The End.

"I don't know what to say," he said.

"It's okay," she replied. "I know what we are

- and I know what we're not."

[Lang Leav]

 - - Current earworm -


Girl Crush

I'm probably the last on the planet to finally discover Lana Del Rey's music. I was poking around, surfing websites when I admittedly first saw her picture and thought, who's this gorgeous girl!! That led me to looking for her music on youtube, and now 'Born To Die' is stuck on repeat mode. I love the melancholic, haunting sounds of her songs.

Those lips…I've got a girl crush. Who else likes Lana Del Rey too? 


Pampered Tresses

It's been about a month since I've had this new hairdo and I'm still getting compliments for it. I chopped off quite many inches of my tresses, changed my parting from side to centre and went at least 2 shades lighter. As usual, I was thoroughly pampered by Salon Vim (THANK YOU!) with their newly launched Kerastase Fusion Treatment and had partial highlights on top of a whole head colour to brighten and boost the colour around the crown. My hair has never felt this soft and looked this good. :) 

I'm using this Kerastase duo at home to care for the colour and nourish my hair.

A very happy camper.

You can call Salon Vim Bugis at 68370073 and make an appointment with my stylist, Jamie for gorgeous tresses. 

Mention my name for a 10% discount!