Universal Studios ~ Theme Park Wonderland! ♥

I've always always loved theme parks. There's a magical feel about them, and it's like having your imagination spring to life. Although, I wasn't too excited about Universal Singapore because Singapore is too hot(!), I'm so glad that I went because I had so much fun with the family!

Up bright and early, waiting for uncle, aunty and cousins with mum. They are late!

This is how the outsides look like... with that infamous globe.

There they are! Uncle Eddie checking the time...opps... (left to right) That's Nic, Alex, Uncle Ed, Debra and Aunty Bong.

Everybody has to get a picture with that globe!!

Waiting outside the guest relations office. Because not all rides are opened, we get meal and shopping vouchers. (P.S I'm glad that mega rollercoaster ride is closed, cos' I'm so afraid to ride it anyway! heehee.)

Hollywood Street!...where all the shops are. Reminded me of the shopping street in Disneyland Tokyo. Hollywood Street is the only place opened till 7pm. All other areas of the park close at 6pm. Too early!

Notice the walkway? That's the Hollywood walk of fame! (Miniature version) I swear I remember the stars being bigger on the actual walk of fame.

You don't have to win an Oscar's to have an Oscar statue. You can buy an accolade of any kind here!

New York!! This is...the steps of the New York library? The place that Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to get married in Sex and the City? No??

"Rockefeller Centre"! Ooh I miss New York so. Take me back!!
(This is Daphne by the way!)

First ride we took at "Sci-Fi City". It spins really quickly and gets you all dizzy.

Alex spinning the wheel and causing us to spin and dizz even more. It's a good thing we didn't have breakfast!

We queued really long for this ride at "Ancient Egypt World" that was so not worth it. You sit in this vintage car and it takes you around for a ride, quick ride. With nothing much to see.

View along the way.

Daphne is the youngest of all the cousins. :)

The "Mummy" ride at "Ancient Egypt". Freaked the hell out of me. We plunged into total darkness and lunged everywhere! I think I screamed till I had sore throat on this one. My cousins went back on it thrice!!!

"Lost World"... where we had lunch. Food is terrible at Universal by the way! Rawhhh!

"Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure"

Gets you soaking wet! Haha. Don't skip the poncho!

My favourite churros! This one was terrible too by the way. How disappointing...:(

Waiting in line for Shrek's 4D adventure.

Alex and Nic played silly painful games everytime they waited in line.

Look at how red and bruised their hands were!

"Far Far Away Land" Pretty castle!

We went back to the "Canopy Flyer" at "Lost World" and waited 55 mins!

Still waiting in line...I totally expected a leisure ride on this one, but no! It zoomed around really fast scaring the life outta me!

Snack break.

Very hot and tired by now. I'm so glad I brought my mini fans!

The hotdogs were disappointing too. :(

Waiting for my cousins take some scary ride for the second time again.

Ooh! Love the popcorn car at Hollywood Street!

We did our final shopping here, and then headed back home.

Although a little small (similar to the size of Hong Kong's Disneyland), Universal Studios Singapore is definitely worth a visit!



One Fine Thursday

First ups. I'm bouncing back to the drama scene after a rather long, well-rested hiatus. I'm looking forward to playing something that is not the very usual me. Something a little bit more energetic, upbeat and 'athletic'. It's time to seriously hit those runs and all! Had my imaging session done this Thursday morning and ran off to play the rest of the day. :)

This is a sneak preview of my erm, hair and face for this new show. Hahaha. Not very much to show I'm afraid... I didn't snap any pictures during the fitting session!

Lunch at Canton-i with mummy and sister dearest. Love the interior of the place. It's all pink and white. Pretty pretty, but the food is only satisfactory. :(

My sister is all smarts. She's a lecturer!

She got really excited seeing her name on a vitamin box.

I followed her around to various Osim shops as a 'mystery shopper'. And I was sold by their 'Usoffa petit'. I loveeee massages. I am so tempted to get this one in purple!!

