Adventures in Guangzhou

I'm tucked in bed at the Hilton, Tianhe with a cup of chamomile tea, Maxwell (one of my favourite singers) playing at the background, a snail mask on my face and writing this blog post right at this moment. Ahh…life is good.

Oh darn, I just remembered that I forgot to follow on with facial wash after my facial scrub in the shower!! I wonder if that's ok? This skincare regime business can get so complicated sometimes. If you're curious, I'm currently using Skin Inc's Pure Prodew Cleanser, La Mer's Refining Facial Scrub - I usually leave this on for about 5-10 minutes and then remove it in circular motions. It really gets rid of grime, and makes it easy to pop stubborn blackheads after. I major love this scrub. 

I'm here in Guangzhou for a little pet project of mine that I'm super excited about but will keep it a 'lil secret until I'm ready to share with everyone. This is not my first time in Guangzhou and there's really not much to do or sightsee so I'm spending most of my time here in my room working on my project. It feels like I'm having a mini staycation with lots of me time.

I met with Stephanie today and she took me for hi-tea at the Four Seasons Hotel on the 70th floor. The view up there is amazing. Check out my first photo! We spent a good couple of hours taking in the view and chatting over bite-size savouries and sweets. We went to Taikoo Hui Mall after (the mall's name is funny isn't it? It makes a lot more sense in Mandarin) where most of the big brands are at. I noticed that a lot of coveted designer products were available at this mall. The Chanel Boy bag was available in many styles and colours and I spotted the furry monster and the Karl Lagerfeld keychain at Fendi. This mall also houses Bread Talk, Crystal Jade and Food Junction…very Singaporean. I first thought that it was a Singapore collaboration - apparently not. Stephanie took me to Mei Xin Restaurant opposite the mall after some shopping ( I may have remembered the name wrongly) where we were joined by her husband. I had the best roast goose there! I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Oops! It's 2am, so I'd better stop thinking about food and head to bed. Off to wash off this snail mask off my face. Goodnight!

Top: Stolen from the boy's wardrobe
Skirt: One of my favourites from Tokyo, Japan
Shoes: Worn to death wedges from Pedder Red (So comfortable!) 
Bag: Chanel Boy
Sunnies: Karen Walker



NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum keeps my skin happy!

New addition to my bedside table.

I was recently sent the new Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum. When I first tried it on, a wave of nostalgia hit me and I was transported back to when I was little again. If you're an 80's kid like me, you might remember this NIVEA Crème that came in this blue metal tin packaging... 

My mum religiously applied this NIVEA Crème creme everyday when I was little and I remember just sitting beside and watching her smoothed the luxurious white cream that smelled so heavenly and womanly to me all over her hands and legs. She'd let me have a go at it sometimes and on some days when she was not watching, I'd open the tin and sneak a bit of it on my legs to catch a whiff of the scent and pretend that I was all grown up. My mum -surely due to her religious application of the NIVEA Crème everyday- has velvety soft and super fair skin up till today and I've always wanted skin like hers. Somehow, this NIVEA Crème got lost and forgotten through the growing up years...I'm excited to 'find' it again and can't wait to add it to my daily skincare regime. 

What I really like about this body serum is that it's lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin very quickly. I really dislike the heavy creams that stay on the skin and remain sticky in our humid Singapore weather. Upon application, the skin seems to 'drink' the lightweight body serum and my skin immediately feels refreshed, hydrated and softer to the touch. 

According to what's on the packaging, the serum contains Vitamin E+ and Grape Seed Oil. It is also the first body moisture serum with sun protection, SPF 25 PA++ (hooray to SPF!) to combat 10 signs of dry and damaged skin:

1. Flaky
2. Itchy
3. Uneven
4. Scratched
5. Rough
6. Cracked
7. Stressed
8. Dull
9. Peeling
10. Tight

I've been applying the serum every morning for 3 days in a row especially on my elbows and knees where the skin is rough and dry with some flaky bits.  Already I've noticed considerable improvements in the skin around those areas - there are lesser lines, almost no more flaky bits and and the skin feels a lot more hydrated, like the moisture is retained as compared to just superficial moisturizing.

I also like that the packaging is simple and fuss free. The flip cap top opens and closes easily and dispenses the serum with a good dosage with every squeeze of the tube. The last thing I want for a body moisturizer is cumbersome screw caps and those open tubs that run the risk of spilling when you leave it on the bed whilst moisturizing.

Thank you, NIVEA for sending this wonderful tube of goodness to me. It keeps my skin hydrated, happy and supple...and I can't wait to share it with my mum. I'm sure she'll love it as much as I do!