Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

On the first day of our Hong Kong trip, we visited Madame Tussauds and The Peak.

I've been to The Peak many times but have never gone to Madame Tussauds. I'm not sure why, but I've always imagined it to be small and probably not quite worth the visit. I've been so wrong. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong houses over 100 celebrity wax figurines! I had so much fun taking silly pictures with the figurines.

The entire place is split into the following themes:

-  Hong Kong Glamour,
- Historical and National Heroes,
- TV Studio,
- World Premiere featuring movie stars from early black and white Hollywood era,
- The Champions featuring sporting heroes,
- Authentic History that gives you a peek of what goes behind the making of  a wax figurine,
- Music icons; and
- Fantasy Kingdom that is newly expanded with different superheroes and characters.

A group shot before we boarded the tram that was going to take us up to The Peak and Madame Tussauds. The night city view on the way up is really beautiful!

Oh hi, just hanging with Brangelina. They are the first few figures that you'll see upon entering Madame Tussauds.

Trying to look very important whilst hanging with Barack Obama in his office at the Historical and National Heroes room.

Us all at the TV Studio area with host Sandra Ng. This is a replica of the TV talk show, Sparkling Club.

Oh nothing much, just having tea with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn at the World Premiere room. I can't focus on my tea. She's gorgeous!

An OOTD shot, Wing Chun style with Donnie Yen. I love these Nike sneakers that I got from Tokyo!

In this Authentic History zone, you'll see the step by step production process of how Donnie Yen's wax figure was made. From the very beginning of measuring size, sculpting, moulding to the final stage of colouring.

 Hanging with the Beatles at the Music Icons zone. I grew up listening to their songs. What's your favourite Beatles tune?

Pretending I'm cool and chic like Lady Gaga.

Tired of hanging with celebrities and icons, I suddenly find myself part of a classical painting. Trying my best to fit right in!

And, The Hulk got me at the Fantasy Kingdom zone! This newly expanded room houses Marcel Superheroes Iron Man, Wolverine, Monkey King, Doraemon and...

Spiderman! I was trying to re-enect that popular kissing scene between Spiderman and Mary Jane. If only Spiderman was hanging upside down too!


Went trigger happy taking selfies with all my favourite celebrities and icons!

This is not quite about Madame Tussauds, but we went to Tsui Wah Cafe before heading up to The Peak and these 2 dishes are so good! You've got to try this condensed milk toast and chicken wings when you're in Hong Kong. I'm salivating already just looking at my pictures.

Are you tempted by all my posts to take a trip to Hong Kong yourself? Don't forget to check out Hong Kong Tourism Board's Summer Fun website HERE for accommodation, shop and dining offers and more ideas for a fun and exciting time in Hong Kong this Summer!

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The Happiest Place On Earth

On the second day of Hong Kong, we went to Disneyland.

Despite being such a grown up, Disneyland still holds a special place in my heart. I still get excited and look forward to visiting the park every single time although I've visited  Disneyland so many times. There's something about Disneyland that is so magical and puts us all (at least for me) in a fantastic happy mood. It truly is the happiest place on earth! 

Knowing that I would be walking around lots that day, I wanted to pack and carry light so I wouldn't be bogged down by heavy baggage. I decided to forgo my camera and relied on my new Samsung GALAXY S5 phone as my camera for the day. [Thank you Samsung Asia for giving me this  Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE!]

It was my first time taking my new tech toy out to play and I was so excited. Thank goodness, neither the phone nor the camera functions let me down. In fact, the picture quality quite blew me away. I was all ready to compromise on the quality of my pictures being without my point and shoot camera. I was pleasantly surprised.

All pictures in this post were taken by the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE's camera. The 16MP back camera is amazing, just look at the photos that I've taken in this entire post.

Here's me, looking very pleased with my new phone. :) 

First ups, we had lunch at Crystal Lotus Chinese restaurant located at the Disney Hotel. The food were all presented Disney-style and it was crazy cute!

Vegetables and mushrooms shaped in Mickey hands and Mickey's head. Even the prawns were shaped like Dumbo. I almost couldn't bear to eat anything.

Mango pudding and fruits, Disney-style.

Group shot!

Unfortunately, the weather was really bad that day. It kept raining sporadically and that rained on our parade a little.

Thank goodness, the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is water resistant (IP673),  so I could still take pictures with my phone without a worry in the rain! In fact, the GALAXY S5 LTE can withstand water up till 1m deep for 30minutes!

Don't believe me? Take a look at how clear and sharp my photos are despite the rain!

A marching band performance at the main square. Captured with the Shot & More, Best Photo mode. This mode takes 7 pictures at a go for you to select the best one. 

Perfect for capturing moving objects! 

Just to share a little bit more on the Shot & More function, other than Best Photo mode, there are also other modes under this function: Best Face, Eraser, Drama and Planning Shot! 

My outfit of the day.

