Cetaphil Giveaway!

I've always heard about Cetaphil products and how gentle they are on the skin, but I've never tried them until a week ago when I was given a sample pack. I read up on the products before I gave them a go and found out that Cetaphil products are free of fragrance and avoids the harshness of soap. 

This got me pretty excited as I've got sensitive and easily irritable skin. My skin hasn't been in the best condition with my recent hectic schedule and has been even more sensitive than usual. It turns slightly red and stings when I apply my usual skincare routine. Hoping that my skin will calm down, I ditched my usual skincare routine and tried the Cetaphil Skincare Plan:

1. Skin Cleanser: Cleanse with the gentlest of cleansers.

2. Moisturizing Cream: Moisturize and stay hydrated all day long.

3. Sun Screen: Protect yourself from sun damage.

After a week of use, I'm actually surprised to find that my skin is less sensitive! It doesn't turn red or sting anymore, and feels a lot more comfortable than usual. I slowly introduced a couple of my other skincare products like the Clarin's firming cream and Shiseido's lotion back to my routine and my skin remained calm and did not flare up. 

To be honest, I was slightly skeptical with the cleanser when I first used it because it doesn't foam, and feels so gentle. I'm used to using cleansers that really foam up and 'look' like it's giving my skin a good clean. However, my skin actually felt cleaner than usual after I used it, without the usual tight feeling I get from my other cleansers.  

I was also worried at the start that the moisturizing cream would cause my skin to be too oily as it is for dry, sensitive skin whilst I've got oily/combination skin, but the cream felt quite light on my skin and didn't produce any excess sebum. 

Usually, I'm also not a fan of putting sunscreen on my face (although I know how important it is) because I don't like the oily, sticky feeling. The Cetaphil sunscreen however, feels light on my skin and most importantly, doesn't feel oily. A big plus: the high SPF! It's SPF 50+ and UVA 28. Hmm, it looks like I've found my answer to a sunscreen. 

Final verdict of the 3 products: It's great for sensitive skin (like mine). Really calms and cleans and seems to balance out the PH level. My skin is less oily after a week of use. Although, I do wish that the products smell better so it's more fun to use (the products are non-fragranted and don't really smell like anything), but I guess the lack of fragrance is key to it's gentle formula, so I really shouldn't complain. 

Here are some key features of Cetaphil products:

- Suitable for all skin types.
- Ideal for facial and full body use.
- Works effectively without causing skin irritation.
- pH-balanced non-soap formulation.
- Can be used with or without water
- Recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians worldwide.

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has won numerous awards this year - The Guardian Health & Beauty Awards, Watsons Health, Wellness & Beauty Award and Unity Popular Choice Award. 

Here's a tip from me that I swear by to have cleaner and brighter skin: Wash your face for a longer duration. I usually put a song on and wash my face for the entire duration of the song (about 3 minutes). This habit has put the zits at bay for me!


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Look of the Day

A pretty lace dress that you can dress up or down. Lace is such a lovely fabric that never goes out of style!

Pink Flare has a cute lace piece under the 'Pink Flare Collection' in two colours, cream and black. Take a peek here! - #Lolita Lace


Awesome Staycation at The Quincy Hotel, Part II

Continuing from the previous post, here are some pictures to share from my 'Quincy' experience. 

Tranquility amidst the rustle and bustle of the city centre. I like that there was a lot of green around the hotel. 

 Dinner!! :

Fruit salad and soup for starters. (That's a Gin Tonic for the boy from cocktail hour.) 

Steak for the mains. Yummy!

Here's me looking very happy with my food.

And despite already having so much at dinner, we were hungry at midnight and couldn't resist supper. Cup noodles and Lay's chips (not shown in pictures) from the minibar!

What's really fun for me during the stay (besides being able to pretty much eat yummy food non-stop all day) was the activities planned by the hotel for their guests. There was a morning yoga session at 8am and a cupcake baking session in the afternoon. 

The boy and I got up bright and early on the 2nd day, headed to the gym, and then trooped down for yoga. I guess we were feeling slightly guilty for having eaten so much the day before!

I've never done yoga in the open before. This was a really nice first time experience. We had wonderful weather.

