HELLO #Halston Fling & #Garden of Eden

Finally!!! New pieces that I created for the Pink Flare label are finally out! Yay!! I had really wanted to release new designs quick after the #Leila Rose jumpsuit, but the entire production process for these new dresses took a really really long time.

It was really exciting once again to be able to design, pick fabric and have dresses that I dreamed up of, produced. Now I know that it's not as easy as simply having a design in my head. The challenging process is finding a suitable fabric and colour for the piece. Most times, fabrics and colours that I requested for were not available and had to be located and searched for in another country!

Anyway, enough of all that. Here's presenting #Halston Fling and #Garden of Eden!!!

#Halston Fling in Cream

#Halston Fling in Blush Pink

#Halston Fling Maxi

#Garden of Eden

These pieces are available at: pink-flare.com


blisschic said...

i love the hansel fling dresses. simple but chic! gosh, foresee that i will be spending $ soon again.

jeneen said...

Thanks babe. See ya at Pink Flare! ;)