Minty Freshness

Matchy nails and outfit. Nails grow at an alarming rate...it's time for manicure once again soon!
Do you like my haircut? 
Got these mint coloured shorts at a steal from H&M a couple of days back and decided to wear them and take the dog, Domo to the groomer's and run errands. Loving the clean palette I had on, I was glad to have worn light colours because it was so darn hot out. Was feeling slightly nervous about leaving Domo with a new groomer but am glad all turned out good when I picked him up. Love how spiffy and 'round' he looks everytime he gets a hair cut! :) Sneaked some burger bites in between and it was so good. Absolute comfort food, I love burgers and fries. Maybe I should have been born American! 

Haven't been feeling too hot about things lately, but I got this quote from the drama I've been watching, Sopranos and it's definitely helping me along:

"Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while a great wind is bearing me across the sky." - Ojibwa saying

Stay happy & positive people!


(Old Pink Flare Summer Swag top, H&M shorts, YSL clutch, Dolce Vita sandals, Hublot watch, Noir Jewelry necklace - similar here, AM eyewear sunnies, Jagger Edge mobile charm)


Truly A Man's Best Friend

Hero Pitbull Drags Unconscious Owner From Path of Oncoming Train
After consuming too many drinks at her boyfriend's home, 56-year-old Christine Spain of Shirley, Massachusetts, decided to walk home along the railroad tracks last week. Good thing she brought along her eight-year-old pitbull, Lilly.
At some point, Spain passed out. While her owner lay across the tracks, Lilly heard the distant rumbling of a freight train. According to The Sentinel and Enterprise, the brave dog pulled Spain from the oncoming behemoth's path. Sadly, Lilly didn’t clear herself from the tracks in time. The valiant dog lost muscle and skin from her front paw. Her pelvis was fractured in multiple places.
"I don't know if she collapsed or what happened, but she passed out," said Rob Halpin, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "The engineer, the only witness, told police he saw a dog frantically pulling at a woman as he drew closer. He did everything he could. He heard a thump and thought he hit both."
The engineer immediately hit the brakes and hopped off the train. He found Spain unhurt. "The dog's head was on her chest," Halpin said. "The woman was totally unharmed."
Spain, a recovering alcoholic, was arrested at the scene and charged with multiple offenses, including animal cruelty.
Her son, David Lanteigne, is a police officer in Boston. Lanteigne placed Lilly with his mother to serve as her therapy dog.
"This dog is truly a special dog," he said. "She's been amazing since day one. My mother has given anything and everything to this dog. For the past three and a half years since she's had this dog, it's her entire life. She's been eating, sleeping and breathing this dog. The dog is everything to her. She brings her on five or six long walks a day. She spends half an hour preparing all of her meals."
"I truly believe things happen for a reason," said Lanteigne. "We found Lilly to save her life, and she returned the favor. She almost died here."
After being rushed to an emergency animal hospital, Lilly underwent two surgeries. "Lilly's doing a lot better than she was almost a week ago," he said. "She's on her road to recovery now. It'll be quite a long ways before she's back up to speed."
Lanteigne said Lilly and Spain will stay with him in Boston once Lilly is released from the animal hospital.

Source: takepart.com

The Cove

I watched this documentary about dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan a couple of days ago. Utterly shocked and heartbroken, I cannot believe the cruelty shown to these wild dolphins - from the first moments the fishermen stress the dolphins (who are in the midst of migration) into captivity, to mass massacring them by spearing/knifing, the entire act from the very start screams inhumanity. 

Through this documentary, I learnt that dolphins do not thrive in captivity. Captivity is extremely stressful for them and their health and life expectancy drops drastically. In fact, many dolphins do not survive the trauma of capture. Of those that do, 53% die within 3 months of confinement. Captive dolphins also suffer and die from intestinal disease, stress-related illness and chlorine poisoning.

Ric O'Barry, who captured and trained the original 5 female dolphins that collectively played the part of Flipper on the 1960s TV show (which catapulted the popularity of dolphins doing tricks and interacting with humans), now turned dolphin activist recalled in the documentary that he had one of his captive dolphins commit suicide right in front of him because she didn't have the will to live in captivity anymore. He said, she literally chose to stop breathing and sank to the bottom of the tank. 

Big props to the documentary team who risked their lives filming this for everyone to see and for creating awareness about these wild dolphins. Take a pledge today to not buy a ticket to a dolphin show and of course, do not consume dolphin meat. You really shouldn't be eating these stuff anyway. The toxic mercury levels in dolphins are really high and is harmful to your body if consumed. To find out more about 'The Cove' and how to save Japan dolphins, visit: http://savejapandolphins.org/

Please do spread the word! 


Doggies Day Out

I wanted a photo, but got a kiss instead. :) 
The family took the doggies Domo and Moon to Bishan Park for some play time and run around on Saturday. The dogs always look happiest when they're out in the open running wild and free. Bishan Park is completely different now from how I remember it with the MacDonald's, cafes (dog-friendly!) and nice open spaces. Very lovely place to spend an evening if you want some outdoors! We ended the day at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar with some pizzas and pastas. The duck pizza is really good! 

I sneaked a shot of the poodle in the basket when her owner scooted into MacDonald's for some take-out. What a cutie!

(Pink Flare Dottie top, Zara shorts, Steve Madden sandals, Marc Jacobs+ASOS arm candy)