PINK FLARE: New arrivals have hit the store!

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

Popped over to James's one sunny afternoon for a lovely BBQ. The hosts just got back from Seoul a couple of weeks back, so the food was very much Korean inspired - BBQ beef, kimchi, rice cakes and all the little Korean dishes they usually serve at Korean food places. The spread was yummeh. It was so lovely to spend a long lazy afternoon with friends!

Our hot chefs for the day.

With Vivian, who owns The Editor's Market and Hula&Co. A new Editor's Market recently opened at Orchard Central. It's choked full of gorgeous things; you guys gotta definitely go see!

I can't remember who insisted that this backdrop was nice and we had to take a shot with it.

Noah and Becks.

James has got the cutest pair of golden retrievers. Meet Mango and Shadow.

Shadow. Happy face!



Life's Mantra


Look of the Day

Bold stripes and loud shoes. Two thumbs up!

A glimpse of Celine Resort 2012

I think my heart just skipped a beat.


What a pretty iPad case! Isn't the colour combination just so precious?

Behind the Scenes

I've been going into the studio countless of times to shoot for Pink Flare and have never really documented what goes behind. Had a bit more time this last shoot and decided to snap around. So, here's a peek!

Accessories are a definite must. Lots of them. (In the make-up/changing room)

And shoes. I streamlined for this shoot and only brought 4 essentials so I don't have to lug so many things around.

Here are some of the clothes that we were shooting that day. I always get so excited going through the clothes and can't wait to wear all of them.

Pleats, owl prints, leopard prints, drapes and folds...I really do love them all.

Mr Photographer hard at work.

We decided to do some jumping shots for the mailer cos' this top I have on is just so bright and cheery. It's really difficult to get a good shot with these jumps! Either my top flies up too high, the expression on my face looks too strange, or I'm just captured in a strange position.

Too low...
Weird position...

Yay!!! Finally got it!!

And this was the result from all those jumps. A super bright, happy and cheery mailer!

Here's one of my favourite shots from the shoot. (I love this dress.)
Do come by www.pink-flare.com if you haven't already. Lots of pretty pieces await you! ;)




A pair of Bichon Frise with the roundest and cutest heads ever. Haha.


Loving everything about this picture, especially the bangles!


"Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson Acoustic Cover)

The boy and his friend, Justin LaPrall did a music/short film project of covering Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". I had fun being a part of it too! Enjoy! :)


Look of the Day


Great Look

Makeup by Topshop.
This is definitely not for everyday wear, but I'm so drawn by the wild eye makeup.


Fun Times Together

It's been a while since I saw these two friends of mine, so it was lovely to see them again...and stuff our faces together.

Dragon Roll from Sushi Tei is 'da bomb'. Sushi Tei is literally my favourite Japanese quick-eat place. I practically know their menu by heart.

And then, Canele's. It's my favourite dessert shop. Always can't decide what to have there, cos' I want everything!

Strawberry shortcake, nougatine ice-cream & chocolate ice-cream (I forgot the name): absolutely befitting for food sinners.

My toe-nails and shoes matched that day! Took them out for the first time (the wedges) that day. Glad they didn't 'bite' into me!

Wore this cream coloured dress from the newly opened The Editor's Market (Avenue) at Orchard Central. Love the simplicity of the dress, cutting and material. I think the new store is about 5000sqft. HUGE. You guys have got to go see it. Congratulations on the store opening Vivian and Nigel! :)

The Editor's Market (Avenue)


If only our phones really did have such warning messages! Haha!

Claudia Schiffer for Harper's Bazaar UK

What a lovely editorial spread. Doesn't she look like she hasn't aged a tiny bit? I wonder what's her secret. I think she's 40!?!