One of my favourite highlights at Disneyland was the Disney parade. All the popular Disney characters come alive and come out in full force on their colourful floats. So pretty!
I love this picture of Winnie the Pooh and crew!
The colors are so vivid and everything looks so colorful and happy! :)

The Lion King is one of my favourite childhood cartoons!

I used the Fast Auto Focus mode for all the pictures taken during the parade. There were so many elements moving at every one time and everything was happening so quickly. The Fast Auto Focus captured all the movement quickly and most importantly, had everything in focus. 

After the parade, we went to the Toy Story Land!

This land is the newest addition at Hong Kong Disneyland and definitely one of my favourites. The whole place is like the cartoons coming to live from the movie!

And here's me, stuck to my new phone checking out the pictures that I snapped from the parade. Very impressed by the picture quality I say again!  

A wefie with Szes and Roseanne using the Beauty Mode on the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE!

Love how the Beauty Mode smoothens out our complexions and hides blemishes and flaws - perfect for concealing the tiredness on our faces from having too much fun all day! This is one of my favourite camera modes on the phone by far, ‘cos it really cuts down on my tme spent on picture editing!

A group shot outside the Philhar Magic 3-D animation show complete with animation effects, scents and water to give you a full sensorial experience.

A must-watch at Disneyland! Other attractions that I recommend are the Mystic Manor ride in the Mystic Point section and the Winnie the Pooh ride. Both are dark rides that take you through a journey on a trackless ride system. Very much a visual feast and treat to the eyes and senses!

So, after a long day of fun, non-stop photo taking, and walking around in Disneyland, we were hosted dinner at Corner Cafe. I have to say, the food and drinks there were really good, will definitely recommend everyone to visit it! 

This popcorn drink is amaze balls. It's like having popcorn ice cream. I took all these food shots using the Selective Focus mode on the phone. 

With the Selective Mode, I can choose to blur out certain objects in the image, and even the foreground or the background. This allows me to decide on what to focus in my picture and make it really stand out from the rest of the objects in the image too. Best part is, I think it really makes my photos look high-res and like I took them with a DSLR! ;)

And do you notice how my photos are all so vivid and sharp? This is all thanks to the Real Time HDR mode in the GALAXY S5 LTE camera! It allows me to take photos in clarity and vividly, by adjusting the lighting of the picture automatically so that it looks bright and clear

This truffle mushroom soup is also so so good. You have to try it if you do go to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Mains. I shared the ribs, lobster and beef with a couple of others.

Towards the end of the day, almost everybody were lamenting that their phone batteries had gone flat and were desperately trying to borrow mobile phone chargers. Thank goodness for the Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE, I still had a working phone!

When the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE is at 10% battery and this mode is enabled, it shuts down all unnecessary applications and turn the screen to black and white to conserve battery consumption, while leaving only 6 essential applications turned on. This 6 applications includes SMS, Call, and Email, and you can choose the other 3 from this list: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Calculator, Voice Recorder, Memo, Clock etc.!

Super handy, don’t you think? I can foresee myself relying on this mode very often, and the best part is, I no longer have to worry about being uncontactable when I run out of battery! 

My visit to Hong Kong Disneyland was made so much sweeter with my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE. With so many unrivalled features, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular phone amongst my circle of friends. I’m so happy that I have made that leap to hop onto the Samsung smartphone bandwagon; I’m so loving all the phone features and huge screen!

There's so much for me to go on raving about Disneyland but my blog post will go on forever. I'm going to stop here, and let you experience the magic yourself when you do visit the park.

Do share with me in the comments what are some of your favourite Disney park rides and Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE phone features! 

P/S Check out Hong Kong Tourism Board's Summer Fun website HERE for accommodation, shop and dining offers and more ideas for a fun and exciting time in Hong Kong this Summer!



Get to meet the real Wolf of Wall Street

If you watched Wolf of Wall Street, you will know that the main character played by Leonardo di Caprio is based on the memoir of the real wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. This guy, post-hay-days is now a motivational speaker and he's going to make a stop in Singapore! A Day with The Wolf of Wall Street Seminar is a business sales seminar to be held on the 8th June, Sunday from 2-6PM at the Garnet Room, Max Atria @ Singapore Expo. 

So whether it is out of curiosity for the man himself, or being interested in hearing what he's got to say business wise, you can book your tickets from SISTIC at http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/wolf0614. Ticket prices excluding booking fees are as follows:

VIP: $388 (attendees will be invited to a cocktail session with Jordan Belfort himself after the seminar)
Business: $268
Economy: $188

Here's a special promotion code, "GC20" to take for 20% off your tickets! 

Did you know that in May this year, Belfort said he planned to pay off the remaining restitution requirement through speaking fees by the end of 2014? "My goal is to make north of $100 million so I am paying back everyone this year," says Belfort.

What an intriguing figure. There are only 50 seats for this seminar....you know you won't want to miss it!