Loving her Voice

Didi Benami singing "Terrified."
Her voice made my hair stand and I think she's really pretty too.
I'm looking forward to her performance on American Idol!


Super Heroes in Real

Put a hot guy wearing uniform in front of a group of girls, and you know how they will swoon. I almost wanted to title my blog post something along the lines of "hot men in uniform" and such. But after my little visit and understanding more about their job, I decided that They really deserve more credit. They in question here, are the hot firefighters in uniform.

These firefighters together with their senior officers and paramedics watch over the lives of all of us here living together on this tiny dot of an island. Be it fires, accidents, oil spills, disasters, having your pet cat stuck in a tree, or any emergency situations that require rescuing, these under-rated heroes will be first to rush and save the day.

So, it was with much pleasure that I had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of our Central Fire Station and understand more about the SCDF.

Here's the interior of an ambulance with the paramedic showing us all the various life-saving drugs and equipment.

(I rode in an ambulance once. When one of our helpers at home attempted suicide by swallowing bleach! That was a freaky experience.)

Here's Captain Andy showing us his fire fighting and rescue equipment. He's carrying the oxygen tank that every firefighter carries when going into a building to put out a fire. And it's very heavy! Actually, most of the equipment on the fire engine is really heavy. You need to be really strong to be a firefighter. Apparently, there are also women firefighters. And they get no special equipment. They use the same stuff as the boys!

Water hose.
Captain Andy says a firefighter is sent to run and look for a fire hydrant when the engine arrives at the scene of emergency. And, they plug the hose into the first fire hydrant this firefighter scout sees. It may not be the closest to the fire scene, but it saves time looking. I say, they need an iPhone app to help them locate the closest fire hydrant!

I saw a huge bunch of cute kiddos visit the fire station. I never knew that Saturdays (9.00am-11.00am) was Fire Station Open House day.

I know what this boy wants to be when he grows up already. :)

These rubber gloves are fire-proof (of course).

The insides of a fire engine. Do you know that there's no air-conditioning for the fire engine!! These poor heroes have to sweat under all their fire fighting gear when rushing to save your life!! It makes their job sound even more heroic already.

Me inside the engine!

I like the look of this seat somehow, and especially the "911"emblem.

The gear that protects these firefighters. They are looking rather charred = used many times = saved many lives and property. Good job guys!

Heavy duty boots.

Trying out the water hose that puts out fires. It's like a garden hose, but a million times stronger and heavier!

This is the fire biker. It is equipped to put out small fires. Extremely jiffy. Great for heavy traffic!

The fire pole.
Do you remember a scene from 'sex and the city' when Samantha slides down the fire pole in the station and puts on a firefighter's uniform? I think she was left standing stark naked when the emergency alarm ran off and all the firefighters were rushing to do their jobs and demanded she take off the uniform she was wearing. I was reminded of that scene when I saw this fire pole. Haha.

Firefighters demonstrating sliding down the pole.

They've even got different styles. If I remember correctly, one was called the 'Singapore Sling'?

Here's Captain Andy fully geared. Aye Captain!

And his personal pole outside his office.

Overview of the fire staion.

And here's all of us who went on the tour. The twin girls (3rd and 4th from left) are super duper cute! This is silly, but I couldn't stop staring at how similar and cute they looked.

The crane on this truck brought me all the way up!!

View from the top.

If the crane got stuck somehow, I would have had to climb this ladder all the way down. There's no way I was going to do that.

Look how high up we were!

So cute. They recognised me from TV! (Hi there! If you stopped by my blog! :))

And that's the end of our tour! Thumbs up to Captain Andy and all the heroes at SCDF.

And to Diana, our chaperone from 24 seven communications. (Can you believe she's a mother of 2?!)

If you're interested in becoming a super hero too and join the team at SCDF, or simply interested to know more, do click on the SCDF banner above!


What's two girls got to do in Bangkok?

1. Stay in a gorgeous apartment

Welcome to our apartment!

This is the Somerset Suan Plu.
Living room - where we spent many nights lounging, watching DVDs, eating rubbish and chatting.



Even comes complete with walk-in wardrobe!!!

And bedroom.

2. Eat lots

Yummy Thai noodles on the first day.

Happy Yoghurt! You get to choose your own flavours, mix, match and squeeze however much you want, add toppings and pay by weight!

Ta dah!! Looking tired here because we came in on a super super early flight and I didn't before the flight!

Our snack loot from Siam Paragon supermarket.

Lunch at Greyhound cafe one day.

Not noodles too! Can some things in life be simple please??

Yummy pomelo salad. It's so fantastic to have the fruit taken apart for you for easy eating!

Thai chinese food!

Angelia looking happy with her snacks. :D

We were super craving for Japanese food in Thailand.

I think, this was breakfast one morning. Miso soup, tea, potato chips, cuttlefish snack, bananas, strawberries, nacterine and hello panda. Random!!

3. Have massages

Did a full body Thai massage that left me all achy and sore the next day, but I loveeee foot massages!

4. Have a mani/pedicure

Love this colour from OPI!

The Japanese are mad serious about their manicures and poodles. This was taken from a Japanese nail art magazine. Poodles on the nails! Kawaii!

Angelia had her nails done hot pink.

5. Shop like mad

Me doing some serious shopping with my bright rainbow bag at Platinum Mall.

Tax refund! We chalked up quite a bit.

Sale everywhere!..burnt a huge hole in my pocket. Ouch!

6. Chill out at nice cafes and look for wi-fi when tired from shopping

Nice cafe at Siam Square.

Tired from shopping. We were carting bags and bags of stuff back to our apartment everyday! The concierge were slightly bemused by us two girls.

Angelia - seriously watsapp-ing.

Wi-fi at the hotel lobby!

7. Er, cam-whore lots?

Waiting for our cab.

PINK taxi!

Playing with my camera modes.

Ok. We were bored being stuck in the jam.

8. And of course chat and gossip incessantly about life, boys, fashion and everything under the sun.

I had so much fun.

I'll be back! Toodles!