Style Mondays 013

I've been practically living in dresses and skirts and getting a bit bored of them. Pants are a little bit too hot for our sunny weather, so I thought, hmm...maybe shorts? I don't like how shorts can look too casual sometimes though... But I changed my mind when I saw these. I think they're known as "pleated shorts." I love the structured look and flared bottom! Absolute chic!

Here's ever stylish Kate Moss in a slightly different pair that almost looks like a skirt. How convenient!

Topshop even has a style page advising how to wear a pair!

Best part of it all? No more worrying about skirts being too short whilst bending down, going up the escalator, sitting down etc. Whee! I'm going shopping for a pair of these!


Claudia and the Lovely Chanel

What a hugeee Chanel...how gorgeous!


Seoul Loving

I'm backkkk!! I spent 9 lovely wintery days in Korea with my mummy and I am already so missing the cold weather. Yes, although there were certain days when the cold was unbearable despite the multiple heat pads and major layering of clothes, but I still much prefer it to feeling sticky and muggy in our tropical Singapore weather.

Having been to Seoul twice this year, I officially coin this city as the shopping haven. Did you know that malls in Dongdaemun open till 4am in the morning?! How massive is that! Being a nocturnal night trawler, I absolutely think their store hours are brilliant.

Myeongdong tops as my favourite place to be, albeit the 'touristy' feel of it all. The place has such a mash of interesting shops and eateries that it's hard to resist going back couple of times during the trip. It's got a massive 3-4 storey Forever 21, all the make-up brand shops you ever want, local Korean designer stores, American Apparel, street-side stores, etc. Charming!

The huge bummer was forgetting my camera this time! So, I've only got a couple of lousy shots from my mobile to remember this trip. Boo! :(

I had a mission to stock up for lovely things for my online store, Pink Flare, and we had a wonderful time exploring the wholesale places and buying, and buying, and buying. As expected, our luggages were grossly overweight. Thanks to some winking and pleading, we were let off the hook at check-in. Yay!!

Mummy at Myeongdong. This fishcake thing that she's eating is super delicious!

A store selling all types of boots imaginable at Myeongdong. And rather cheap too!

This cake at a tiny cafe in Myeongdong is delicious. There are tons of such quaint cafes on the upper floors of the shop-houses. You have to visit them if you're there!

On the streets of Myeongdong. Cold!!

My bags of skincare products, masks and BB creams!

Koreans have got such smooth, fair, porcelain skin. I'm thinking it's their kimchi and BB creams!... The Hanskin Caviar BB cream that I so raved about in my earlier "Style Mondays" post is now available on Pink Flare!


Say it Altogether Now, "PINK FLARE!"

The best thing about having my blogshop selling iPhone covers is that I'll never have to put up with boring stiffy covers, Ever. Plus, I get to change covers ever so often. I went from:



I just collected stocks for this "punk skull" design today, and I had to use it immediately. I love it! Those who know me know my huge weaknesses for pretty skull designs...and of course, blings. I have a compact mirror that I got from Japan with the almost exact same design. :) If you like this design as much as I do, you know where to get it. ;) www.pink-flare.blogspot.com


Does a Name Maketh a Person?

Someone remarked to me recently that my name, "Jeneen" suited me a lot. That it sounds melancholic, like me. And it dawned on me that yes, I Am usually melancholic, and quiet (unless I know you well), and dreamy. I prefer sappy sad songs to happy upbeat ones, sad movies rather than the funny ones and I do allow myself to sink into pensive and moody moments, even subtly enjoying it at times!

Which makes me wonder, does a name maketh a person? Did my name "Jeneen" make me who I am today? I mean, my dad couldn't possibly have taken one look at me when I was born and decided that I'll be "Ms Gloomy" right?

Hmm...maybe I should change my name to something springy and sprightly like "Selene!" (my sister's name. She's an energiser bunny!) Would that change me as a person for my remaining years?

Hmm...so, do you guys think that a person shapes to their name? Why not give me suggestions for some happy names! (I don't think I'll ever change my name, because I do actually like it very much...) But, it'll be fun! Please start leaving comments! :)


Style Mondays 012

How to Reduce Facial Bloating

I'm not sure how many of you girls out there are prone to water retention on the face like me, but if you tend to have the same problem, I have some tips that I use on myself to share. :)

1. Drink lots of water at one go first thing when you wake up. I usually do about 2 big glasses. I notice that my water retention reduces with the increase in frequency of my toilet trips.

2. Drink coffee after drinking all that water. Coffee dehydrates.

3. Whilst washing your face and applying your morning creams on your face, massage from chin upwards to your cheek bones.

4. Stretch your facial muscles. (This can look really ugly so do it in private!) Open your mouth, eyes and stretch your forehead to their widest, and squeeze them all really tight after. Repeat many times.

5. Most importantly, try not to drink any fluids at least 2 hours or more if possible before bedtime!

I do this whole regime especially on mornings where I have shoots or if I'm going on a big date. ;) Try it too and let me know if it works!

Have a fabulous week everyone!!



All in the name of Fashion

How is it possible to walk in such shoes? (Alexander McQueen Spring 2010)


Look of the Day

The light cardi - great for the rainy these few days. :)

Style Mondays 011

The make-up artiste that used the Clinique mascara (in previous Style Mondays post) also used this BB cream by Hanskin on me. I've previously tried another range of Hanskin's BB cream about two years ago and I wasn't too impressed by their product. I thought the texture too thick and the colour oxidised on my skin after a couple of hours.

But, I changed my mind about Hanskin's BB cream after he used this "Caviar Gold" range on my face! The texture felt light and I think because it was almost "colourless", it did not oxidise and send my face turning orange by mid day. And, my face was less oily and shiny. Most importantly, it didn't clog my pores and give me those little white or blackheads I almost always had at the end of a long shoot day because of the constant powder touch-ups. This BB cream is going to be my must-have for now!

P.S For those who don't need much coverage for the skin, I think that this BB cream is a great substitute for foundation. Plus, I've long heard of its goodness for sensitive skin and how it heals, smoothens and brightens. :)



Halloween was awesome fun this year. My girlfriend Brenda, also a halloween baby like Domo threw a huge birthday/halloween bash at Azzura, Sentosa. This year, I decided to be a kitty cat...Meowww!!

It was one of those rare opportunities where Domo could hang out and party with me. He was a happy boy! Singapore is way too dog unfriendly!!

Identity crisis. I tried to turn him into a cat! Haha.

Chilling out with the birthday girl before the massive party started. I've known this babe for a long long time and she's one of my sweetest girlfriends! :)

Domo was bumblebee for the night! Pity I couldn't get a good shot of his costume.

The "Little Red Indian" birthday girlie.

And this, is the "chinese ghost who lives in the umbrella." Can't quite see her umbrella here though.

And we had police woman, dracula, french maid and life guard.

And the mask man, devil...

...another devil, space woman and a Japanese being himself.

*Rawhhh* I hope you all had an equally awesome spooky Halloween.


Domo turned 2!

Domo turned 2 yesterday. Look how he has grown! I've only had him for close to a year, but I can't imagine life without him now. He's such a joy to have and has also brought many smiles to everyone else in the family. I love how he lies and stays close to me at night when we sleep, how he licks my face excitedly in the morning and showers me with "kisses" and follows me everywhere I go. I cross my fingers and toes that this "manja" boy have many many more healthy years to go!

Domo with his "grandma" who loves, pampers him to bits and showers him with tons of good food and snacks (this explains his size!). To think she objected me having dogs in the past!...She secretly vies with me for his attention now. Haha.

And that's my boy. :)