Plus, they have the plushiest, most comfortable sofa seats for you to sit on when you do your hair. Seriously, no more butt aches from sitting on those hard salon chairs during long processes such as rebonding, colouring, treatment etc. Yay!

P.S. Dexter also does hair for Stefanie Sun.

Next salon is located at Ion, #03-24. Make an appointment with him at 6509 0330!


Rain Rain Go Away

The dark weather today is but a reflection of the sombre me.

Don't forget your brollies everyone...


Early Sunday Morning

Woke up at 4.30am for shoot this morning. I'm feeling slightly woozy already from the lack of sleep. But I had fun today. It's always great to meet nice, friendly and patient people on set. :) A veteran told me today, to relax my shoulders. I do have this bad habit of walking around 24/7 with a perpetual tensed shoulder! I guess that explains the neck/shoulder aches....Hmm...

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend? Cheers to another fabulous week ahead!

Goodnight world!!



Fabulous Friday

Met the always lovely Jasmine for late afternoon coffee today at a cafe (I forgot the name of the place...-_-) at the spanking new Ion. I like Ion. It's got all my favourite brands under one roof. I expect it to overtake my previous luv, Ngee Ann City really soon. Opps, did I say "previous" already?...Nothing lasts forever!

Finally satisfied my fries cravings from the night before. Not exactly the conventional type of french fries, but these will do. They were rather yummy.

Fries fries fries...I'm hooked on fries!

(I have to interrupt and say that my internet connection is SO slow!! It's taking forever to load my pictures...grrr...)

Ok, back to "fabulous friday,"...didn't intend to do any shopping today, but I couldn't resist Steve Madden. It's my favourite shoe brand when I used to fly to LA often! So happy that we've finally got a store here in Singapore!! :) My loyalty to Pedder Red (another of my favourite shoe brand) is going to be tested. Again, nothing lasts forever!

Yayyyy!! New sandals!! I cannot resist shoes or sandals with a slight wedge. :)

Lovely Jasmine tea...only because, I always meet her up for tea. Haha. (Corniness) I am looking a tad pale in the picture...all that whitening products must be working?!

Bought these bunch of stuff today in the name of good skin. And that Avene skin calming cream...to hopefully clear up the red patch left over from that scar patch!! (refer to previous post). Yes, my skin is still red! And turning slightly brown in fact...I think bits of my skin peeled off together when the scar was being removed. Rawhhhhhh!!!


And, the highlight of today! - Alex's photo studio opening party! Met friends whom I haven't seen in ages. Desmond, Weilie, Yahui, Jackson, Jiayi, Elaine, and Alex of course. It was so nice to see everyone again and catch up! :)))))

Group shot I. I'm like so small! I need to stand on an apple box...or remember to tip toe the next time I take a shot with them. Haha.

Complete group shot II. Good luck with all that you're all doing guys! Luv!! xxx