That's me whom the teacher is helping. She was giving me a deeper stretch. It was a great way to start the day.

 And of course, we had to have a hearty breakfast after all that morning workout. 

Coffee/Tea corner (Notice that there are even takeaway cups provided!)

This is the face of a caffeine addict. 

I'm a huge fan of hotel's buffet breakfasts. 

The boy and I actually zipped off to the Toy and Comic Convention that was being held over that weekend and then zipped back after for lunch before the cupcake baking class.

Seafood horfun for lunch.

The boy's nasi goreng da' bomb!! It was super delicious!

And it's time for baking class!! I was really excited to learn how to bake cupcakes. I like watching 'DC Cupcakes' on TV and couldn't wait to try baking the colourful yummy little things.

 Ingredients for the bake.

The boy took the job of decorating the cupcakes really seriously and cut stencils for it. It had to be skulls, no less.

Looking good!

Freshly baked cupcakes!!

But alas, there weren't any sprinkle powder or decorating ingredients fine enough for the stencils. :(

I tried my best. Can you tell that it's a skull?

And that pretty much sums up my lovely staycation at The Quincy. I had a truly wonderful experience and would recommend it to anyone who needs a short break!

The price of this 2 day 1 night stay weekend package costs $318++ (regular room rate), which includes:

- Yoga or baking class and movie night by the pool (Registration required. Subject to availability)
- Daily buffet breakfast, set lunch and dinner
- Unlimited broadband Internet access
- Local telephone calls
- Complimentary cocktails from 6pm to 8pm nightly
- Complimentary minibar replenished daily
- Complimentary bottle of red wine
- All day coffee and tea
- Late check-out till 3pm (subject to availability)
-T&Cs apply

You can book for a stay through my blog by filling out the form below and enjoy a free upgrade to a Deluxe Studio Room worth $348++. 

Just in case, you can click here: http://bit.ly/oHVFuk for the booking form if you're experiencing trouble with the one below.


Awesome Staycation at The Quincy Hotel, Part I (& an awesome deal for you readers!)

It's been such a long while since I've updated my blog! I've been so so busy with my online store Pink Flare (have you guys noticed the makeover yet? :D) and filming 'A Song To Remember'. In short, I haven't had much of a breather, nor a social life. So, I was really excited when I received an invitation for a night's stay at The Quincy Hotel and decided to 'force' myself to peel away from work and take a short break.

I bundled the boy together with 2 days and 1 night's worth of clothes and necessities and checked into the hotel. I (we) had an awesome stay. I can't say it enough.  I was so glad that I made the decision to give myself a break!

Before I go on, for those unfamiliar with The Quincy Hotel, its a boutique hotel located at Mount Elizabeth (which is really close to Paragon). The location is awesome and I even managed to squeeze in a quick dash to Sephora for a makeup fix. Wheeee!

What struck me most when I first reached The Quincy was how beautiful the architecture of the hotel was. It's really funky and modern looking, in and out. No wonder it is ranked first as the 'Trendiest Hotel In Asia'! Here's how it looks by day:

and by night:
Can you see the infinity pool in the picture? I was really excited about the pool when I saw  it because it's sheltered! I'm going to sound a little bimbotic here, but I've never been much of a fan of swimming because I really don't enjoy getting a tan and pools usually get too cold for me in the evenings. So this sheltered pool got me really excited. I can swim without worrying about the sun! :D

Here are some clearer pictures of the pool. It's really nice eh? Infinity pools are all the rage these days. The hotel also screens movies on weeknights by the pool COMPLETE WITH POPCORN. Yes, they've got a popcorn machine. You can soak in the pool, or sit by it and watch the movie and have your popcorn at the same time. It was such a pity that we checked out on Saturday and couldn't make it for that night's screening. I heard they were showing 'The Devil Wears Prada'. :( I would totally go back for another staycation just for the movie experience.

(Popcorn machine)

There's a gym located beside the pool (complete with a sauna room) with state of the art gym equipment that was really new and nice smelling. Haha, I'm actually making an effort to mention that it's nice smelling because you know how some gyms can be really grubby looking with stale perspiration smell. Eh, I actually took a deep breath and tested for smells. Don't ask me why. I just have something with smells.

