Fridays don't mean a lot to me now that I run my own business. I don't have fixed work timings, I work on weekends too and being the workaholic that I am, I sometimes work everyday, all day. Trying to find more of a work-life balance is my goal, soon. Anyhow, I got dressed this morning with casual Friday in mind anyway and because I was going to be running around, I put on sneakers and shorts for comfort. It was the first time I was putting on these leopard print double-soled sneakers that my sis lugged back from Tokyo for me and I was excited to wear them. So excited that I worked my outfit up from the shoes! 

Really really happy to have finally collected these PF Collection pastel coloured shirt dresses. I've been waiting a long time for these and am so happy the wait was not in vain because they're gorgeous! What better time for them to be ready too now that pastels are everywhere. It's an awesome Friday! :) 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xo

(Pink Flare 'The Perfect Blazer', Pink Flare ruffle camisole, Topshop denim shorts, gifted Shibuya 109 leopard sneakers - thank you bro-in-law! :), Pink Flare 'Bulletproof Necklace', Balenciaga bag)


Pastel Dreams

I've been having pastel dreams of late. Pastel outfit dreams, to be exact. It's probably all these Spring pastel trend images I've been looking at that is causing this subliminal influence. There's something about pastel that is so dreamy, romantic and pretty. Although there is no seasonal change in Singapore, I still can't wait to put together some Spring pastel outfits myself! 


So for a start, to begin fulfilling my pastel dreams, I got these nude 'Dolce Vita' sandals, sand 'Pedder Red' wedges and picked this cream/nude bag from 'Tocco Tenero' (thank you TT!) These items aren't exactly pastel coloured, but I figured nude and neutrals are good colours to start building the pastel empire! 

First pastel outfit. The baby pink top is from H&M and the white lace shorts are from Pink Flare. :) 

Even reptiles are pretty pastel coloured! 


Like A Boss!

True that!

Blog Crushes

There are a couple of blogs that I read almost religiously and these 3 fashion blogs are my personal favourite. Gorgeous outfits and impeccable style aside, I am amazed at the length they go to take such beautiful pictures of themselves in the outfits. Almost every post is always an inspiration. I hope I'm not infringing any copyright by sharing their pictures, but these are some of my favourites. 

Gary Pepper Vintage

You can read her blog HERE.

Song Of Style

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