I want to run like the wind!

You wouldn't believe it. It's 3a.m, and I'm sitting here waiting for my hair dye to seep in properly into my hair for half an hour before I go wash off. Yes. I decided to colour my hair at 3a.m in the morning.

There's been this slight desperate urge inside me for change. I still can't put a finger to exactly what I want changed in my life, but I've been feeling uninspired lately.

I've just completed two filming projects this week, I've met new people and have had good, happy experiences working on set. Yet, I have this urge to run wildly and 'break free.' Right. I'm being slightly dramatic here, but I'm bored, and uninspired.

I'm strangely hoping that a change in hair colour would perhaps inspire me and maybe lift my spirits? I want to channel away all the negative energy around and in me and breathe new life!

Haha. I may wake up tomorrow morning, completely regret the hair colour and go grab the first box of black hair dye in sight... Oh well, but at least I tried.

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F.N said...

Sweetie! That was exactly what I wanted to do because I am so so so bored with myself lately too! But everyone stopped me..and I think no DIY colour can sucessfully coloured my multi coated black hair I guess...haha!