[♥] Seoul Lovin' Part #1

Mumsy and I took a holiday to Korea, Seoul last week. Our trip went on for 9 days, and I was completely 'shopped' out. There's just so much to see, buy and eat. It's a pity Mumsy didn't fancy Korean food. I could have had it everyday.

This Chicken Bulgolgi rice is so yummy.

Mix it up and fry it...

Voila, it's done!

There were tons of stalls at Myeong Dong and Namdemun selling socks. You can practically find every brand name; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, Calvin Klein etc. etc. etc. They were a huge hit with the Japanese tourists.

The streets of Myeong Dong. Did tons of shopping here. You can find multiples of all the major skincare flagship stores congregated at this place.

And I got a summer fedora.

More food. There are so many Italian pasta restaurants in Seoul.

Along the streets of Myeong Dong again. Lots of make-shift stalls line the streets and that's Skin Food and Holika Holika practically side by side. If you're wondering, yes, I bought lots. I probably have enough skincare to last me for the next two years.

Korean fashion.

New additions to the accessories family. :) ♥♥♥

So that's all for now! I've got tons of pictures. I'll continue with more in another post.


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