Domo Goes for Grooming!

Domo had a haircut yesterday. Here's him lounging on my bed...looking very neat and handsome. :)

...And in his own bed, although he'll much prefer mine. He likes resting his head on my "Tempur support pillow." Haha.

I was tinkling on my piano whilst it was raining cats and dogs out with claps of thunder, when Domo ran over to me and tried to squeeze himself under the piano, beside my leg. Poor boy was afraid of the lightning and thunder! I ended up having to carry him whilst he nestled comfortably on my lap....and just like that, I carried on tinkling. My dad says that Domo is my only audience at home. Haha. -_-

Here's Domo looking slightly shocked at the sound of thunder and lightning. :)

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ene said...

Aiyo, he looks so cute, can?! Give him a squeeze for me. I like how he looks immediately after grooming, just like a soft toy. Heh.