A slightly different look.

Looking through my archive of pictures and found this set that I've not shared. These pictures were taken by my gorgeous friend, Xuann who also did my hair and makeup. We couldn't stop giggling over how girly and sweet I looked. This is definitely not my usual style, but it was fun playing dress up and looking different from how I normally do. Xuann and I are meeting again this Thursday to do more pictures. I've been craving to do something creative...so this might just be my outlet. Can't wait! 

Hope you're all having a great start to the week.

Outfit Details:

Clutch: MCM
Heels: Zara

- xoxo -


Monthly beauty rituals.

I'm the kinda girl who don't like spending too much time dolling myself up before heading out of the house. If I could, I would rather not put anything on my face (except eyeliner - can't live without that), slip into my outfit of the day and head out in 15 mins, tops. To help and hasten this hassle-free daily routine of getting ready, I do the following beauty rituals on a monthly basis. 

Monthly facial treatments at IDS Clinic

Before facial

Right after facial - some marks on my forehead from squeezing to unclog the whiteheads. The marks usually disappear really quickly in an hour or so...and ignore my sparse lashes. I was due to have a new set replaced.

Good and glowing skin is a must so that I can put as little coverage on my face as possible. Some days I go with just sunscreen and loose powder.

My favourite treatment of all at IDS Clinic is the Hydro Therapeutics Treatment. I'm usually very careful with facial treatments because my skin is so sensitive to them. Some, in fact most treatments cause me to break out and I'm better off not having done the treatment at all. It's so frustrating to do a facial treatment expecting my skin to look better, only to end up having huge angry acne pimples instead from products unsuitable to my skin. So happy that I've got no such issues at all with my treatments at IDS Clinic. 

The Hydro Therapeutics Treatment is a 4-step treatment to thoroughly cleanse and brighten your face. All the 4 steps are super gentle and comfortable, yet effective and really helps get rid of your dead skin cells, dirt and grime on your face. The best technology combined with effective skin products are used to get the best results from your treatment. I love how it unclogs the pores and makes my skin super super soft and glowy after. The good news is, the glow and smoothness lasts for days and days. Every treatment feels like I'm giving my skin a good clean up and overhaul and I always leave the clinic feeling like I've got the best skin in the world. 

IDS Clinic is at Novena Specialist Centre, 8 Sinaran Drive #05-07/10. You can call 6568 3555 for your appointment. First time customers get 50% off their first treatment! 

Eyelash extensions at Flutters Lash Parlour

I've been going to Flutters for eyelash extensions for months now and I still can't stop raving. It saves me so much time; no mascara needed and no having to stick on false lashes. My eyes look dressed their best all the time. Haha. I've recommended quite a few of my friends there and they all share the same love as me now. We all have the same reasons for loving our lash extensions from there - it's so comfortable and natural looking. I've even had people ask which mascara I was using! I've not taken a break from these extensions now for at least 6 months and I'm happy to note that my own, natural lashes are all intact. The lashes from Flutters mostly fall out on their own, without taking my real lashes with them. I guess one day when I do decide not to have extensions anymore, at least I still have all my real lashes to fall back on.

Flutters is located at 15 Duxton Road. You can call 6220 0920 for an appointment. 

Manicures at J Nail Studio

I've just formed the habit of getting my nails done and this is the first set of manicure I've done in a very long while. They're inspired by Chanel's signature tweed look and I can't stop glancing down at my nails every once in awhile to admire the art on my fingers. I got them done at J Nail Studio and they've got 400 over gel colours from Japan, so you can basically go crazy with the designs that you want. 

J Nail Studio is located at Bukit Timah Plaza #b1-51. You can call 6463 1885 for an appointment. 

So, this all pretty much sums up what I do every month to look presentable and get out of the house quickly. Do share some of your beauty rituals with me too! 



My skin saver.

I was in a wintery country last month and my friend from there asked me how I maintained such fair skin coming from a sunny island like Singapore. "Lyco White and sunscreen", is my answer. If you're wondering what Lyco White is, it's an oral skin supplement to support skin health. Packed with powerful ingredients that are all proven to significantly work, these tablets are an all-in-one for whitening, sun protection and as an anti-oxidant. 

