Domo turned 2!

Domo turned 2 yesterday. Look how he has grown! I've only had him for close to a year, but I can't imagine life without him now. He's such a joy to have and has also brought many smiles to everyone else in the family. I love how he lies and stays close to me at night when we sleep, how he licks my face excitedly in the morning and showers me with "kisses" and follows me everywhere I go. I cross my fingers and toes that this "manja" boy have many many more healthy years to go!

Domo with his "grandma" who loves, pampers him to bits and showers him with tons of good food and snacks (this explains his size!). To think she objected me having dogs in the past!...She secretly vies with me for his attention now. Haha.

And that's my boy. :)

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miss ene said...

Awwww. We missed his birthday celebration this year! :( His cake looks cute though - did he like it?