Ran off to Vivo City after for a dash of steamboat dinner, movie and Daiso. I love shopping for random things at Daiso! The Japanese are so clever for their useless yet not little inventions.

I hate eating vegetables.

Caught the movie: Book of Eli. Most boring movie I've watched all year. (0 popcorn ratings from me.)

Domo!...snuggling up on my thigh. He does this a lot these days - rub his head on my legs so that I'll 'sayang' him. Love him to bits. (I've probably said this too many times) :)

Anyways, it's a brand new week ahead. Have a beautiful one everyone!


Alice In Wonderland

Didn't quite enjoy the movie, but loved all of Alice's dresses. These were pretty much all I could find:

But here's an interesting Alice spread done way before the movie. Whimsical is so much fun.

'Alice In Wonderland' by Annie Leibovitz
for Vogue, December 2003.

Olivier Theyskens playing Lewis Carroll (who had a passion for photography, and in particular,"photographing moody young beauties"). Natalia here is Alice Liddell, whom Alice in Wonderland was named after.
ALICE DRESS: Rochas by Olivier Theyskens

Karl Lagerfeld wears Chrome Hearts necklaces and belt.
ALICE DRESS: Chanel Haute Couture
(Actually, it's not a dress but an embroidered satin jacket with a draped satin skirt.)
"It was a queer-shaped little creature,
and held out its arms and legs in all directions, “just like a starfish.”"

John Galliano as the Queen of Hearts and Alexis Roche as his King.
ALICE DRESS: Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano
QUEEN OF HEARTS: Dior Haute Couture coat
"“My name is Alice, so please Your Majesty,” the young girl said softly.
“ You make me giddy!” screamed the Queen."

If you look closely, Helmut Lang is in the picture on the wall, watching her.
ALICE DRESS: Helmut Lang's made-to-measure studio
"How was Alice to know the innocent little bottle would make her grow to such a size? As Helmut Lang watched from the wall, she curled her legs up and hoped the designer's organza minidress wouldn't be crushed by her startling height."

Marc Jacobs as the caterpillar.
ALICE DRESS: Marc Jacobs
"Alice found herself engaged in an infuriatingly roundabout conversation with a mushroom-dweller. Where am I? she wondered... and how have I gotten here?"

Donatella Versace is the Gryphon while Rupert Everett is the Mock Turtle (both wearing Versace).
ALICE DRESS: Atelier Versace
"“What is his sorrow?” Alice asked the Gryphon.
“Once,” sighed the Mock Turtle, “ I was a real turtle.”"

Stephen Jones, as the Mad Hatter, wears a custom-made hat of his own design.
Christian Lacroix plays the March Hare.

ALICE DRESS: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture
"“No room!” The March Hare and Mad Hatter shouted. “No room!”
But Alice plunked down, desperate for some biscuits after a long day of living backward."

Jean Paul Gaultier as the Cheshire Cat.
ALICE DRESS: Gaultier Paris
"“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” Alice asked sweetly of the cat with a grin as devilish as anything she had ever seen.
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” replied the Cat."

Tom Ford as the White Rabbit (wearing a white suit from his Yves Saint Laurent men's collection).
ALICE DRESS: Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent Gauche
"Faster, faster, faster she fell!"

Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting are Tweedledum and Tweedledee, wearing matching suits and bow ties that they designed themselves.
ALICE DRESS: Viktor & Rolf
"“If you think we're alive, you ought to speak,” said the one marked DEE. Alice stared as the Tweedle duo spouted nonsensical tongue twisters."

Nicolas Ghesquière sits on the armchair.
ALICE DRESS: Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière
"Alice perched on the mantel, longing to escape into the shadow world, as her black kitty purred nearby."

Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington
Hair: Julien d'Ys/Island d'Ys
Makeup: Gucci Westman
Set Design: Mary Howard
Prop Fabrication: Jean Hugues de Chatillon.
Quotes: style.com/vogue