Here's the gym. You wouldn't believe this, but the boy and I got up at 7am just to hit the gym on Saturday. We totally gave ourselves pats on the backs when we were done. I still don't know how we, especially I did it.

Now, more on the funky design of the hotel.

This is the lobby. The hotel staff were really friendly, hospitable and attentive. What struck me most was their strong personal touch to their service. I noticed that the hotel manager delivered a cake to a guest having his dinner at the restaurant on his birthday, and I saw him once again delivering another cake up to a guest's room for his birthday before I checked out of the hotel. How sweet! It's these nice little gestures that make all the difference.

This is the restaurant that I was dining in when I saw the manager deliver the cake to the guest's table. Wait, did I mention that all 3 meals are included in The Quincy's room package? I was really surprised when I was first told that room packages include all 3 meals, complimentary free flow of cocktail drinks (alcohols, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks) from 6-8pm daily, complimentary free flow of tea and coffee all day at the restaurant, complimentary minibar replenished daily and complimentary bottle of wine. Wow. What a package!

Right, I digress. Back to the interior design, here's the passage leading to the hotel's washrooms at the lobby. How funky are the statues?!!

Here's a closer look. Very cool art.

I'm sure you're all dying to see how the room looks like by now.

The rooms did not disappoint and matched the modern design of the hotel with fashionable designer furniture. Here's the king-sized bed with feather beddings and 400 thread count bed linens. The bed was really comfortable. I remember myself falling right to sleep when my head touched the pillow.

I loved the see-through glass at the bathroom! You can actually watch TV whilst having a soak in the bath. Perfect. (Not to worry, there's a screen that you can bring down should you require more privacy in the bathroom.)

This got the boy really excited - the TV and row of sockets under the TV. There are socket points for you to plug in your HDMI and USB cables that leads to the television so you can bring your DVD or media players along for your stay. There is also unlimited broadband access in the rooms. Tech geeks would totally have an awesome time at The Quincy. Haha.

I really liked this 'cosy corner'. The view is really pretty at night and it's lovely to sit by the window and enjoy the view.

Here's the view by the window in the day.

The room even has an iPod dock!

It's little things like these that get me excited. What a pretty remote case!

The bathroom came with a separate bath tub and standing rain shower shower facility with a selection of Molton Brown bath amenities. I'm always impressed when I'm provided with nice bath amenities at hotels. The Quincy scored full marks for me with theirs.

I got a chance to peek into the deluxe studio room and this blew me away. A Nespresso coffee machine! How awesome! The room size was of course bigger than the one I was staying in, but I was utterly jealous that I did not have a Nespresso machine. Before I go on, I've got an awesome deal for you my lovely readers. Book a weekend staycation at The Quincy through my blog, and you will be upgraded (Free!) to this Deluxe Studio room (worth $348++), with the Nespresso machine! All you have to do is book through the form at the bottom of this post. 

The price of this 2 day 1 night stay weekend package costs $318++ (regular room rate), which includes:
- Yoga or baking class and movie night by the pool (Registration required. Subject to availability)
- Daily buffet breakfast, set lunch and dinner
- Unlimited broadband Internet access
- Local telephone calls
- Complimentary cocktails from 6pm to 8pm nightly
- Complimentary minibar replenished daily
- Complimentary bottle of red wine
- All day coffee and tea
- Late check-out till 3pm (subject to availability)
-T&Cs apply

Honestly, I have never seen such a comprehensive hotel room package at such a steal. Hotel stays in Singapore are usually so expensive! If you're overworked (like me!) and need a break but have no time to travel out of Singapore, you should totally check yourself (and bring a friend or a partner!) into The Quincy Hotel.

I'm going to end this post here with the form that you can book your stay and go to bed now. I have officially 2 hours left of sleep before I need to get up for shoot. :( I've still got so much to say about my little staycation so I'll be back with Part 2 tomorrow, with pictures and more stories from the yoga session and baking class. Do come back for more!

Just in case, you can click here: http://bit.ly/oHVFuk for the booking form if you're experiencing trouble with the one below.