The boy and I took a much needed holiday to Phuket. It was lovely shutting off the phone, electronic devices, and shutting off work from our minds. We can be such workaholics sometimes. This is one of the rare beach holidays that I've taken, and I truly enjoyed the resort and awesome view that surrounded us. 

Twin Palms, Phuket. 

Our room.

Isn't it great, how huge the bathroom is? 

These 'words of wisdoms' are peppered all over the resort. 

More words of wisdom. 
A map, and we're off!

We rode a bike around Phuket and this is just one of the awesome sights we passed. 

We stopped at the lights and saw this cute pooch balancing on the bike! 

He looked like he was really enjoying himself!

We chilled by the beach when we got tired of riding. This is when I found out that I have a fear of swimming in the sea. I go into panic mode when the waves engulf me. I'll much rather sit on the beach, and look at the sea. No swimming please, thank you very much.

The view was literally breath-taking. 

Sunset. Too beautiful.

Chilling by the pool.

We met this friendly pitbull at a beach bar.

Too friendly perhaps? Haha.

These gas pit-stops can be found all over Phuket! 

This dog reminded me of the dog, Jack, that I once had.

Dinner time! We were mostly disappointed by the food in Phuket. The holiday would have been even more perfect if we have amazing food to go along. 

And a final parting shot. 


Look of the day

Elizabeth Olsen, looking super cute. I love the dress and colour combination of this outfit!


Kudos to Power Plate!

The boy asked me today, "Have you lost weight?" 

Me: "Hmm...oh yeah, I think so! I have no idea how though, I haven't been cutting back on food or anything like that." 

The boy: "Well, you look great and you look more toned too... It must be your power plate classes!" 

Me: "Ah yes! The power plate classes! It must be! :D" 

For those who read my blog, I wrote an earlier entry about a month back on 'vowing' to exercise more and attend power plate classes regularly. I must say that I've been good and been going about twice weekly, religiously for the past month. The thing about these classes are that they make me feel so good - I feel a lot more energised and less lethargic, that attending the classes and exercising is hardly a chore anymore. I actually find myself looking forward to attend classes. 

Of course, now that the boy has complimented me, it makes it an even bigger plus to go for them. I must say, that the results from these power plate classes are showing really fast. Scrutinising myself, I'm noticing some abdominal muscles (gasp!!) and toner, leaner arms. All that achieved in a short span of twice weekly 40 minute classes in a month. Yipee!! I've finally found an exercise to do that is rather painless and yet shows results. 

For those of you rolling your eyes already, stop. Haha. I have to defend myself that I have never been the exercising sort, as much as I like to try. It takes every ounce of effort to get me out of the house for a run, yoga has been a little too boring, pilates a little too difficult, and team sports is out of the question. You get the idea. So you see why I'm all excited now? 

I'm honestly so amazed by power plate that I feel compelled to blog and tell everyone about it. I did a quick research online and this is what I found:

Miss Kylie "Hot Body" Minogue does it too! Apparently, so does Madonna, Cindy Crawford and Courtney Cox - all the major hot bod women. 

"The power plate achieves significant results with minimum effort." I can't say 'yes' to that enough. A normal 40 minute power plate session is equivalent to you slogging out at the gym for 2.5hours!

Style magazine penned it as an 'effort-free tip to achieve a sexier body'.

I'm really looking forward to the 'reduced cellulite'. I'll update you guys on whether that happens. ;)

The most awesome bit of information that I found:

Yay! We all love a good sale and 30% off the 2nd package is definitely something to cheer about! I found out that you can purchase the both packages with another friend, and split the cost in two. How perfect. If you're wondering how much classes are, here you go:

These prices are from the studio that I go to, Croyez Studio (pronounced as 'Krwah-Yay'). It is the largest power plate studio in Asia and they've got two branches, at Purvis St and Dempsey Road. 

Here are pictures of the studios:



Each class involves you doing different forms of exercises on the machine, led by an instructor. We usually start with a 5 minute warm-up stretch, followed by an intensive 25 minute workout and we end off with a 10 minute high-frequency 'power massage' on the machine. That's my favourite part of the workout. I always imagine my fats and cellulite vibrating and melting away whilst I'm at it. Haha. My instructor told me that Croyez is the only studio in Singapore that provides these high-frequency massages after each workout session. I can't imagine doing power plate classes without it! 

So, I think I've been raving enough about these power plate classes. You guys have got to try it. For those of you interested to find out more, you can go to www.croyezstudio.com  or dial 6474 4136.

Don't forget about the Christmas sale! It ends December this year. :) 

Look of the day

Haven't done 'look of the days' in a while. I'm loving this girly/rock chic style!

You, Me, Oui.

Ignore the funny title. Here, the boy talks about me, and us! :) 


Happy 4th Birthday Domo!

Domo, the Halloween baby turned 4 on 31st October. The sister and I decided to pack the family and the dogs to Botanic Gardens for a picnic and little 'celebration'. We were really worried that a thunderstorm, as reported by the weather forecast, would rain on our parade, but we did a little 'raindance' or should I say, 'anti-raindance' and all was fine. 

I don't think Domo understood what all that fuss around him was about, but here's a lovely cake, just for you! It's lamb, cream cheese and carob cookies. Absolutely divine in the doggie world. I placed an order for a slightly larger cake so that Domo could share it with his doggie friends, Moon and Toto. It was a pity that Toto was busy that day and could not make the party. 

Domo even got a birthday present from the sister! What a lovely personalised bandana. :)

We found that this was the only way to take a decent, non blurry shots of the two dogs - wave a treat in front of them and have them 'stay'. 

And then it was time for the birthday boy to pose for pictures with his cake. I must say that he was pretty good at that too! He didn't try and attack the cake at all. Maybe all that training school did pay off after all. 

He even let me put a little party hat on him. Haha. 

My camera-sensitive dog. Notice that no one else is looking into the camera? 

He got really bored waiting.

My mum insisted that he 'cut' his own cake. I found that pretty much ridiculous and was really tickled by the thought. We did it to humour her anyway. 

Being the gentleman that he is, Domo let his guest, Moon have her slice of cake first. 

 Finally! He lapped it up in an instant. 

Here's the both of them looking happy and satisfied:

 Happy duo. Happy birthday Domo!! Live long and prosper!! 

Here's an old picture to reminisce. He was a tiny pup!