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Look of the Day

Always a fan of shorts, I'm liking these scallop-edged ones and the muted colours of this look.


Sweet Valley

Do you remember Sweet Valley?? Jacinta reminded me a couple of days ago about this entire series that I used to love. I bought and read every single book from Sweet Valley Kid to Sweet Valley University, and I even wished I had a twin then!

Oh the memories. Maybe like her, I should re-read them!


Nocturnal Hunters

The boy and I went on a late night hunt for food last night. We drove to Beach Road for the best 'scissors curry rice' in Singapore (at least that's what I think) and we were not disappointed. So good!!

There's always a queue. The guy at the stall dishing out the various dishes uses a pair of scissors to cut up the food and I thought it funny that he couldn't stop doing the cutting motion with the scissors even when he wasn't cutting up anything. He seemed to be working like clockwork and was very robotic.

We went to King Albert Park's Cold Storage (open 24 hrs) to get raw ingredients after for next day's lunch. Here's the boy intently picking out chicken.

And me picking vegetables... So I think I kinda look like I'm not wearing any pants here. Haha. My outfit for the day was a pair of black shorts and a top from Pink Flare.

You wouldn't believe that after picking out a basket-full of things, we went to the cashier only to find one station open with a super long snaking queue. We gave up. Couldn't wait because we had to rush home to walk the dog. So we put the things back and left. What a waste of time! So a reminder, unless you've got all the time in the world for grocery shopping, don't go to Cold Storage KAP after normal opening hours!

Before I end, here's a shot of the curry rice goodness. Are you salivating yet? :D

Ooh and yes, the pair of black/leopard print wedges I ordered from ASOS arrived today! I love them and can't wait to wear them out. I hope they don't bite my feet!... Speaking of feet biting, I totally don't get the myth of biting your shoe so it won't bite you back. Totally doesn't make sense, right?

Erm, and here are some random instagram shots I took whilst waiting for the boy today. :)

Purple pop nails.

Mr Owl, YSL and Vintage.



I'm sure that most of you would have heard of the store 'Hula & Co.' already. They've got a store at 313 Somerset and they sell really gorgeous clothes at very budget-friendly prices. They've got an online store now and are bringing the same pretty clothes at the same purse-friendly prices right to your door-step. ($25 for 1 piece, 2nd piece at $15. How can you beat such a deal!!)

I did a shoot for their online store last week. Really happy to be able to model their clothes! Here are some pictures from the shoot:

Was tempted to buy almost every piece that I modeled. Haha. Anyway, you can find them online at: www.hulaandco.com



Just a sneak peak of what's going to be hitting the store tomorrow, 20 March at 8pm.
So many pretty pieces. You wouldn't want to miss this!



Emma Watson

Love the dynamism of this photo.

Hello! :)

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last entry. I haven't been taking my camera out much, so no new pictures and I've pretty much been just, working. So anyway, here are some random pictures I took on my Mac's photobooth. I don't play around with it much though it's always been just there...so I went a little crazy this time.


Some of the accessories that I can't live without.
(MJ bracelets, random purple bracelet from Hong Kong, Alexander McQueen ring, very special vintage ring and my Rolex.)

I've been carrying this Miu Miu satchel around lots. The leather is super soft and I love that it's roomy and that it's blue.

*Skull Power!!!* I'm not sure if you can tell, but one of the rhinestones along the mouth is missing. And I just noticed that another fell out today. Boo! :(

Got these sexies today. Can't wait to take them out!

Ok, that's all. Bye.