Birthday With My Little Ponies

Why "my little ponies"? We were discussing what ponies we'll be (our colours and everything) if we were, the little pony character. Haha. So, I've christened this sweet little group of mine - "My Little Ponies."

I was touched that everyone made it for this un-planned and slightly last minute birthday celebration. :)

Dinner at "District 10".

Alvin and Mark.

Joyce and Nicholas.


More Juicy?

I love reading cards. :)

Click Click! What a gorgeous looking Juicy Couture camera!!

Trying to render some special through-the-glass photo effect.

Aww...Nic got me a really pretty necklace from Hong Kong!

Alvin and Mark are always camera ready! :p

Pretty bling necklace from the two boys!!

More birthday cakes and wishes. :)

It's a good thing these group shots were taken from a distance because we were all a little red faced from the wine. *hic*

Thanks for spending my day with me my sweet little ponies. :)


My birthday celebrations this year stretched from multiple dinners with family and loved ones to a trip to Bangkok, and even more celebrations when I got back. I truly truly feel so loved by everyone and I thank my lucky stars for surrounding me with wonderful people.

Dinner with the family was at Gyukaku Chijmes. My first experience with Gyukaku was in Tokyo, and the branch in Singapore is just as good...just alot more expensive. -_-

That's a whole plate of Japanese wagyu. I love meat!!

Mummy dearest always taking on the role of "chef" in the house.

My dad and brother-in-law looking cute in their aprons.

Presents from the sister and brother-in-law! Love the cute wrapping paper. :)

With sister dearest.

Ta-dah! Juicy Couture undies and bag organiser! This is brilliant. I'll never lose my stuff in my bags again!

Strawberry shortcake!! My favourite!! :)

I my family

Made my birthday wish, blowing out the candles. Poof! It's going to come true. (The power of positive thinking. Haha)

I made everyone do a funny face! That's definitely a first for my parents. Haha.





I have always wondered. Why would anyone believe in such scam emails sent to them?
I have received tons of these in the past couple of months. Scarily, the fact that I'm still receiving them probably means that there are people falling prey to such lame tricks. How?! Why?!

Seriously, there really is no free lunch in this world.

Gina Borst


LUCKY NO:10/23/44/72/80
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Mr.David Moolman

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Full names:

Please note that you will be required to pay for the issuance of your legal back up and legalization of certificate of deposit document in court, All winnings must be claimed not later than 14 days

Sincerely Yours,

Gina Borst"Mrs"



Chanel Luv~

This vintage Chanel makes my heart skip a beat.



Their eyes met. They knew... And they locked lips.

Fireworks exploded.

And cupid did another dance of joy for yet another successful match.

Feeling Pink!

This is a complete bimbotic narcissistic post. Very random.

Ready to go! You can see the tons of make-up and facial products on my dresser.

Freshly painted pop coloured finger nails, and a rather wonky looking fourth finger. Can you tell what's wrong with it?

Pinky contents in my pinky bag.

New silver sandals (Christmas pressie from my best cousin, Elaine) and matchy toe nails.

I fell short of wearing pink clothes and looking like candy floss. Funny, but despite my love for many things pink, I really can't bear to dress myself up in the colour.


Love the Shoes!

...but I'll probably fall over and break my ankles wearing them.

Look of the Day

Where did '09 go?

I ask myself if 2009 was a good year and I can't decide.

It was a rather good year with regards to work, with myself really satisfied with a number of projects that I took on. I am particularly happy with Pink Flare, my online store that was born at the end of '09. It's a project still-in-progress, and a "baby" that I'm really excited about and have new plans for this new year. I took my (hopefully) yearly happy trips to Tokyo, Seoul and other places, am sometimes amazed that Domo is still alive - happy and healthy ( I was worried I wouldn't be able to be a loving, responsible dog owner at the start!), and I forged and built stronger relationships with the people whom I love.

Affairs of the heart however, was completely tumultuous and I never felt my heart suffered so. Feelings of pain were so intense at times, and so choking that I didn't know quite what to do. But the bottom line is, lesson learnt, and I survived through it all. And I'm sitting here, happier now and definitely stronger and appreciating the people who stood by me even more.

So, I guess that didn't sound all too bad did it? Anyhow, c'est la vie~ what's past should remain so, and I have these little resolutions that I've made up in my head and am excited to follow through this new year. Tick tock, the clock doesn't stop running even if you do. So chin up! Carpe Diem! Best of luck for 2010 everyone!! xxx

Pictures from New Year's Eve party!

Love the festive decorations!

Hosts of the party - Noah,

and James.

Great view of the fireworks from the Swisshotel.

Rocky presented Noah with a fabulous award for being the star that he always is. :)

Xinzhi, Desmond, Kay, Melissa, Damian, Me and Noah.

Pretty pictures on the wall.

These "bed-shots" were started during Star Search, and we still take them whenever we can.

Rawh! These pacifier candies are a spin-off from push-pops and those jewel ring candy pop things that I used to love!