Feeling Good Should Be This Easy

We are living in a customization generation. Intentionally or not, everyone is customizing. From customizing your phone ringtone and settings to the interior of your bedroom, we customize to have something to our liking and for it to blend in with us and our lifestyles. Innately, I think we all like having choices. Who really likes to be set by fixed boundaries and rules?

As you all should probably know by now, I've been working out at Amore Fitness for some time...and I bring you all exciting news today. You can now customize your package and create a personalized package to suit yourself and your needs! The new Amore Holistic Package allows you to choose anything from Amore's offering from gym, group classes, personal training, spa, etc.

With 16 fitness and spa clubs, over 500 fitness classes to choose from every week and a wide array of spa, facial and body treatments, Amore is the biggest service provider of fit and spa – a one stop for all your wellness needs.

I believe they're the first of its kind to launch such flexibility in gym packages. There is a trial promotion available for the month of March for those who want to see how it works: 

2 Choices At $69
(A +  B /C)
3 Choices At $89
(A + B + C)

4 Entries
(utilised in 2 weeks, worth $90)

Access to state of the art gym & fitness classes at all Amore outlets.

Botaroma Swedish Massage
(45mins, worth $94.16)

Soothe all aches & achieve ultimate relaxation with a therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender.
Purity Facial
(75mins, worth $90.95)

A clinically proven purifying facial that revives the complexion. For oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

My kind of personalized package will definitely include lots of gym classes and a massage after. How awesome it is to have a massage right after a gym class to soothe the achy muscles!

To find out more about customizing your package: visit www.amorefitness.com/holistic or call 6781 1822!

On a more personal fitness level, I’ve been going for a lot more classes these days at Amore now that I’m no longer undergoing personal training classes. My two favourites are Energy Sculpt and Kick Box. I like to focus on toning and sculpting in classes and do my own cardio activity such as running on the side. These two classes give my muscles a real good work-out and I always ache (in a good way) the next two days. Energy sculpt class is especially challenging…so many times I almost give up mid-way in class!

I know it gets hard to motivate yourself to ‘drag’ yourself to the gym sometimes. Here's some fitness motivation that I love and have to share.

To a fitter, healthier lifestyle and body!



Hello, stronger and thicker hair!

If you guys remember, I blogged about L'Oreal's Hair Expertise range of sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free haircare last year. A quick reminder, sulfate is really really bad for the hair. Sulfate is equivalent to and found in most home and industrial cleaning products such as floor cleaners, car wash soaps and engine degreasers. Using shampoo and hair products containing sulfate can lead to dry and brittle hair, split ends and scalp irritation. So if you want healthy and shiny hair, sulfate is a big no.

L'Oreal has recently introduced and added on to their Hair Expertise range a complete hair and scalp system that includes shampoo, conditioner and hair thickening tonic. Aptly named EverStrong Hair and Scalp System, these 3 products when used in unison targets hair fall control from the roots so that you'll have stronger, thicker hair in 30 days! 

The promise to target hair fall control from the roots got me really interested as my regular hairstylist told me that she noticed that my hair has gotten significantly lesser over the years. *gasp* (Damn you, ageing process!!) I've also noticed that I drop quite a lot of hair throughout the day and during hair wash. Most likely, years of scalp neglect is the cause for this hair loss. I'm sure it also doesn't help that I'm quite a bit older now…everything seems to start falling apart as you age. I used to have a full head of thick hair! Anyhow, here are a couple of reasons why your scalp becomes clogged: 

- Excessive sebum production/oily scalp
- Leftover styling products
- Pollutants
- Improper cleansing/use of the wrong products

So obviously when your scalp is clogged, your hair cannot grow properly and healthily. Just as like plants that need good fertile soil and nutrients to grow well, hair is the same and a healthy scalp is necessary for thick and luscious locks. The EverStrong range of products promise to help regulate and control sebum production, hence allowing hair to grow healthily while fortifying hair strands, making each strand thicker and stronger. It's enriched with botanical oils such as Rosemary to sooth the scalp, Mint to revitalize and also contains Amino Acid Complex to fortify, thicken and energize the scalp.

To test the effectiveness of the EverStrong range, I've embarked on the 30 day challenge to test the claim for 'stronger, thicker hair in 30 days'.  I had my scalp tested for a before/after review.

In this 'before' image, you can see that my hair strands are of varying thickness with some being very thin. As opposed to a healthy head of hair where the strands are of similar thickness (see below picture). This hair test shows that my hair strands are thinning which means that my hair is more brittle and drops and snaps easily. Thinner hair strands also equals a less full head of hair. 


I am mid-way through the challenge and this is how my scalp looks. Already, the width of my hair strands look more similar and each strand looks thicker and stronger. Although we could not locate the exact same spot for the before/after images, we did a more thorough scan around my scalp for this after review and the images all turned out pretty similar. 

Besides strengthening my hair so that each strand becomes thicker, I really love the minty smell of the products and how fresh my scalp feels after a wash. My scalp also feels a lot cleaner now, like I've thoroughly removed all the hair styling product build-ups and excess oil. 

If you would like a healthier scalp and stronger, fuller hair, join the L'Oreal Hair Expertise Every Strong 30-day Scalp Care Challenge too! (Honestly, I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want a healthier scalp and stronger hair...)

Here's how:

1. Purchase the Ever Strong tonic and receive a 59ml set of shampoo + conditioner. 
2. To redeem your complimentary shampoo + conditioner, register with your particulars on L'Oreal's HERE.
3. Use the full set of products for 30 days after redemption. At the end of the 30 days, head back to L'Oreal's office for an after challenge scalp shot, share your testimonial and receive a $50 hamper incentive.


OSIM uShape and Xando Food

I attended the OSIM uShape and Xando event recently with a couple of other Gushcloud influencers. 

The uShape has a strong vibration motion that cause rapid contractions to all muscles that are being exercised, helping you achieve a whole body workout in a shorter time and with lesser effort. 

There is a whole range of different positions you can take on the machine that will help you target different areas of your body for effective toning and shaping. You can do a full body workout, stretch, spot or strength training. You can even work with stretch bends to achieve the results and body that you want. 

Here's me trying out the uShape. It feels similar to working on the machines I worked on at power plate classes, where the vibrations help work your muscles harder than the effort that you're putting in. I love the fact that you can work out at home. How convenient! 

For more details or to purchase the uShape online, click HERE.

Next, we moved on and tried the Xndo food. Xndo has a whole range of food products ranging from drinks to full meals to dessert with very low calories. The food contains no preservative (so important!) and stays fresh because of its special packaging.  

We all know that the lower calorie intake we take in everyday, the slimmer we get. So for example, if you replace one meal everyday with an Xndo half calorie meal, accompany your meal with an Xndo drink and finish off with an Xndo dessert, you actually shave off about 1,000 calories a day...but still get a full, satisfying and delicious meal. 

My favourite was the instant noodles. It's super yummy! I'll definitely have these instant noodles for supper when I absolutely must eat something. At least I won't feel so guilty! 

For more information on Xndo food and to purchase online, click HERE. 

With Reiee, Joanna and Lucinda at the event. :)