I'm on to my second bottle already (each bottle lasts a month) and although I admit that I'm already quite fair to start, the most significant difference I've noticed is that my skin looks a lot less dull. Especially on days when I'm tired and didn't get enough sleep. Before, my skin used to look really dull and yellow on days like these. These days, even when I'm feeling horrible and unrested inside, my skin fakes it and makes me look all fresh and bright. 

The whitening process of Lyco White comes from the humble fruit, the tomato. A complex called Phytofloral is derived to help give you fairer and clearer skin. It also helps decrease the sun's effect on your skin by inhibiting melanin synthesis. Which means, I can stay out in the sun longer without developing a tan, become sunburnt or develop dark spots. Plus, it contains a unique ingredient to increase the skin's ability to defend itself against UV radiation. 

My favourite benefit from this awesome pill is its super antioxidant powers. We all know how essential antioxidant is for happy and healthy skin. I've noticed that my sensitive skin is a lot less sensitised after taking Lyco White and is less reactive to pollution and the environment. My skin used to flare up and I'd get red spots from allergies and what not. 

To complete this pill and make it even more awesome than it already is, black pepper extract is added which boosts absorption of all the nutrients. This means that all the goodness is absorbed into your system quicker, which means faster results.  

Now you all know why, alongside many of my other friends who have embarked on their Lyco White journey love it so much and 'panic' when we forget to take our dose for the day. It's literally, a skin saver! 

You can get your dose of healthier and brighter skin with Lyco White from IDS Clinic. For more details: http://www.jyskskinsolutions.com/IDS-Skincare/IDS-Products/IDS-Skincare/Oral-Supplement/Lyco-White

IDS Clinic is located at:
8 Sinaran Drive #05-07 to 10
Novena Specialist Centre

Tel: 6568 3555

My entire skincare range is from IDS and I'm seeing excellent results on my skin from their products! 

Outfit details:

Playsuit: Wardrobe Theory 
(I especially love the back details on this piece)
Brooch: Chanel
Heels: Alice & Olivia
Hair & Make-Up: Xuann


Hello, new home.

Today marks another milestone in my life. Jon and I collected our house keys to our very first home and it makes us/me the proud owner of a house. Wow. The thought of owning a home has never quite crossed my mind much in the past, but now it has happened. Another step into adulthood, another new (big) responsibility. It's kinda scary, but very exciting at the same time. Our new place is teeny tiny, but I can't wait to start decorating to make our home truly ours. :) 

We went window shopping for electronics after at Paris Silk and then I saw this on display in the shop.

 - the Phillips InfraCare. This pain relief lamp reminded me of my grandparents (who have since passed on) so much that I was hit by a huge wave of sadness and longing right there and then in the store. 

A couple of years ago, my grandfather saw an ad for this product in the newspapers and decided to get it for my grandmother, who was suffering from constant aches and pains. He, at 80 something years of age took the bus all the way to the store - I can't remember which store he went now, except that it was really far - got it and carried it all the way back home for my grandmother. My grandparents weren't the sort of lovey dovey romantic couples, so I was really touched when he told me matter of factly that he went out to get it to ease my grandmother's aches. 

It's been over two years since they've left us and although I don't think about them as much anymore, moments like these when I'm reminded so much of them really makes me wish that they were still around. It would have been nice to have them at my wedding at that end of the year. 

Oh well. 


Fresh hair.

Just got my hair done by Sue from Salon Vim at Orchard Central. I trimmed, coloured and did the Privy treatment. My hair is soooo soft and fluffy now...I can dieeeee. I also got a set of home haircare products - the Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo for colour treated hair, Kerastase Nutri-Thermique Hair Mask and Kerastase Fibre Architecte Double Serum for my dry ends. I've been using Kerastase hair products for a long while now and I love what they're doing for my hair. I'm all set for the Chinese New Year! 

Here's an exclusive bundle deal from Salon Vim to get your tresses ready for CNY: 
Haircut + Highlight + Base Colour + Treatment for $288 and up! 
Call 6884 7757 for your appointment.