Bright Neon Love

Two years ago on this day, the boy asked me out on a casual date. To even call it a date would be pushing it a little as it was more of a 'meet-up over coffee to catch up' thing since we've known each other for a little while before that. However you may call it, I'm glad I agreed to that midnight coffee session cos' what happened after was a whirlwind romance that will soon (fingers & toes crossed) become a happily ever after. We headed to the beach with Toto for a mini celebration and spent a glorious day trying to get Toto to swim - he doesn't like swimming in the sea all that much. The saltwater seems to bother him and he doesn't like the water pushing against his ears. It's hilarious just watching him! Feeling so blessed for the wonderful weather we had, I take it as a sign for more good things to come and good years together! :) 

Being slightly obsessed with neon these days, I absolutely love this neon lime bucket bag from Tocco Tenero. The 2 slings - the braided handle and long strap is perfect and so handy. So excited too that I had sandals to match! (Yes, little things like that make me really happy.) The bright colours were a perfect match to the bright celebratory mood we were in. 

Bag Details

Name:Adrianna Bucket Bag
Material: Suede matched with lambskin
Hardward: Brass
Closure: Magnetic Snap
Available Colours: Fuschia/Orange/Lime
Price: $199

[Visit Tocco Tenero's website to find out more about their leather goods, or 'Like' their Facebook Page to know more about their daily style hits and promotions!]

(Pink Flare Pocketful Of Hearts Top, Cotton On Shorts, Pink Flare Kaftan (old), Gifted Tocco Tenero Bag, Ray Ban Sunnies & Gifted Sandals from The Best Sis In The World)


Gush & Send Yourself On A 4D3N Trip To San Francisco!

Hey everyone! The Gush Chase is on the search for the ultimate influencer to cover *Gush 2012 in San Francisco on 25 August 2012! 

*Gush 2012 is the worldwide launch party of Gushcloud, happening in a series of concerts in San Francisco, Singapore and Malaysia. 

If you have an account for at least 3 of the following social media - Instagram/YouTube/Blog/Facebook/Twitter, enter the chase and you may just find yourself on the way to San Francisco! 

The winner of Singapore will win an all expense paid 4D3N trip for themselves and a friend to San Francisco, inclusive of flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of 120USD per person. Plus, he/she will get to cover the event on social media and interview acts like The Cab, Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade! 

Two runner-ups will get to cover the Gush 2012 concert in Singapore.

Alternatively if the winner is unable to attend the event in San Francisco, he/she can opt for USD1,000 in cash.

How awesome! Winning is easy. This is how: 


The Gush Chase runs from 4 July - 6 August 2012. 

To enter:

    • Log on to www.gushcloud.com via Facebook or Twitter.
    • Click on to the 'Profile' button located at the top right hand corner
    • You will be directed to your profile page, after which you can click onto 'Join the Gushchase' Tab to join the contest!
Competition prize list:

Influencer competition:

1st: 4D3N all expense paid trip to SF OR SGD$1,000 (cash)
2nd: SGD$550 (cash)
3rd: SGD$450 (cash)
4th: SGD$350 (products worth)
5th: SGD$300 (products worth)
6th: SGD$250 (products worth)
7th: SGD$200 (products worth)
8th: SGD$150 (products worth)
9th: SGD$100 (products worth)
10th: SGD$50 (products worth)

Battle of the bands competition:

1st: 4D3N all expense paid trip to SF OR SGD$2,000 (cash)
2nd: SGD$1,100 (cash)
3rd: SGD$900 (cash)
4th: SGD$700 (products worth)
5th: SGD$600 (products worth)
6th: SGD$500 (products worth)
7th: SGD$400 (products worth) 
8th: SGD$300 (products worth)
9th: SGD$200 (products worth)
10th: SGD$100 (products worth)

Good luck!


Casual Looks For The Day

For someone who hardly wears any jeans, pants, sneakers or flats, I'm strangely most drawn to pictures of people wearing the exacts that I don't wear much of. These are just a couple of casual day looks that are top of my list now. My to-buy list now includes: Converse sneakers, Ray Ban aviators and cotton tees!