Pink Flare - World Cup Series iPhone Covers

Join in the World Cup fever and support your favourite team by dressing up your iPhone with one of these!

And with this promotion of the week (May 24 - 31) :

"Buy a World Cup Series iPhone cover + any other design for $29.00 only!"

It's definitely hard to resist. ;)

Only available at:


Balenciaga Bags for Sale!!!

These are two gorgeous pre-owned, barely used balenciagas for sale. Very well maintained and definitely authentic!

Caramel coloured Giant City with silver hardware.

Dark chocolate brown Giant Brief with gold hardware.

Colours are more true in the hardware close-up shots. Please email me at jeneen.goh@gmail.com for all enquiries and prices! x.

Someone got really bored one day...

...and decided to disfigure me.

The original.

And after some very creative artwork:

Very pretty. Hahaha.

Look of the Day

Jessica Alba doing casual chic.

Kinder Surprise!

I can't decide if I prefer the chocolate, or the surprise. :)

Have you gotten your Stuff yet?

There are more pictures and an interview inside.
Go get it now!